TheGamer's Hardcore Gamer Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for a gamer who has it all? Here are the premium items they probably don't have yet.

Behold: TheGamer's Hardcore Gamer Holiday Gift Guide! This is a huge list of the best stuff we've we gotten to try, test, and review throughout the year. Everything on the list has been personally curated by TheGamer staff and we are happy to recommend these gifts to the gamer in your life.

HyperX CloudX Flight Gaming Headset For Xbox One

via: HyperX

The name might be a mouthful, but these wireless headphones are incredibly simple to use, sound incredible, and stay charged forever. Wireless headphones are such an awesome convenience that many players don't really consider at first (us included) but the freedom and comfort they offer is absolutely worth the price of admission. You can check out our full review of the HyperX CloudX Flight headphones and grab a pair on the HyperX website.

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Scuf Vantage 2 Controller

Scuf makes the best controllers on the planet, bar none. The controllers (for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC) are fully customizable from top to bottom. You can switch out the sticks, the d-pad, the triggers, and the face plate. You can change the tension on your sticks and the travel distance on your triggers. There are four paddles on the back and two on the sides that can be programmed to any button. Not only is it the most comfortable controller to use, it will literally make you a better player by letting you use all your fingers to play. We can't recommend Scuf controllers enough.

Check out our full review of the Vantage 2 and order one from Scuf's website.

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Oculus Quest VR Headset

VR tech has been slowly building up for several years now, but we feel confident that now is the right time to jump in with both feet. The Oculus Quest is the completely wireless version of the popular headset and soon, with just a USB cable, you'll be able to connect the Quest to your computer for the full power and content library of the Rift S. Oculus will also be updating the Quest next year with finger tracking, for free. There's so many great experiences available on Oculus, it's never been a better time to get into VR.

You can read our full review of the Oculus and order one from the Oculus website.

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Steelseries APEX Pro Keyboard

Via: steelseries.com

It was difficult to pick just one Steelseries product, as they are all incredible, but we like the APEX Pro Keyboard a lot because of all the extra features it offers. It's a mechanical keyboard with full color control for each additional key. It comes with a wrist guard, a volume control, an onboard USB with pass-through, and a little display you can set up to read your messages or show any image you like. It's our favorite keyboard of the year and we're still using it out of all the others.

Read our full review of the APEX Pro Keyboard and order one on the Steelseries website.

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Razer Basilisk Ultimate Wireless Mouse

Wireless is very much in this year, and the Basilisk Ultimate truly is the ultimate wireless mouse. It offers an absurd 20,000 DPI, superior tracking, and the awesome Chroma integration Razer is known for. What we really like about this mouse is how versatile it is. It can be used wired or wireless with the USB dongle, but the dongle can also be inserted into the charging dock for better connection. When I leave the house I just pluck the dongle out of the charging dock and fit it in the compartment under the mouse. It's the perfect mouse for home and away.

Read our full review of the Razer Basilisk Ultimate and order on on Razer's Website.

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Gunnar Optiks X Ubisoft "6-Siege Intercept" Glasses

Gunnar is making protective eye wear for gamers which we think is incredibly important for the health of your vision. They have tons of frame styles to chose from, but we're particularly fond of the 6-Siege Intercept glasses designed to elevate performance and comfort in FPS games. The positive effects of using Gunnar glasses is practically immediate, and the 6-Siege Intercept glasses just look awesome.

Read our full review of the Gunnar Glasses and order a pair on Gunnar's website

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Maingear Classic Backpack

Gamers have a lot of stuff, it's true, but the Maingear Classic manages to pack all of it safely and neatly in individual compartments. The padded laptop, tablet, and Nintendo Switch sleeves are all covered in a soft, velvety fabric to keep them safe. The bag even comes with a Tile GPS trackers for piece of mind in case you ever misplace it.

Read our full review of the Maingear Classic and order one from Maingear's website.

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Secretlab TITAN Gaming Chair

If you care about your gamer, they really need a good chair. Gamers spend so much time sitting, so having an adjustable chair that is comfortable, supportive, and durable is just so important. We love the Secretlab titan because it has every feature you could ever want: adjustable rotating arm rests, a full recline, back support, and a memory foam headrest. These are the highest quality chairs and are available in a variety of colors and designs, including Batman and Game of Thrones.

Read our full review of the Secretlab TITAN and order one from Secretlab's website.

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The Buttkicker 2 Power Amplifier

Last but certainly not least, the Buttkicker 2 is an attachment for your gaming chair that adds haptic feedback to your gameplay. The name is no lie either, this thing can really make your chair buck around. Try to play Call of Duty without a huge smile on your face every time a grenade explodes and you nearly get blasted out of your seat. The Buttkicker 2 has a simple set up that will get you in the game like never before in no time.

For more info and how to order, look on their website.

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