Halo Infinite Dev Responds To Battle Royale Rumors, Says They Aren’t True… Kind Of

Following claims that Halo Infinite could have a battle royale mode upon release, one of the developers has offered up a denial of sorts.

It has been reported that the next title from the Halo franchise will be the most expensive game ever, with a rumored budget of over $500 million, something which is also said to point to the possibility of a last man standing multiplayer.

Thurrot's Brad Sams claims that a source in the know as it pertains to Halo Infinite's production has told him that a battle royal mode is likely to be part of the game. However, despite Microsoft and 343 Industries seemingly set to go all out for this project, 343's Frank O'Connor has denied that such will be the case, per Gamerant.com.

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O'Connor, who admitted that he did not watch the video report and isn't sure he's misinterpreting the headline, says the rumors regarding a battle royale are false, although players could make their own in the Forge for Halo 5 or the Master Chief Collection, as it is a mode and not a genre.

The developer also discussed the two popular battle royale games, Fortnite and Apex Legends, noting that one focuses on building and the other on movement, while claiming that the genre has undergone changes since its inception.

As for the next Halo, he has explained that the multiplayer modes aren't "100 percent defined" and are subject to change. He also revealed that, while 343 remains interested in big social game modes, they aren't specifically considering "a blimp full of survivors heading to an island after a lecture from Beat Takeshi."

It would appear that 343 is looking to give players the option of playing out a battle royale mode from the Halo Infinite Forge - if neither Halo 5 nor the Master Chief Collection is owned. Fans who aren't so hot on the genre will also probably love the fact that the devs aren't focusing on it. So, it's really the best of both worlds here, but we should know more when E3 2019 rolls around, as there's sure to be a major update.

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