10 Hardest Choices In Telltale Games

Once Telltale started moving away from point and click games to more narrative adventures, the titles became a lot more about making decisions. Big choices helped shape who the protagonists were and how your version of the story played out.

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They could range from whether you want to high five your buddy to which of your buddies do you want to be brutally murdered. Some of the more difficult decisions made indecisive players panic and/or pause the game to consider the potential impact.

However, even confident decision-makers would struggle with the choices featured on this list, as these are the ten hardest decisions in Telltale games.

10 Let Beskha Kill Her Former Master Or Not (Game Of Thrones)

While helping to liberate the slaves in Meereen, Asher's friend Beskha finds her old slave master and intends to kill him. However, Croft (another one of Asher's allies) under the orders of Daenerys Targaryen wants Beskha to leave him so that he may be put on trial later.

You get to decide which of them to side with. What makes this choice difficult is that you need Daenerys' help so you can build an army to assist your family, but Beskha deserves her vengeance. There's also a third option where you can kill the man yourself, though that's the weakest option of the three.

9 Save Catwoman Or Harvey Dent (Batman: The Telltale Series)

Telltale has always liked making you choose between two of your closet allies, and this is one of the best examples of it. At Gotham's mayoral debate, Cobblepot puts a bullet into Catwoman before attempting to smash a stage light over Harvey Dent.

You are then forced into a quick decision between saving Catwoman from onrushing Children of Arkham troops or saving Dent from The Penguin. Harvey is trying to help Gotham by becoming Mayor, so protecting him would be a good idea. However, you could have a budding romance going with Catwomen at the time, and do you really want to screw that up?

8 Kill The Crooked Man Or Have Him Stand Trial (The Wolf Among Us)

In the final episode of The Wolf Among Us, Bigby has the perfect opportunity to exact revenge of The Crooked Man for the deaths of two women. However, Snow White had previously told the sheriff to bring the villain in for a trial, so they can prove it was him first.

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The difficulty with this choice comes from not knowing how the trial is going to play out, as for all you know, he might be able to talk his way out of his punishment. Yet, you also know that killing him early would anger Snow and make Bigby look like the evil Big Bad Wolf a lot of the townsfolk already think he is.

7 Marry Morgryn Or Die (Game Of Thrones)

When Mira is locked up in King's Landing waiting for her beheading, she gets a lifeline in the form of a marriage proposal from Lord Morgryn. This would be good news, except Morgryn is an evil snake whose one of the main reasons why she's locked up.

Accepting his proposal means marrying a man who'll make Mira his glorified prisoner, and a child who helped her will take her place in the beheading. However, if you reject him, Mira's definitely dead and she has no way to help her family. In classic Game Of Thrones fashion, neither option leads to a happy ending.

6 Leave Asher Or Rodrik Behind (Game Of Thrones)

More Game Of Thrones heartbreak here. It starts happily enough with brothers Asher and Rodrik coming together to take on the Whitehill army. Things turn sour quickly when they're caught in a trap by their adversaries. The brothers get separated from most of their soldiers and are left at the mercy of a bunch of Whitehill troops.

One brother is then forced to stay behind to hold open the broken gate to give the other the time to escape. This is where you come in, as it is your choice which likable protagonist gets left behind to die.

5 Save Louis Or Violet (The Walking Dead: The Final Season)

There are a few times in the last season of The Walking Dead where you are tasked with choosing between Louis and Violent, but this one is the most serious situation. In episode 2 of the season, Lily and her Delta brethren attack the school where Clementine and her new group are living.

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During the conflict, the attackers get ahold of both Violet and Louis with you having to choose which one to save while letting the other get captured. There will be a brutal consequence for whoever you don't pick.

4 Shoot Kenny Or Let Him Kill Jane (The Walking Dead: Season 2)

Kenny and Jane bump heads a few times during season two of The Walking Dead, and in the finale, their issues get physical. During the fight, the larger Kenny overpowers Jane, and he tries to put a knife through her chest. Meanwhile, Clementine picks up a gun and aims it at Kenny, if you fire it he will die, but if you don't Jane will perish.

Despite the pain of losing his family sending him mad, Kenny has always been good to Clementine. On the other hand, Jane taught her plenty of survival techniques, although her lone wolf attitude doesn't make her very trustworthy. Whichever side you choose, you'll lose a close friend who'd never wronged you (by that point).

3 Stop Being Batman Or Lose Alfred (Batman: The Enemy Within)

During the finale of Batman: The Enemy Within, Alfred recognizes that his and Batman's crusade against crime has only made Gotham worse. Pennyworth even sees a lot of similarities between Bruce and his criminal father. These realizations lead to Alfred deciding to leave Wayne Manor as he refuses to enable The Dark Knight's actions any longer.

As Alfred walks out of the door, you have to choose whether to give up being Batman or lose the only family member Bruce has left. Even die-hard fans of the caped crusader find this decision difficult because of how much they care for Alfred.

2 Convince Clementine To Shoot Lee Or Leave Him To Turn (The Walking Dead: Season 1)

In one of the most emotional endings in gaming history, Lee is slowly turning into a walker, and Clementine has to decide his fate. You as Lee have to persuade little Clem to either kill you or leave you to turn.

This is one of the toughest decisions in Telltale history, as seeing Lee as a mindless walker would be heartbreaking, yet it would be equally heartbreaking to force a young girl to kill the closest thing she has left to family. Hopefully, your tear-filled eyes blind you from seeing the consequences of your decision.

1 Who To Bring Back With The Eternity Forge (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

If powered up, the Eternity Forge grants the holder the ability to bring people back to life. During the celebratory drinks towards the end of Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy, Mantis realizes that the Forge (if it's not been destroyed) has a little bit of power left in it, allowing the group to bring back one person.

Which gives you the option to revive either the love of Rocket's life Lylla, Drax's daughter Kamaria, Gamora's sister Nebula (if she's dead), Peter's mom, or you can let the Forge die and bring nobody back. Good luck deciding which Guardian deserves to get their loved one back the most.

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