Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking The Epilogue In Kingdom Hearts 3

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You’ll need to locate and photograph a huge amount of lucky emblems. How many of the 90 lucky emblems you’ll need to find depends on which difficulty level you’re playing the game at. If you play it safe on beginner mode you’ll need to find all 90 emblems to unlock the epilogue. The number is lower for those playing in normal mode at 60 emblems. In normal mode, you’ll also need to complete the report section for every character. If you’ve played on proud mode they cut you even more of a break. You’ll only need 30 emblems to unlock the secret movie At any difficulty, you’ll need to complete the final chapter in order to unlock the epilogue.

The lucky emblems are unmistakably Disney. The hidden Mickey’s that grace the brand’s theme parks are sprinkled throughout the game. There are several in each part of the map for you to find and photograph. Here’s a list of exactly how many are in each area:

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10 Olympus: 12

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Mount Olympus is a beautiful area featuring a raging river. There are plenty of residents to rescue and heartless to defeat. This is also where you’ll gain the map to Thebes. This the area with the most secret emblems in the game. A few come close but no other map area contains a dozen hidden Mickeys for you to find. Make sure you pour over this area with a fine tooth comb. Be extra diligent in areas with story points. There’s one nearby when you rescue a young couple. Pay close attention to pillars, waterfalls, and other natural features.

9 Twilight Town: 9

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There are a ton of emblems to find in Twilight Town. The birthplace of Roxas has recently had a problem with an influx of nobodies. It’s aptly named as the town is locked in eternal sunset. It’s a realm caught between light and dark. This area is divided into several distinct districts. Market Street is the largest of these and is home to quite a few hidden Mickeys. Make your way carefully through this map and pay careful attention to the brick walls around you. Take some time to explore the town from above as well.

8 Toy Box: 11

This area is full of nostalgia and pulls at your heartstrings. Players romp through familiar settings from the Toy Story films including Andy’s room and backyard. There are plenty of hidden emblems on this map to find. You’ll be climbing shelves and garage roofs in order to find them so the hunt will be fun. You’ll also have to carefully check out Galaxy Toys. A huge number of Mickeys are located in this toy store so take your time and shop around.

7 Corona: 9

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Rapunzel is the most famous citizen of the kingdom of Corona. This part of the map is bright and playful. It’s also full of our favorite characters from Tangled. You can find quite a few hidden Mickeys in Corona. These emblems are some of the trickiest to find. You’ll have to climb to the top of Rapunzel’s tower and scan the landscape for one. You’ll find yourself exploring the marsh and fighting off bats for another. Make sure you pay attention to the stonework around the kingdom. There are quite a few emblems hidden in the stone of buildings and bridges.

6 Monstropolis: 11

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Fans of Monsters Inc. love this area. Exploring some of the areas Mike and Sully frequent is fun and will provide 10 emblems to observant players. While you’re checking out the scare floor check out employee desks. It seems the creative employees of Monsters Inc have Mickey on the mind. Don’t forget to interact with props in the game, some emblems can be hidden with movable objects in the game.

5 Arendelle: 11

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The beautiful kingdom from Frozen has quite a few emblems for you to find. These Mickeys seem to fall into three categories. Mickeys made of snow, Mickeys made of stone and Mickeys made of snow on stone. 

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There isn’t a ton of variety but they all fit their surroundings beautifully. You’ll have a great time exploring this gorgeous map while you look for each one.

4 Hundred Acre Wood: 3

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The Hundred Acre Wood is pretty light on emblems to find. Most of them seem to be plant-based. There’s a Mickey shaped bush near Rabbit’s house as well as a Mickey hidden on a pumpkin. The third is hidden at the bottom of a bucket. Keep your eyes open but move through this area quickly.

3 San Fransokyo: 11

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If you loved Big Hero 6 you’ll have a great time exploring San Fransokyo. Hiro’s building supplies contain a hidden Mickey. There are plenty to be found out in the city too. Get yourself a high vantage point and check out the local landscaping. There are also Mickeys made of shadow and light. Take your time in this large map. There are a ton of Mickeys here to find.

2 The Caribbean: 13

This tropical map is a pleasure to explore. As soon as you arrive in Port Royal you’ll find emblems hidden on rowboats, ships, and signs. There are Mickeys hidden behind smashable crates and carved into props. Be sure to carefully comb all of The Caribbean. This area has the largest number of hidden emblems in the game.

Know that you know how many to look for in each area all that’s left is to find them and snap a photo. It wouldn’t be as fun if we told you where each emblem was. Enjoy finding them on your own and use the numbers above as a guide.

Once you’ve photographed the required number of emblems, simply play the game all the way through the end credits. Once you’ve finished the secret ending will be unlocked in theater mode.

1 The Epilogue

The epilogue was somewhat confusing to some players who managed to unlock it. It depicts Sora and Riku waking up in different areas of a modern version of Tokyo. Those who have played the switch game The World Ends With You will recognize the city instantly. We see a figure watching Riku. We recognize the figure as Yozora whom we met earlier in the game. He’s the hero of the fictional video game Verum Rex. The teaser for Verum Rex served as the intro for the Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts 3. After the scene with Riku and Yozora, a member of Organization XIII is briefly featured before the cut scene ends.

Fans have speculated what the cutscene means for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Some say the secret ending references Final Fantasy 15. Others say it’s a hint that Verum Rex will be released as a real game. We have no idea what Square Enix has hidden up their sleeve.

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