343 Industries Wants Fans To Stop Sending It Pizza After Announcing Halo Collection For PC

Halo developer 343 Industries is asking fans to stop sending it pizza.

Can there ever be too much pizza? According to 343 Industries, yes. Believe it or not, 343 is pleading with fans to stop sending it pizza. Any fans looking to send 343 some of that pizza goodness, please stop, and redirect your efforts to a food bank or something more worthy.

What prompted the pizza party? It all seems to have started with a joke on Reddit. User thewombinthesky claimed that they would send a pizza to a 343 employee who commented on the thread, but only if 343 released Halo: The Master Chief Collection this month.

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When the announcement came through, things went viral and pizza began showing up at the 343 office. While thank-you messages came through on Twitter at first, after a while, 343 began asking its fans to send the pizzas elsewhere. Apparently, there is no receptionist at the 343 office and the company was worried about food waste.

There's no word online about the fate of the extra pizza, but we're hopeful that the 343 team put the extra slices to good use and handed them out to the community. Perhaps instead of sending pizza next time, we could send pizza emojis and charitable donations to local organizations instead.

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We can't forget about the importance of this new Halo bundle, however. It turns out that The Master Chief Collection is not only coming to PC via Steam, but it will also be released in chronological order, which means that fans will be forced to play through the franchise sequentially and experience the whole glory of the Halo universe.

Though it's clear that fans became a bit too excited about the 343's announcement, it's still nice to see that fans still care so much about the franchise.

Now, grab a slice of your own and get ready for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which already has a page on the Steam storefront. There are no official release dates yet, but hopefully we'll find out more soon.

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