Halo: 25 Tricks From The Series Players Have No Idea About

The video game Halo has been around for years now. Ever since Halo: Combat Evolved was released in 2001, gamers have been able to appreciate this fast-paced first-person shooter from their gaming consoles. If you have never played a Halo game before, there is no time like the present. Despite major changes to the series over the years, each installment is an action-packed fun-fest that keeps players' controllers glued to their hands.

However, Halo isn't all fun and games (even though it is technically a video game). For many, Halo is a competitive sport, something that they look to excel in, and each time a  Halo game comes out, it is a chance for these players to enhance their FPS skills. When an amateur player tries playing multiplayer with these pros, you can immediately single them out from the crowd. These are gamers who live and breathe Halo. The people who spend more time playing Halo than sleeping are the ones who usually know everything there is to know about the game. Still, no matter how many times you've played the game, there are probably a few aspects that you might not be aware of. I can't even begin to count how many times I have been surprised with some new tip on how to play Halo, and I've been playing the game since I was in high school. Some of these tricks may seem obvious, but it's the obvious things that go over our heads sometimes. Read on if you want to check out all the ways you can be a better Halo player.

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25 Pioneering The XP Frontier

via: ign.com

This trick works specifically for Halo 4. In the game, there were armor specializations that provided different benefits to players. The Pioneer Specialization was unique in that it boosted a player's acquisition of XP.

If a player was playing as Pioneer, XP would be gained at a faster rate than normal, which is handy if you're looking to level up as quickly as possible. I honestly never really looked at what these specializations would give me because I just chose which armor made me look good (yeah, I'm one of those fools).

24 Know When To Hip-Hug Your Weapon

via: halowaypoint.com

Take advantage of aiming down the sights of your gun in Halo 5: Guardians. I know that the decision to include this feature in a Halo game was not popular, but it was (and is) not in Halo's genes to aim down the sights.

Use it though. It does give you more accuracy in multiplayer; however, don't use it when enemy players are close. That's a big no-no. Aim when you have some distance between you and your target, otherwise, you're in for an unpleasant time.

23 Peekaboo With The Flood

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In Halo: Combat Evolved, there is a little trick with your flashlight that you can use to tackle the Flood. When the Flood first come out, they bum-rush you and attempt to melee you, but if you shine your light on them, they will not automatically jump at you.

They'll do that slow shamble toward you instead, which makes it easier to pick them off. Be careful when the Flood start holding guns, though, as the flashlight does not stop them from firing at you.

22 Love Your Battle Rifle

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Any pro player of Halo has a list of their favorite weapons. If the Battle Rifle is not near the top of that list, then they are playing the game wrong. The Battle Rifle is a versatile weapon that has range and a punch at the same time.

First appearing in Halo 2, the Battle Rifle was a step up from the Magnum Pistol. It had a faster rate of fire that made it ideal for the close quarters of multiplayer. Acquaint yourself with the Battle Rifle if you haven't already.

21 Punching With Bullets

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The time will come in multiplayer when you run face-first into an enemy. Unfortunately, too often have I seen a strange boxing match begin. It's like once someone is in a certain range from an opponent, the switch that tells them to fire their weapon turns off.

Instead, they decide to swing wildly in the hopes of landing a melee hit. Don't solely rely on that. Instead, combine a melee punch with some bullets for crying out loud. Don't just swing your fist like a maniac.

20 The Story Matters

via: telegraph.co.uk

The story of Halo is what attracted me to the series in the first place, so this next bit of advice might sound pretty biased. Before diving into multiplayer, you should play the campaign through to completion.

First of all, the story is interesting as heck (that was me being biased). Second, the campaign functions as a giant tutorial for how to play the game. The campaign teaches you how things work in a rudimentary fashion, so playing it is worth the time because it gives you a deeper understanding of the game's mechanics.

19 Time Your Ground Pound

via: halo.wikia.com

Halo 5: Guardians introduced us to the ground pound. In case you don't know what this is, it's basically an epic melee move where you hover in the air for a moment, aim, and then launch yourself to the ground for a damaging super-hero landing.

That sounds like a powerful blow, and it is. However, keep in mind that ground pounding has you hovering in the air for a good few seconds. So, for the love of all that is holy, time those things before performing them or else you'll get yourself in trouble after you get shot from the sky.

