Dauntless: How To Farm The Exotic Hammer Molten Edict

Have you recently started playing Dauntless due to the official launch of the game this past May? Perhaps you have seen players strolling around with some of the swankiest weapons and helmets in the game, only to find out that you cannot seem to locate them at the crafting station. These are exotic weapons, and they are some of the most difficult pieces to acquire.

Currently, there are six exotic items in the game: three weapons, and three helms. It is important to note that these weapons are not overpowered like legendary items in other games. They instead radically shift how the weapons function, providing unique mechanics for you to employ. Today we will examine the Molten Edict, an exotic hammer weapon that is insanely fun to wield as it lets you launch literal fireballs at a Behemoth.

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What Makes the Molten Edit Different From Other Hammers?

Like all exotic weapons, the base power at all levels is identical to normal weapons. The cell slots are one Power Cell and one Defense Cell. The unique effect however is that all hammer blasts are replaced with fireball abilities that deal blaze damage.

Take note that since we are launching a ball of fire, we are not able to boop enemies from a charge to an interrupt. This is a deal breaker for some players, however there are enough Behemoths that do not require a booping in the first place, making the sacrifice negligible, or you can bring concussive grenades on the hunt.

As the fireball can be fired effectively from quite a distance, one can hit a Behemoth from a safe location, spawn the resulting molten orbs behind you, and then you can charge in with the attack and move speed buffs already in play.

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Now, you may have heard of a glitch that allows for infinite fireball spamming. This has been corrected and no longer exists, thankfully. Now we can play the game as intended, rather than hopping around. We are hammer users! We smash! We do not hop!

How To Farm The Blueprint And Parts

We first need to acquire a blueprint for the Molten Edict in order to be able to craft it. We can acquire it in one of two ways. First, Heroic Patrols provide a low chance at acquiring one of the six exotic blueprints. Of course, this is a slower game plan since you have no control over which blueprint you get.

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The targeted way to acquire the blueprint is to farm Heroic Fireband Charrogg. The weapon is obviously based off the Behemoth, as the fireballs resemble the ones launched at players in this hunt. Eventually it will drop, and you will then need the following components to craft the hammer:

  • Rams (x150)
  • Blaze Orb (x90)
  • Dull Arcstone (x90)
  • Shining Arcstone (x120)
  • Peerless Arcstone (x150)
  • Charrogg Scale (x11)
  • Scorched Rockhide (x4)
  • Smoldering Tailspike (x3)
  • Smoldering Horn (x5)
  • Elemental Furyplate (x6)
  • Elemental Tailgem (x3)
  • Neutral Furytooth (x6)
  • Neutral Clawgem (x3)
  • Aetheric Claw (x6)
  • Elemental Skullgem (x3)
  • Lumbering Flamesoul Shard (x2)

Most of these items around found easily. Peerless Arcstones for example are purple in rarity but obtained by doing Level 17+ patrols, which we are always working towards regardless of our other activity. Lumbering Flamesoul Shards too are not easy to get, but since they drop from the same Behemoth who has the blueprint we need, we are likely to acquire more than enough through this first step.

Notice how the rest of the items are specialty drops and need to be specifically targeted. Elemental Skullgem for instance drops from any threat level 8+ Behemoth, but only is broken from its head within the first two minutes of combat. Aetheric Claw is the same threat level and drops from the limbs of Aether Charged Behemoths. Neutral Clawgem shares the two-minute timer of the Skullgen, but is broken from the limb of a neutral Behemoth.

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A Strong Build For The Molten Edict

We must thank Sh4d0wStrider on YouTube for his endless videos that are rich in content and humor, and for providing a build that is simple and straightforward. Since we are not booping, we are going straight for the head.

An optimal build that is easy to acquire considering all the farming that is needed for the weapon is a Brow of Ice helm with a +3 Overpower Cell, a Hellplate Cuirass chest piece with +3 Molten Cell, a Light’s Refuge wrist piece with +3 Wild Fenzy Cell, a Boreal March leg piece with +3 Wild Frenzy Cell again, and a Drask’s Eye Lantern with +3 Conduit Cell to maximize damage output for a quicker kill.

Together, this will make for a faster attack of a slow weapon, while keeping in mind that this weapon is mainly for a fun, different playstyle, as it is not any more efficient or powerful than other hammers.

Best of luck in your farming of the necessary components. May your fireballs be fantastic!

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