Harry Potter: Best Board Games To Expand The Magical Universe

if you're a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter series, why not check out one of the board games that has been released based on the franchise?

Many fans of the Harry Potter franchise think that the magic ends once you finish reading all the books or watching all the movies. If you're a serious fan of the franchise, you can even play video games based on the franchise.

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But, if you're a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter series and the books, video games, and movies just aren't enough and you're craving some more magic, why not check out one of the board games that has been released based on the franchise? There are quite a few of them and each of them is pretty unique and a ton of fun. To see 10 of the best Harry Potter-based board games, keep reading!

10 Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

One of the most magical parts of the first Harry Potter book and movie was the scene in which the giant chess set came to life. Unfortunately, none of us can go to Hogwarts to play a real game of life-sized Wizard Chess, but that doesn't mean we can't partake in this magical game.

If you're someone that loves to play chess and is a huge Harry Potter fan, then you should definitely pick up the Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set. The pieces are highly detailed and the whole set is a miniature recreation of the set that we saw in the first movie.

9 HedBanz - Harry Potter

If you love the Harry Potter series, then you probably have a lot of friends that are as obsessed with the books and movies as you are. If you're looking for a fun, simple game to play with your friends, then check out HedBanz - Harry Potter.

Players put the card of a character, spell, or other magical items into the plastic headband that they wear and are then tasked with asking "yes" or "no" questions about what is on their card so they can try to guess who or what it is.

8 Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter Ultimate Edition

Ready to test your knowledge of the Harry Potter franchise? The Trivial Pursuit games have been a fun way to test your knowledge of various areas of pop culture, history, and general trivia for a long time. There are Trivial Pursuit editions for just about every popular franchise you could imagine and Harry Potter is no exception.

If you're looking to really test your knowledge of the franchise, definitely pick up a copy of Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter Ultimate Edition. This game features 1800 questions from all of the Harry Potter movies and only a serious fan of the series will be able to win.

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7 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle is a cooperative, deck-building game in which players can choose one of four different characters from the Harry Potter franchise to play as. Players gain cards, spells, and abilities as they play their way through the seven segments of the game in order to defeat the evil forces that are at work at Hogwarts.

Throughout each of the seven games, players have to use their skills in the magical realm to make sure that they defeat the villains that are trying to take over Hogwarts before those villains manage to become too powerful.

6 CODENAMES: Harry Potter

CODENAMES: Harry Potter is a Harry Potter-themed version of the popular board game CODENAMES. This game is a pretty quick one that is designed to be played by two or more teams or players. Since games can go so quickly, it's a fun game to play over and over during your game night.

To get the most out of this game, it's best to already be familiar with the original version of CODENAMES. But, if you've never played it, you can still learn this strategic game! Players have to work together on their teams to uncover the right cards to stop Voldemort.

5 Fantastic Beasts: Perilous Pursuit

Anyone who is a fan will know that getting attention from the non-magical world would be an absolute nightmare for any witch or wizard. That's the plot of the game Fantastic Beasts: Perilous Pursuit.

In this game, players play as either Newt, Tina, Jacob or Queenie in order to try to find and gather all the magical creatures that have escaped from Newt's suitcase. But you have to be quick! If you don't get them all back in time, the Muggles might notice them.

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4 Scrabble: Harry Potter Edition

Scrabble is a pretty fun game that tests your ability to create words from the selection of letters that you've drawn and place them onto the board to get the most points possible to beat everyone you're playing against. This game is already pretty challenging, but what if you added a magical twist to it?

Scrabble: Harry Potter Edition is just like the regular version of Scrabble. But, instead of making normal words that you would be familiar with or use in the Muggle world, the object of this game is to create the most words from the Harry Potter series that you can.

3 Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising

Each book and movie in the Harry Potter series really puts a light on how much danger Voldemort poses for the wizarding world. But, the fifth installment in the series, after Voldemort was resurrected at the Triwizard Tournamentwas really when the danger becomes a prominent part of the series.

Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising is a game that is set during Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts and puts players at the center of this danger. Each player has to build a team of witches and wizards in order to take control of various locations in the wizarding world back from the Death Eaters.

2 Harry Potter Labyrinth

Harry Potter Labyrinth is a wizarding world-version of the popular board game Labyrinth. In this game, players have to try to find the quickest path through Hogwarts while stopping at the location of each of their treasures in order to win.

This game is one that many fans of board games are probably already pretty familiar with. Labyrinth is a board game that has been around since the 1980s, so it's definitely not a new one to the world of board games. But, putting a Harry Potter spin on it just makes it more fun and more interesting.

1 Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition

Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition is the perfect game for a group of Harry Potter fans to play to test their knowledge, have a good time together, and get totally competitive. And if you're a fan of the Fantastic Beasts series, this game also has a few additional questions related to those movies.

Depending on the question answered, players will sometimes have to work together in order to come up with an answer and other times, they'll be totally on their own. That makes this game really fun and unique and a great social game to play with a group.

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