18 Team Up Like Actual Wolves

via: pcgamer.com

It's tempting to try and pull off the lone wolf technique in a Halo multiplayer match. You go off by yourself, pick away at the opposing team, and accrue all these points for yourself. However, if you want to consistently win your matches, it pays to act in the way a wolf pack behaves.

Travel together, take down enemies together, and complete objectives together. You may not get as many points to your name, but you will win your matches regardless. Plus, there's nothing like sweeping a map with your whole team by your side.

17 Weapon Switch Instead Of Reloading

via: youtube.com (Hectorlo)

Reloading can take longer than a simple weapon switch. So, if you find yourself under attack and you have to change that clip (or cool down that plasma battery), don't.

Press whatever button it is you use to switch to your secondary weapon and continue firing. Apparently, the time it takes a Spartan to pull out a whole new gun is faster than the time it takes him (or her) to reload. Here's hoping that that second weapon is already reloaded.

16 Retreating Is Good On Occasion

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Your Spartan is not invincible. Even if you're playing as the Master Chief, your shields will still go down if fired upon. Halo is not Doom, so you will have to take cover if your shields go down. Never think to yourself that just one more spray of bullets will eliminate whoever you were firing at first, always err on the side of caution.

It's not cowardly to hide behind a wall for a few seconds and then rejoin the fight. It's just common sense. And if anyone gives you flak for it, see if they're laughing after you've survived to fight another round.

15 Coordinate Man Cannon Usage

via: youtube.com (TheIceOrb)

Launching your Spartan into the air from a man cannon is a great opportunity to surprise an enemy team, however, you should not use these devices on your own. Any Halo player worth their salt knows where these cannons will launch you and will treat the launch point the same way they'd treat any other entrance or exit onto their position.

Coordinate with your teammates, have them attack the area from another direction while you flank them with the cannon, and use those man cannons wisely.

14 Boost Slide

via: ar12gaming.com

Halo 5: Guardians upped player mobility in ways unseen in previous Halo titles. Clambering onto ledges became a thing, as did boosting and ground-pounding, and the boosting in particular allowed for extra spurts of speed when players needed it.

One trick any Halo 5 player should master is the boost slide. You start with a full-out sprint, then you boost for an added burst of speed. Immediately after that, you crouch to go into a slide and press the jump button to continue on your way.

13 Get The Covenant Before They're Dropped

via: halowaypoint.com

In any Halo game mode where you have to fight the Covenant, keep those plasma grenades handy. When the Covenant dropship makes a swing toward the ground, prepared to launch Covenant forces, toss a grenade in there right as the doors open. The blast will successfully eliminate any unlucky aliens in the pod.

This saves you and your fellow Spartans the hassle of having to clean up those guys once they have already landed. Talk about getting ahead of the game.

12 Listen To Spartan Chatter

via: youtube.com (Halo SMG)

Normally, when I play a Halo match, I'm too busy listening to my friends trash-talk each other to pay attention to the ambient sounds of the game (they talk a mile a minute, cursing and shouting louder than a rocket launcher blast).

However, the background chatter of your Spartans in Halo 5: Guardians is quite useful. They will call out enemy positions regularly, so even if your friend fails to warn you that foes are coming up on the right, maybe his Spartan character will.

11 Dual Wield In Close Quarters

via: youtube.com (TheNI Gamer)

A lot of my friends were excited about the concept of dual-wielding that was introduced in Halo 2, but I wasn't. I didn't like the idea of having two weapons in front of me to obscure my field of vision even more.

However, I have to admit that dual-wielding is invaluable at close quarters. Two weapons firing at the same time packs quite the punch as dual-wielding decimates an enemy's shield in seconds, making a win a sure thing. Plus, nothing makes you feel tougher than dual-wielding a pair of SMGs.

10 Take Care Of Vehicles First

via: youtube.com (Deadlyjaffacake Gamer)

In large multiplayer maps, vehicles are added into the mix. They provide an extra layer of strategy when it comes to tackling an enemy team and collecting power weapons becomes even more important. The last thing you want is for the enemy team to have a Warthog or a Banshee running rampant on the map.

