Guardians Of The Galaxy: 25 Crazy Things About Star-Lord's Anatomy

Peter Quill, or as we like to call him, Star-Lord, is the unlikely leader and hero of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Whether you know him from the Marvel comics or are the type to be more acquainted with his character in the Guardians films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you more than likely are a fan of him and his heroic efforts.

There is a long history surrounding Star-Lord, though, and more specifically, in regards to his abilities, there is a lot about him that is not widely known. His body's capabilities and superhuman powers are not always talked about among fans, but that's where we come in.

From his background and familial roots to his evolving powers and abilities that he puts to use in battle with his latest enemy, there is more than meets the eye about Peter Quill and his body. Throughout his history in the Marvel universe, he has gone through quite a lot as does his body due to injuries with long-term effects. With all of these changes through different points in his life, there's a lot to earn about our beloved Star-Lord.

Let's sit back and learn more about our favorite guardian with 25 Ridiculous Things About Star-Lord's Body.

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25 The MCU Version Of Star-Lord Was Almost Entirely Different

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A lot of times when casting is occurring for a major role, there are many in consideration for it. So when casting was underway for the role of Star-Lord, Chris Pratt was probably the one we all least expected to get it.

In fact, we almost had another dark-haired, white man that would blend in with the likes of Tony Stark and Doctor Strange or even Bruce Banner. The thing is, Star-Lord has always been blond, so while we could see Glenn Howerton of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fame in the role of Star-Lord, it just wouldn’t fit our image of the classic comic book character.

24 He’s Adept At Languages

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Star-Lord has a true talent for understanding different alien cultures and that includes their languages, too which was hard to translate from comic books to the big screen. But regardless, it is pretty astounding that the man who grew up on Earth and speaks English is able to interpret the many different alien languages he comes across.

Of course, he does have a universal translator in his helmet so that must be helpful for his day job as a guardian. There's no denying it's impressive, though.

23 Peter Heals Quickly

via Inverse.com

While Peter Quill may use his blind heroism to ignore the fact he has several abilities he’s not putting to use, there’s no getting around that they are there.

His ability to heal remarkably fast may help him more often than not, but most of the time he doesn’t seem like he even realizes it. Nevertheless, he may heal quickly but he does tend to suffer more than the average hero due to his inability to not recklessly attempt to save the day each and every time.

22 He Managed To Survive An Interrogation From Ultron

via USAToday.com

When Peter Quill was taken by Ultron during The Phalanx attacks on himself and the other Guardians, he underwent severe questioning from Ultron himself. Which, to be honest, sounds completely frightening.  And while he was being aggressively questioned, he was in extremely awful conditions, as you'd expect.

Yet, he somehow made it through before he was saved by Adam Warlock and Quasar when they took down Ultron. That in itself is quite the feat. But this is just another example of Star-Lord's abilities being put to work.

21 Star-Lord Recently Became Half-Celestial

via StillCrew.com

The Peter Quill we know from the MCU was depicted as a half-celestial who is the son of Ego. Ego, as we know, is an actual living planet, but in the comics, his character has a totally different backstory.

All Peter knows about his father for a long time is that he is an extraterrestrial from the planet Spartax and his name is J’Son. His parents may have met under very similar circumstances when compared to the movie version, but there were also plenty of differences from the comics as opposed to what was shown.

20 Peter Quill Is Not The Only Star-Lord

via CBR.com

It is true that Peter Quill is the main person to come to mind when thinking of Star-Lord since he is by far the most famous to hold the title. But in 1996, there was a comic series by the name of Starlord that told the story of Sinjin Quarrel.

This young telepath eventually came across Peter’s ship and bonded with the spacecraft and even went on a mission to find Peter Quill, who had been missing for 12 years. And in the meantime, he took on the role of Star-Lord.

It’s an interesting departure from the original character, though it wasn’t really touched on again after that.

19 Peter’s Royal Blood

via ComicBook.com

Peter’s father from the comics, J’Son was a rebel of sorts and was even exiled from his own planet in the midst of a war. He eventually became a villain known as Mister Knife.

But before he was exiled, he was a prince when he first met Peter’s mother. The war had begun, though, on his planet as a rebellion from his people against his own leadership. But by the time Star-Lord had reached adulthood, the war was still in full force and J’Son was now an Emperor.

