How To Play The Halo: Master Chief Collection Early

Some Halo fans who are signed up for Halo Insider may be able to access the Master Chief Collection early.

Fans of Microsoft’s uber-popular Halo franchise have been begging for a PC port of the Master Chief Collection since its release back in 2014. While it was originally exclusive to the Xbox One, Microsoft and 343 Industries have announced that their sci-fi shooter anthology will be coming to PC in the near future. The wait may be even shorter for truly dedicated fans, however, as Halo Insider signees may have a chance to preview the port before release.

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The Halo Insider program has been around in some capacity for a little while now. It was originally used to test patches and updates for the original Master Chief Collection before they went live. Though the service was discontinued in November of 2018, it has now been revived alongside the reveal of a PC translation of the collection, and fans are clamoring to get an invite to this semi-exclusive group.

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Community members can sign up for a chance to help shore up beta builds of the port. According to the official Halo site, players will “have the opportunity to regularly provide feedback and insights that help shape and inform current franchise initiatives and the future of Halo.” This is essentially a peek behind the development curtain and is a great chance for hardcore fans to leave their mark on a beloved series.

That said, this shouldn’t be treated as simple early access to the game. Microsoft and 343 are clearly looking for active participants, and they don’t seem keen on doling out beta access to players who are only in it for the simple thrill of playing the game early. What’s more, it sounds like the build that the participants will be asked to test won’t be all that indicative of the final product anyway.

via IGN.com

While it’s nice to see 343 Industries so closely concerned with the interests of its fanbase, it seems like the PC version of the Master Chief Collection won’t be releasing for some time. While the initial announcement had players hoping that the anthology would be appearing on both Steam and Microsoft’s storefront in the coming months, this suggests that fans may have to remain in cryo-sleep for a little while longer.

Though a Steam store page has already been created for the collection, we have yet to receive a definite release date for any of the six upcoming remasters. Microsoft has stated that, rather than launching everything all at once, the games will receive staggered releases based on in-game chronology.

Unfortunately, it may be some time until PC players can experience Halo: Reach or any of the following titles.

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