As soon as you see a vehicle on the map that is not your own team's, do whatever you can to get rid of it. Take it, blow it up, or Spartan Laser it down. Just get rid of it.

9 Good Old Crouch Jump

via: youtube.com (LB Bubba)

Since mobility became an important factor in multiplayer in Halo 5: Guardians, learning how to crouch-jump has been brought back into the spotlight. Additionally, Halo 5 gave Spartans the ability to clamber onto ledges.

A simple button press allows your Spartan to clamber onto ledges that might not otherwise have been reached. If you combine the reach that both clambering and crouch-jumping gives you, even higher heights can be attained.

8 Make Your Very Own Grenade Launcher

via: dudegamer.com

Halo: Combat Evolved is my favorite Halo game. It's the first I played and it has remained lodged in my heart ever since. I recently learned a way to have your very own grenade launcher there.

What you do is get yourself two plasma grenades. You throw one on the ground and then you throw the second one in front of it, basically in the direction you want it to be flung when the first one explodes. After, back up. The first grenade will blow up, tossing the second one forward in the explosion. Voila!

7 Sneak Below Radar

via: youtube.com (Dude Gamer)

The first mistake I have noticed newcomers to Halo make is ignoring their radar. When I introduced my sister to the game, she hardly looked at the thing. Then, she would get surprised when an enemy popped up behind her.

Keep an eye on your radar. At the same time, learn how to fool other players' radar awareness by crouch-walking when you want to flank somebody. Whenever you crouch in Halo, the blip that is you on the radar disappears and other players won't know you're there (unless they saw you trying to get behind them earlier).

6 Don't Forget The Equipment Pick-Ups

via: youtube.com (Generalkidd)

Oof. Well, this tip is mostly for dummys like me who forget things faster than the Flash can run. Whenever I played Halo 3 multiplayer, I always forgot about the equipment you could pick up around the maps.

Things like the Bubble Shield, Deployable Cover, and Trip Mine would stay in my inventory unused because I forgot they were there, and those things come in handy! They are excellent for setting traps and giving yourself some breathing space when under fire.

5 Hit The Reload

via: dudegamer.com

In Halo: Combat Evolved, when you reload your weapon, it takes away from precious time you could be firing at an enemy. A quick solution is to hit the melee button when you are reloading your weapon as it will cause your weapon to be reloaded in half the time.

I'd say the one weapon it fails to do this with properly is the shotgun. Instead, your shotgun will remain partly loaded with however many shells you managed to jam in before hitting melee.

4 Don't Stop Driving

via: gamesradar.com

I have a friend, let's call him “George,” who always wants to be the driver when we play a game of Halo. Always. The sad thing is that he's a bad driver. The big mistake he constantly makes is stopping the Warthog when we're close to enemies.

After we've all been shot to heck and have had to re-spawn back at the base, we'll ask (while shouting) why he stopped in the middle of a firefight. He'll say he was trying to make a U-turn to retreat. Here's a quick bit of advice: do not stop moving in a battle zone when you're in a vehicle.

3 Know Your Map's Weak Spots

via: youtube.com (Game Master TZ)

Any professional Halo player will tell you that one of the most vital parts of being a great Halo player is knowing the maps. If you know the map, you can plan where to wait, where to take cover, where to pick up weapons, and where to avoid.

That last bit is important. Certain zones of the map spell doom for anyone attempting to traverse there as these areas are indefensible, and every good player will know that. Figure out where these zones are on each map and steer clear.

2 Zig Zag All The Time

via: youtube.com (B3ndro)

In order to shoot an enemy Spartan down, you have to lower their shields and then aim for the head. After that one quick headshot, your foe should be down. Conversely, that is all that is needed to bring you down as well.

As such, you always want to be on the move. When walking from one area to another, move your Spartan from side to side so that you make for a harder target. Try to avoid jumping away because the arc of your jump can be easily predicted by an expert player.

1 Control Power Weapons

via: dailydot.com

As soon as you begin a Halo multiplayer match, you and your team members should try to fight for control of those power weapons. Even if you're not that good with a sniper rifle, you holding onto that sniper rifle means that the enemy team won't have it.

Coordinate with your fellow members and snatch those weapons away from the grubby hands of your opponents. Part of controlling the map is controlling those weapons, and in Halo, controlling the map is everything.

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