Gundam-Inspired Mecha Game Project Nimbus Lands On The Switch Eshop

Fans of mech combat are in for a real treat as Project Nimbus: Complete Edition arrives today in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Filled with combat that looks hectic and chaotic, but also stunningly beautiful with rich colors and stunning environments, it puts you in the pilot's seat to blast up and towards the horizon. This is a game that will strike true for all fans of aerial combat and big mechs!

The high-flying action mecha game is inspired by classic mecha like Macross and Gundam as well as games like the Ace Combat series. Three main factions will fight over scare resources all across a futuristic Earth using Battle Frames, powerful combat suits that can field a diverse array of fantastical weapons.

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New modes have been added in this edition, making replayability as a key theme. Enhanced Survival mode forces players to endure never ending waves of enemies, challenging them to succeed against impossible odds. A new WARFRONT mode pushes this idea further by adding multiple objectives and missions to the survival gameplay, forcing the player to make tactical decisions as they rise through the ranks.

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In total, the story boasts twenty-six missions in a variety of locations, including floating cities, ocean fortresses, mountain bases, futuristic prisons, and battles in space. Players have access to over a dozen Battle Frames with weapons that include smart missiles, energy blades, particle cannons, floating energy shields, railguns and autonomous psychodrones.

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The gameplay is challenging with complex bosses that have unique fighting styles, including orbiting nuclear battle mechs, bands of deadly pilots, and weaponized flying ships, all of which will demand careful thought and consideration to endure and triumph. Progressing through six levels of pilot, up to Legendary if players can manage it, and Battle Frame customization will provide hours of challenging, enjoyable gameplay.

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Perhaps most important is that the controls are fluid and allow for a player to soar between groups of enemies with ease. While the Battle Frames seem hard and imposing, mastering the controls will allow players to make the skies their playground and make swift work of their enemies.

The game is available on the Switch’s eShop for 15.99 GBP, 17,79 EURO, and 19.99 USD with a special 10% discount for the first week to celebrate the launch of the title. Go now and relive some of your most fantastic anime dreams!

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