This means Peter also has royalty in his blood, whether he likes it or not.

18 He Ages Very Slowly

via toofab.com

Thanks to Peter Quill's Spartax bloodline, he is, unsurprisingly, not like the average human male. In fact, he is able to live three times as long as Earthlings which made plenty of fans happy to have that knowledge.

They actually brought some of that to life in the MCU with Ego being his father. This meant that he would live for millions of years, but unfortunately that all went away when Peter defeated his father. It was a bit bittersweet, to say the least.

17 Super Strength And Agility

via Youtube.com (TopMovieClips)

Anyone who has seen Star-Lord in action knows that he has abilities that far surpass those of the average human being. But once again, thanks to his Spartax genealogy, his incredible strength and his astounding reaction time is far and above better than any Earthling could ever hope for.

This has been depicted in both the comics and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and seeing his strength and agility in action never gets old. It's certainly a helpful aspect of Peter's capabilities.

16 His Time As Swingin’ Stevie Rogers

via marvel.fandom.com

We all are aware that Peter has a love of music, specifically late-'70s pop music. Both the comics and the films have heavily showcased his passion for music, in fact. But in the comics, during the Secret Wars event, they took that love to a whole new level.

See, he was thrust into a parallel universe called Battleworld and decided to use an alias while he was there. He became a lounge singer that went by the ever-so-clever name of “Swingin’ Stevie Rogers.” To be a fly on the wall of that New York City bar.

15 Peter’s Not Easily Tired

via ign.com

Much like he has the ability to heal quickly and live longer, he also has other abilities like improved stamina. It takes a whole lot for him to feel truly past the point of exhaustion when a human would have already been there long before that.

This may seem like a gift, but it can also be a curse because it causes Peter to be a tad more reckless with himself when he should probably pump the breaks instead and slow down.

14 Kitty Pryde’s Turn As Star-Lord

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In the comics, Peter Quill at one point became King of Spartax and had to take on the role and duties of the King there. This meant he left his superhero persona as Star-Lord behind, as well as the other guardians. Luckily though, his fiancé, Kitty Pryde, was ready to step in as a replacement of sorts.

The former X-Man blended in with the rest of the Guardians seamlessly, up until Peter came back after he was forced out of his duties in Spartax.

13 Previously Had Cybernetic Implants

via CBR.com

While Peter may have a lot on his side with his half-extraterrestrial DNA and his ability to heal rather quickly because of it, he is still able to be injured - even severely.

This is what occurred when the Fallen One attacked planets as the cosmic being tore through space. Peter was, unfortunately, one of the ones to suffer serious injuries to his face and limbs. This caused him to need extensive repairs that involved robotics to his body.

The robotics didn't stick around forever, but it was a significant change for both Peter and readers.

12 At One Point Wielded The Cosmic Cube

via ComicVine.com

The space-time continuum gets severely warped when a rift is torn in space by the War of Kings. It is then up to Peter and his team of Guardians to fly into it and subsequently fall through a variety of timelines in the future. None of these timelines looked very promising.

Star-Lord then has to use the Cosmic Cube to set everything right. The only problem is, he’s not sure he’s ready for what this means for him personally and it sets him down a path he was not prepared for.

11 He Was Able To Use The Power Stone Without Injury

via SplashReport.com

The story behind Star-Lord and his ability to hold the Power Stone that would surely end the life of a mere mortal if they had handled it may have gone down differently in the comics than it did in the MCU, but the end result was the same.

Star-Lord was able to handle the stone thanks to his alien biology and ended up saving the day once again. Of course, he wasn’t fully aware of his DNA properties at the time, but being the hero that he is, decided to hold the stone regardless.

10 Peter Is A Master Strategist In Combat

via Vox.com

Something that is severely underplayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Peter Quill’s incredibly smart and strategical way of analyzing a situation and coming up with the best battle plan at his disposal. In the MCU, he comes across more like a goofball and no one takes him seriously.

From his time as an orphan to his many years spent traveling the galaxy and seeing it all to the fact he is part extraterrestrial, there was a lot going in his favor that helped him become such a savvy soldier in combat in the comics.

