Harry Potter: 20 Hilarious Draco Malfoy Memes That Make Us Want To Join Slytherin

It has been seventeen whole years since we first saw Harry Potter come to the cinema. Say what you will, but the movies are great. Sure there are some moments that differ from the book and some of the early movies' acting was a little shakey, but they are still great none-the-less. In a modern world, we can make just about anything a joke because of the wonderful tool that is the internet. Harry Potter was not safe from this, as everything from fan fiction to funny moments in the movies have become memes. Characters like Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter himself seem to get the most attention especially when memes become a part of the equation.

Draco himself has become the star of many jokes since he is meant to serve as one of the characters we are not meant to relate with. He is rude, elitist, and spiteful, all while doing everything he can to best the hero of the story. He is really a somewhat tragic character since many people point out that —with his upbringing— he was bound to be a bad guy, encouraged to be even. But, as we know some of the best comedy comes from tragedy, as long as it does not become malicious. However, for kids fiction, the "bad guys" are typically fair game, since they are meant to be disliked to the nth degree. So let's see what people have come up with to poke fun at Draco Malfoy.

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20 The Most Dangerous Type Of Magic

Via reddit.com

Oh man, there is a lot that could be said about the first PlayStation's Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone game. The graphics were, well bad for even PlayStation standards. What some of you will remember is just how mean Draco is to Harry in this game. At more than one point in the game, he makes comments about Harry's parents. For example, he mentions Harry's mother, who he knows full well is no longer with him. He is brutal in this game, worse than he ever was in the movies.

Adding the Skyrim reference just makes it even more hilarious.

In a dark humor kind of way, this reference is pretty tongue in cheek but no less funny.

19 The Classic

Via imgur.com

Even though Draco only said this three times in the movies it has stuck with us as proof of his snobby nature. All in all, he knows that he will get in trouble for acting out on his own, so he will tell his father, who can find a way to exact some revenge. We know from the story that Draco was told to relay any information he came across to his father, but it seemed like he never really saw anything useful in his attempts to spy on the school. One thing is for sure though, he probably wrote letters to his father that complained about Harry A LOT.

18 You Know, He Has A Point

Via Imgur.com

If you think about it, Dumbledore put his students in danger more then once. Like, for the example, leading his students near a threat to get back to the dorms. Or, most people's favorite, having a dangerous object hidden at the school protected by traps that first-year students could access with ease. Not to mention allowing Hagrid to do, well basically everything that Hagrid did in his spare time. The fear on Draco's face would be the same for many of us once we realized what he was asking us to do. It really does feel like he dislikes the Slytherin House in the movies, or at the least prefers any other house to them.

17 The Stare Intensifies

Via pinterest.co.uk

Memes like this are the best, they take a normal moment and through basic manipulation of the picture and captions make it hilarious.

Who knows what the actor was thinking at that very moment.

Maybe he was just spacing out or trying the make his character seem like he was deep in thought. No matter what was really going on someone took this still frame and turning it into something random and funny. The ingenuity of the creators of memes can vary but they are all very creative. Plus, Draco's hair, it's so perfect all the time, you just want to mess it up and run off laughing.

16 The Begining Of A Rivalry

Via pinterest.co.uk

Some of you may not realize that Draco really did want to be Harry's friend at the start of the story. Draco and his father may have thought that Harry was going to be an even more powerful Voldemort at the time, so they still wanted him as an ally. Harry, however, knew a little about Draco from seeing the way he acted and it gave him a bad first impression. It was no secret that Draco was offensive to basically everyone he talked to. So when he left the Malfoy boy hanging Draco wished nothing but to destroy Harry's life in any way he could. It is only a shame that he did not introduce himself this way in the movie.

15 Two Blonde Villians

Via candacereads.com

There are few of us that can think of better aspiring bad guys from any other show or movie that caused such a great emotional response. Both crummy people, both pretentious, and both blonde. Perhaps since a certain group of people that happened to be blonde once thought they were better then others a blonde villain just seems to make sense. Let's not get into that right now, if these two were to be in the same room only one would leave and its hard to say who it would be. Never-the-less Jeoffry is the more evil of the two for sure.

14 We Figured It Out

Via imgur.com

This meme proves what sets Tom Felton off as an actor. He hates lightning bolts! If you ever get a chance to meet Tom just make sure that you avoid wearing anything with this symbol or me might go crazy.

All jokes aside we are happy to see that Tom is doing well. 

He really is not a bad guy just all those years playing Draco Malfoy have got to him. In this case, he is once again playing a secondary role to a character who is a hero that has a lightning bolt associated with him. That alone is enough to drive anyone insane.

13 Daniel Webster Never Read Harry Potter

Via pinterest.com.au

If you have ever played any word game that you are not very good at, you have seemed a message like this. Maybe the player just had seen one of the movies and saw the pieces they needed to make "Draco". Sadly whatever word bank this game uses does not include the world of Harry Potter and Draco is not happy about it. Maybe his father can sue the game into including his son's name. The downside is then the words "Harry" and "Potter" would result in an instant unexplained loss, ah magic and politics.

12 She Fits All The Criteria

Via memecenter.com (rob.lucci)

Ygritte from Game of Thrones is no stranger to memes herself but the creator of this meme does make a good point. As far as the Malfoys are concerned looking middle class and having red hair are sure signs you are a Weasley. Perhaps the best part of this picture, though, is Ygritte standing in the family photo.

