Hacker Creates Stunning Custom Themes For The Switch So Nintendo Doesn't Have To

A hacker has put his skills to incredibly good use on Nintendo Switch in order to create these truly mesmerizing custom home screens.

Nintendo is doing a lot of things right when it comes to the Switch. You need look no further than its current lifetime sales for evidence of that. For the record, the Switch has sold 34 million units and counting. That's almost as many as the Xbox One, despite Microsoft's latest console having just less than a four-year head start on the Switch.

The Switch is by no means perfect, though. The Joy-Con drift issue is a pretty major flaw. The good news on that front is Nintendo will reportedly be fixing the problem free of charge. The lack of ways to chat in-game has also garnered much criticism. In order to solve this issue, Nintendo released a mobile app that allows Switch owners to chat in-game, but any users of the app know all too well that it isn't exactly the most user-friendly way of doing things.

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The inability to customize our Switch's home screen is also a pet peeve of many gamers, who can do so on other consoles. The default option is pretty boring, and, clearly, JBGBeats agrees. Polygon reports that the Switch hacker has put his skills to good use and created some custom themes. You can take a look at all of them in the video below courtesy of The Homebrew Crew.

As you can see, a fair few franchises are featured, including Stranger Things, Alien, and Final Fantasy. These themes aren't just screenshots that will sit in the background. They're complete overhauls and are very interactive. The aforementioned Stranger Things theme might be a prevailing favorite. In particular, the fact that the icons turn upside down when you select them is a really nice touch.

The only annoying thing about these mesmerizing Switch themes is that they're not available to other Switch owners. Unless you are as savvy with your Switch as JBGBeats, you'll have to stick with the regular theme that comes with the Switch for now. The 3DS eventually got official custom themes though, so there is hope that Nintendo will do the same for the Switch. Whether they would be given as much detail as the themes by JBGBeats is very much up for debate.

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