9 The Hidden Meanings Behind His Birthday

In comics, it is pretty uncommon for them to specify when a character’s birthday specifically is. But they said that Peter Quill was born on February 4, 1962, and for a good reason. It was the date of a rare planetary alignment as well, which meant they were foreshadowing his character’s future as a space guardian.

But aside from that, this also made Quill an Aquarius, which they saw as a metaphor for Peter’s habit to “flow outside life’s stream.” They didn’t stick with the writer’s original vision for these hidden meanings in the long run, but they still were there nonetheless.

8 His DNA Is Actually Linked To His Element Guns

via Mashable.com

There is a backstory of how Quill's beloved element guns, named Clarice and Terry, became literally linked to Peter’s DNA, but there is a simpler way to tell it. Basically, these weapons are only able to be used for Spartaxian royalty, which we know that Quill has that royal bloodline coursing through his veins.

So they are able to manipulate the four elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. And they also are quite literally linked to Peter and his Spartax DNA.

7 His Change Of Clothing To The Kree Battle Suit

via Pinterest.com

There was a point in time in the comics that Peter Quill was looking for a change and to maybe finally settle down. He had been experiencing a lot of turnover within his Guardians team and had been contracting more and more with the Kree army.

So he went from donning his leather jacket and ensemble that everyone came to know Star-Lord for and went for a battle suit that looked a lot like a Kree military design, except had a starburst logo instead that was Star-Lord’s trademark. He eventually went back to his roots after he battled the Mad Titan, though.

6 He Wore Kree Nega Bands

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Hands down one of the most powerful weapons and objects in the galaxy are the Kree Nega Bands. Few have been lucky enough to hold onto them themselves, and Peter was temporarily one of those lucky few.

This had occurred after he and the Guardians had stumbled across them on a wrecked ship. But so many came after him for these weapons that Quill ended up not wearing them for very long. They just didn't seem like they were worth it when there were several bounties on Peter's head.

5 Peter Was Originally Kind Of Insane

via Moviedash.com

It seems impossible that Peter Quill was ever anything but lovable and snarky, but when he was first introduced to us, he had an entirely different personality.

He seemed generally unstable and distant that when he was presented with the possibility of becoming Star-Lord by the Master of the Sun. And he became totally obsessed with gaining power. He then beat up his co-workers and became the only possible candidate for the Star-Lord title. It’s hard to believe that he is now so beloved by all of us Marvel fans.

4 His Space Helmet Is Completely Customized

via SlashFilm.com

One of the most iconic things about Star-Lord that you always think of when you think of him is his amazingly detailed helmet. And for whatever reason, Peter Quill’s helmet has somehow refrained from being pulverized when in battle more so than any other equipment and weapons he has.

Maybe this is due to its incredible customization with advanced visual displays, automatic retraction, and even pressurization abilities. It can even fully surround his head for space travel, which is impressive.

3 Gained Further Power From The Mandalay Gem

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The Mandalay Gem was created by the Celestials and has been passed around different peoples throughout the galaxy, including even our very own Star-Lord at one point.

Surprisingly, Peter never felt tempted to use its powers for darkness and was able to use to in a battle against Thanos where it definitely came in handy. Other than that, he didn’t feel the need to keep it in his possession and left the gem on the moon for another to find.

2 His Telepathic Connection With Ship

via tonkanews.com

Peter Quill and the other guardians of the galaxy have had many space crafts they’ve helmed over the years, but the most notable was the spaceship that was aptly named “Ship”.

Quill and Ship had a strong bond and a telepathic connection with one another. This is because Ship was a defunct star by the name of Aurora that the Master of the Sun turned into a spaceship for Star-Lord specifically. She, unfortunately, was destroyed in the battle with the Fallen One. But her memory lives on...

1 His Early Days In Space Armor

via MoviePlusNews.com

In some of the first iterations of Star-Lord and the design of his look, he looked more spaceman than space outlaw, which is what we are more familiar with in regards to him now.   It's difficult to even picture Star-Lord in anything other than a leather duster and his awesome helmet.

But there was a time when he was decked out in armor. While the armor gave him significantly more protection and the ability to travel through space more easily, it just didn’t fit his character as well as the leather jacket he is known for did.

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