If only Draco knew about the life that Ygritte lived, maybe he would be a little nicer, however, maybe it would only serve as fuel for the fire. Harry has had a tough life as well and Draco still rubs salt in the wound anywhere he can.

11 Bright As A Star

Via pinterest.com.au

Though both characters sparkle only one of them shines as a decent character. The Twilight movies spark a lot of differing opinions — they're certainly a good conversation starter. The Harry Potter movies, on the other hand, were not exactly action packed all the time, but it sets a great example of how to introduce an audience to a premise we know nothing about. It gives us the idea then builds a foundation for us to learn more from, instead of just dropping a story on us. So sparkle on Draco, even if it is just in your head.

10 It Never Gets Old

Via pinterest.ca

Making jokes about Justin Beiber has been somewhat of an internet pastime pretty much since Beiber got his start. Perhaps the only person at Hogwarts that could be more annoying and pretentious then Malfoy would be Justin Beiber.

The fact of the matter is that Beiber is hardly a model citizen, not to mention his talents are somewhat overexaggerated by fans. So to say he is worse then anyone or anything is not a stretch.

9 Well We Know How That Ended

Via memegenerator.net

This scene in the movie really gave us the first taste that Harry was sick of being pushed around. Whether by his legal guardians, his rival at school, and even the bias that came from his scar. The idea of blocking spells that are almost invisible to see with a wand is a little baffling as it is, so it is nice to see someone point out that fact in a humorous way. Taking tense moments like these and making them very lighthearted is what memes are all about. Don't worry Draco, Harry will be your friend, one day.

8 He Is Vicious

Via Imgur.com

Here we are at another great example from the PlayStation game Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. This comment is even worse than the last one since it doesn't tiptoe around the idea, he just rubs salt in the wound directly. This is a side of Draco is found in no other form beyond this game and he is brutal. If we would have seen him be like this in the books or movies there would be no chance for redemption. Everyone would hate him even after he turns his life around. Well, some still do, but some always loved the character even when he was mean.

7 One In A Million

Via pinterest.com.au

It would seem that a lot of people seemed to wish that Harry and Draco would become lovers in some strange fanfiction world.

Of course, making enemies lovers seems to be a common wish for fanfiction. 

If you are like me, the whole fan fiction thing never really made any sense. Why take a good story and change it into something that it was never meant to be. The world that has been created exists in the mind of the creator, so what they say goes. Perhaps that goes the same for the fanfiction, but it often takes a more romantic turn then was ever intended. Often times being over the top and unnecessary.

6 The Most Awkward Hug In Cinema

Via deviantart.com (tokikitsune)

When Voldemort hugs Draco you could tell that even Tom Felton, Draco's actor, felt a little awkward about it. Even though Draco idolized his father and the dark lord, if Voldemort walked up and gave young Draco a hug you can bet it would break him. Voldemort is physically and psychologically unsettling. It is no secret to what he wants and the lengths he will go to get what he wants. Even if it means wiping a crying little boy off the map after being scared of a hug.

Meme created by Tokikitsune.

5 Here We Go Again

Via  deviantart.com (AnnikaClarisse)

If Draco revealed to his father that in fact he and Harry were in a romantic relationship this whole time, Lucious would have disowned him on the spot. "Love thy enemy" is not something that the Malfoy's have ever cared to do, but in this case, you can bet that Draco's father would fly into a rage. You can only speculate how that conversation would play out but Lucious might have to explain to everyone how his son suddenly disappeared one day. Must have run away from home, who saw that coming?

Meme created by AnnikaClarisse.

4 It Is So True

Via pinterest.com

Macklemore is certainly an interesting individual who breaks the mold. However, the author of this meme really has him pinned down. That face, that hair, that clothing, yeah that seems to be Macklemore alright. At least the depiction of himself from one of his most famous songs. The creativity of meme makers is neverending and sometimes they make some crazy connections that most of us would have never even thought of.

Hats off to this creator, whoever you are. 

The longer you think about this one the funnier it gets! But, Snape in grandma clothes is pretty funny on its own.

3 The New Not Bad Face

Via memecenter.com

The "not bad" face has been a meme for longer then the term meme was used to describe these images. The original using a drawn sketch version of President Obama's face from a time when he looked quite impressed. Draco's may not be quite as exaggerated as the original but still captures the same look.

Another funny moment captured in this picture is the looks of confusion and worry on Draco's henchmen behind him. All around it's a pretty interesting moment to analyze.

2 How Could You Go To School And Be Unable To Read?

Via pinterest.com

Speaking of Draco's henchmen, this is one of the best moments in The Chamber of Secrets. Draco comes off as such a snob as he assumes his henchman are unable to read. Of course, they can read Draco, they study texts for school do they not? Still that not bad face returns as he seems pretty impressed that his hired hands are good for more than just brute force. You would think he would recognize the glasses of his rival but Harry has always had dumb luck like that, even before he drank the Felix Felicis in The Half-Blood Prince. That whole sequence of him being lucky is amazing by the way.

1 Kanye Has Spoken!

Via knowyourmeme.com

Oh, the Kanye interrupting something important meme. Ever since the interruption of Taylor Swift's speech back in 2009, we have never really forgiven Kanye. What he did was questionable at best and was pretty rude. What ended up being better was not his decision and there were better ways to voice that opinion. We all can agree that Malfoy turning his life around was heartwarming, especially after all the struggle he faced. As for Snape he only needed redemption in the eyes of those that did not understand his importance in taking down Voldemort. He himself has a very tragic story and though he never got any credit, he risked his life doing what was right.

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