Handsome Jack Officially Dead, But Will Be In Borderlands 3 In Some Way

Handsome Jack

Handsome Jack is dead, but you’ll still find him in Borderlands 3 in “a side mission or something.”

Handsome Jack might be one of the best video game villains of all time. He’s unabashedly evil, but with just enough humanity still left inside that you almost feel bad for him at times. Best of all, Jack is always hilariously good at taunting the player into ever greater acts of violence.

That and Butt Stallion. We'll never forget Butt Stallion.

As much as we love Jack, he’s still very much dead in Borderlands 3, according to Gearbox narrative producer Randy Varnell.

"Handsome Jack is dead," said Varnell in an interview with Gamespot. "He's such a big character in our universe though. There's always going to be some stuff--there may be a side mission or something and then we mention him a few times. It's so hard to get away from that impact. But you're not ever going to see Handsome Jack come back as a character.”

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Despite being very graphically murdered at the end of Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack managed to find his way into countless DLC following his demise, first as a sort of Frankenstein’s Monster in the Hammerlock DLC, and then as the ultimate villain in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep.

He even showed up again in Tales from the Borderlands as a sort of digital ghost of his former self. Depending on the player’s choices (SPOILER ALERT!), Jack is either killed a second time after Helios crashes into Pandora or Rhys keeps the AI as a sort of demented memento.

But in all likelihood, Jack bit the big one at the end of Tales from the Borderlands, and according to Varnell, we won’t be seeing him again in any major capacity. Varnell explains that it was incredibly important that the new villains, the Calypso twins, are able to “stand on their own” as great villains without the help of the Handsome one.

Borderlands 3 releases September 13th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Get ready, because it’s so far looking to be the sequel we’ve all been waiting for.

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