The 10 Hardest To Find Sony Games (& What They're Worth)

From Uncharted 2: Among Thieves to The Last Of Us: Post-Pandemic Edition, these are the hardest and most expensive Sony games to find.

Sony Playstation has carried some of the most iconic titles in gaming history, from Street Fighter to Uncharted the range of games workaround nearly endless. Through a range of circumstances, some of these titles end up in a state of near extinction, with gamers everywhere hunting for a copy.

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As soon as the hunt begins the price starts to creep up, this is especially true of older games that are no longer in production. Popular franchises will occasionally see a reissue or remaster of a certain game but some are doomed to stay stuck in the past with the rare copy changing hands for more and more money. Now, let's look at ten of the most sought-out and expensive Sony games.

10 NBA Elite 11

NBA Elite, the franchise that tried its best, but ultimately couldn't live up to the competition already out there. NBA Elite 10 had been such a disaster that when the demo for 11 came out and started getting mocked for its awful gameplay, EA decided it was time to pull the plug.

They made the decision too close to the wire and one single box of the game was shipped already. This leaves 15 copies of NBA Elite 11 out there, and people are willing to pay a huge amount for the collection. Authentic copies have gone for over $8000.

9 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Fortune Hunter Edition

Everyone and their mom knows what this is nowadays. With over 6 million copies of the game sold worldwide, it's the last title to put on a list of rare games. However, the coveted Fortune Hunter Edition was only produced 200 times, making this one of the rarest items in gaming history.

Coming with a phurba dagger artifact and a slick box to boot, the Fortune Hunter edition wasn't even available for purchase and only given out in Sony competitions. One of them rarely appears in the tall grass, but $3500 will have to be sacrificed in the rare chance you do.

8 The Last Of Us: Post-Pandemic Edition

When The Last Of Us was launched, it tugged at heartstrings across the globe as you watched Joel and Ellie's form a bond. That's why people have stayed so attached to the series and making any kind of limited item is sure to blow up.

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Only available at Gamestop, the Post-Pandemic edition created an incredibly high demand worldwide. Only available in the United States, demand for the exclusive pack has only increased. If you manage to find one today, it will leave you around $800 lighter, give or take.

7 Rule Of Rose

The very definition of ''There's no such thing as bad publicity.'' Rule Of Rose was released in Japan and quickly received controversy after an EU politician claimed the content was far too disturbing, citing the burial of children as reasoning.

Though this claim wasn't even true, the controversy lead to the release being cancelled in many countries. As soon as the news got around that a horror game was banned for its content, of course every thrill-seeking gamer out there was clambering for a copy.

6 LSD: A Dream Emulator

While many Japanese games don't make it over for silly reasons, naming the game LSD might be playing with fire. Especially when it was released in 1998. The game has no objective per se, but it sure does look fun gliding around surreal worlds and interacting with the odd objects you find.

The foreign market for Japanese games is quite large as it is, when you add in the strange vibe and mildly edgy concept, you get a lot of interest. So much so that a copy of the game will now cost you $300, a collector's dream.

5 Megaman Legends 2

Another game that benefited from its initial failure. The original Megaman Legends fell on hard times from a critical standpoint, falling off from where they expected to be. As we know, first impressions are everything and it certainly showed when they released the sequel. Selling incredibly low numbers initially meant that it was a forced limited release.

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Once everyone saw the game for its improved state and accepted the new characters, the demand increased as the supply slowed down. Nowadays if you have a mint copy, you can fetch $140 for your trouble.

4 ISS: Pro Evolution

The most popular sport in the world was bound to sneak a title on this list. This game pulled off a move that would surely get slammed in legal battles today. Instead of paying for the rights to any players or clubs, they simply misspelled the names of big players and changed little colors of jerseys.

On top of the hysterical workaround, Pro Evolution was a very highly rated game in its day. It fell short in sales because it was released just before the PlayStation 2 dropped, moving the attention away from the PS1 and onto newer titles. Dropping the production and leading it to a near $170 price tag today.

3 Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter

The older generations had more fun with their games, with crossovers sprouting up all over the place. Players got to answer all the hypothetical questions that have been asked for years, Who would win between Ryu and Captain America?

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All these games will hold a special place in the fighting game community simply because they're not made today. The simpler mechanics and more diverse choice of character make for an instant collectible. Add in the fact there's never been a remake and it's off to the races. The cost for a copy wildly varies between $50 and $150.

2 Valkyrie Profile

Everyone has a little piece of hipster inside of them. It's the voice that makes you refuse to watch Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad strictly because that's all anyone ever talks about. With such a heavy surge of JRPG's coming into the west, Valkyrie Profile was overlooked because of the resistance to the wave.

A unique combination of styles and the success of its later releases have the community looking for the mistreated origins. With an original copy of the game going for $140, it's a merry surprise if you were one of the few early adopters.

1 Xcom: UFO Defense

One of the PC's highest rated strategy games of all time, this game implemented elements that we see in high-level strategy game today. There's no twist as to why this costs so much; it's simply an amazing game that people still love.

The thing that takes this game above and beyond is its departure into RPG as well, sinking players deeper into the game than your run of the mill strategy game. Collectors will have to pay $200 for the privilege of owning a new copy, but there are some used ones floating around for half the price.

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