10 Most Awesome Halo: The Master Chief Collection Maps

Halo 5: Guardians may not have been successful if it weren't for the template Bungie made for the original Halos. The Master Chief Collection includes some of the best video games of all time. With an admirable protagonist and a cast of secondary characters, the Master Chief Collection is a near-perfect first-person shooter.

Bungie and 343 Industries left a backstory to each of Halo's multiplayer maps. Knowing their story makes Halo a more enjoyable experience. Ranging from Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 4, there is a plethora of maps included with the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. These are the 10 most awesome Halo: The Master Chief Collection Maps.

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10 Sandtrap

Set in a vast desert that is surrounded by a minefield, Sandtrap takes the sandbox classification to heart by being a Forge-friendly map. Sandtrap unlocks almost all Forge customization options in the game, leaving players with an endless list of possibilities. Forge creations can be shared with other players. Going golfing in the sand or testing out power weapons like the Grav Hammer is the most fun with multiple people. The air quality of Sandtrap is not suitable for human beings. The map's gasses are inimical to people who visit the planet unprotected. It's a good thing Master Chief wears a helmet.

9 Beaver Creek

The original Battle Creek released for the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved. Later, for Halo 2, a new version of the map was added that improved the graphics and made it easier to climb the central rock walkway. Changing the central rock walkway made it so players could grab the rocket launcher.

Two bases open the possibility for Capture The Flag. Seeing the old Battle Creek remade from the ground up is a sight for sore eyes. Beaver Creek is an example of Halo nostalgia at its finest.

8 Zenith

For those who didn't purchase Halo: The Master Chief Collection or Halo 2: Anniversary, Zenith is going to sound totally foreign. In actuality, Zenith is the Halo 2 map known as "Ascension."

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Halo 2 was the birthplace of some of the Halo series' greatest maps. Several maps have been revitalized for subsequent Halo games. The Master Chief Collection is Halo's most comprehensive collection to date. It contains every main series Halo games including Halo 3: ODST and in late 2019, Halo Reach will join the collection.

7 Zanzibar

Since the beginning of the Halo series, there have been three official versions of Zanzibar. The map Zanzibar was remade twice since its release; once for Halo 3 and once for Halo 2: Anniversary. Zanzibar is situated on the coast of an unnamed beach. With a giant windmill overshadowing the level, it is often a race to the top to see who can get the high ground. Not only is being higher advantageous but on the top of Zanzibar, an Energy Sword and a rocket launcher can be found.

6 Waterworks

One of the most forgotten gems in the Halo franchise is "Waterworks," a map that first appeared in Halo 2. The default version of the level comes with a pair of Banshees that could work with or against you.

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People forget about Waterworks since it is rarely included in matchmaking playlists. To play Waterworks with friends, making a custom playlist is recommended. A giant structure surrounded by a chasm lay in the middle of Waterworks. Don't fall in or it will mean -1 point to your score.

5 Valhalla

Valhalla is a common map in Halo's online's map rotation. The map was likely inspired by Blood Gulch and Coagulation given its two bases and powerful weapon at the center of Valhalla. Aside from a creek in the middle, a bigger distance between each base, and a few trees, there are quite a few similarities between Coagulation and Valhalla. The vehicles that commonly spawn on this map are the Mongoose Banshee, Ghost, or Mantis. One way that Valhalla improved on Blood Gulch was by adding cover spots to prevent being sniped from across the map.

4 The Pit

For many people, this is the best Halo map. The map was perfectly sized to allow close-quarter combat and enough space to recuperate after a clash. On The Pit, players could gain an advantage by using a sniper rifle found below the turret platform. For the most part, using weapons like the Battle Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and Energy Sword are a safe bet. This map doesn't need an edit on Forge because it is a masterpiece that need not be changed. Whether its Team Doubles or Team Slayer, The Pit will always be fun.

3 High Ground

Initially, Infection was a community creation from Halo 2 and was never an official game mode. Due to high interest in Infection, the zombie game mode was introduced, starting with Halo 3. Halo Infection matches are far more competitive when there are a plethora of places to hide.

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High Ground might be the best map to play the Infection game mode. The number of places to hide can make Infection long-lasting and satisfying. To this day, Infection is a major part of Halo and it can be played in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection or Halo 5: Guardians.

2 Lockout

This map is exceedingly excellent when playing Team Slayer or Team Doubles. Featured on Twitch streamer Ninja's YouTube channel is a video of a Halo map remake titled "Shutout." Shutout is essentially a Lockout that is warm and bright instead of being a gloomy frozen construct.

Lockout is often used in competitive matches during Esports events. Did you know that Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins used to be a fierce Halo competitor? Not even he knew that practicing Halo all those years would pay off.

1 Blood Gulch

With two bases as spawn points at each end of the map, Blood Gulch can bring extraordinarily competitive and entertaining matches. One of the most common game variants used on Blood Gulch is Team CTF (Capture The Flag).

In Halo sequels, a Banshee (flying Covenant vehicle) spawned behind bases. Banshees could swing the tides unless someone grabbed the rocket launcher. With a rocket launcher in the middle, the stakes are high and the competition higher. On the Blood Gulch map, grabbing the rocket launcher is a daring move that could pay off. For its near-perfect design, Blood Gulch is the best Halo map ever made.

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