20 Harry Potter Characters Sorted Into Their True Hogwarts House

One of the first magical elements of the Wizarding World we are introduced to in the Sorcerer's Stone once we reach Hogwarts is the entire sorting process. Every adult that has gone through the western wizarding education system has found themselves sorted into a house (whether that be from Ilvermorny or Hogwarts). And few things in the magical universe are as confusing and as intriguing as the entire sorting process. I mean, are characters sorted based on their inherent traits, the house that will help them the most in life, or the traits that they value? Can we request a preferred house, like Harry did? Is there even a process, or is the hat just making it up as he goes along?

Fans from all over the world have been obsessed with the process of house sorting since the debut of the first novel and have taken the process and applied it to other things. What house do our favorite Disney princesses belong to? What about classic video game characters? High fantasy personalities? What house do we, ourselves, belong to?

In this article, I will be taking on the ambitious task of resorting established characters from the Harry Potter universe itself. Now, don’t get your robes in a twist as this is all in good fun. I will be resorting these characters based on the idea that students are sorted based on their inherent traits/personalities (which can be seen through their actions, reactions, and interactions).

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20 The Twins (All Wrong!)

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Current House: Gryffindor

New House: Slytherin

There is no denying that the boys aren’t brave as all heck. But Gryffindors don’t have a monopoly on bravery. It is my opinion that the Weasley twins would get on in Slytherin quite nicely. Why? Because those boys are some of the most cunning and ambitious boys in the entire school (next to Percy of course, but we will get to him later). I mean, they built an entire underground prank/snack empire in their fifth year, annoyed Umbridge before dropping out of school, and then opened up a successful shop on their own during one of the most unstable and dangerous times in modern wizarding history. Yes, they are brave and value family/friendship. But I would say that their dominant traits are their cunning nature and their nearly unparalleled ambition which makes these boys bound for the Slytherin dungeons.

19 The Wild Child (Yes!)

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Let’s start off our "correct houses" crew with Luna. I’ve seen many convincing arguments that claim that her trust and love of friends should warrant her a seat at the Hufflepuff table. However, I just feel like Luna’s primary trait is her unique perspective. She sees the world through this unique lens and that perspective affects her interactions with others, her beliefs, and the way that she interacts with the world. And that unique perspective and ‘out of the box’ thinking is a hallmark of the Ravenclaw house. While Remus and Albus embody the logical portion of the Ravenclaw house, Luna is the embodiment of the house's more creative and individualistic side.

18 The Author (All Wrong!)

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Current House: Ravenclaw

New House: Slytherin

Before you ask, no I am not putting him in Slytherin because he is “the bad guy.” No, not only would that be way too easy but that would also contribute to negative house stereotypes and I will not allow that sort of pigeonholing in my home. No, the reason I put Gilderoy into Slytherin was because of his ambition and the ways in which he quenched that thirst for recognition and success. Yes, he is a talented wizard and rather adept in the memory charm department but a wizard from any house could be talented. Skill isn’t a Ravenclaw exclusive trait. Gilderoy wants to be successful and he does so by finding successful wizards, obliviating them, and then taking their successes for himself. That plan is solely motivated by his own ambition and contains zero regard for anything else. Gilderoy is a Slytherin through and through.

17 The Golden Boy (Yes!)

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Yes, Cedric is as brave as he is bold, but that is not his sole motivator. At his core, Cedric values fairness and trust above all others. He trusts the information that Harry gave him before the first task and returns the favor before they head to the lake for their second. He does not question Harry. Cedric does not assume that Harry is lying to get the advantage. He trusts this information without having any reason to. When Harry is sent barrelling into the Earth by a hoard of Dementors during a Quidditch match, Cedric demands a rematch. Even though Cedric won, and most houses would be over the moon to beat Gryffindor, Cedric felt like Harry’s incapacitation was unfair and would not accept the win. They even grabbed the Triwizard cup together with the intention of sharing the win. Cedric is a Hufflepuff through and through.

16 The Prefect (All Wrong!)

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Current House: Gryffindor

New House: Slytherin

I know it seems like I am sorting everyone into Slytherin, but I have a good reason for it. First of all, I think it is unfair that all the villains of the series found themselves in Slytherin while all the heroes are magically in Gryffindor. I think that sorting contributes to negative house stereotypes and putting all the Weasleys in Gryffindor is honestly, kind of lazy. Especially considering the fact that they are such unique and complex individuals. In my opinion, Percy is a Slytherin. Like Gilderoy, he is driven by his ambition and nothing else. Even to the extent that he denies his own family because he thinks they will hold him back. Of course, he later apologized for this, but ambition is still one of his sole driving forces and that cannot be ignored.

15 The Zoologist (Yes!)

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It took years for me to figure out which Harry Potter character was my favorite but 30 seconds after Newt appeared onscreen in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I knew which character had stolen my heart this time around. Like Cedric, Newt is motivated by fairness and trust. He has no reason to trust anyone in New York. Tensions are high, wizards are in hiding, and no-maj’s have proved their cruelty towards their own species time and time again. But Newt trusts everyone he comes across (until he has good reason not to) because he is just that good-natured. He risks everything fighting for his new friends (including Credence... ah, poor Credence) and the well-being of his creatures because it’s what they deserve.

14 The Headmaster (All Wrong!)

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Current House: Gryffindor

New House: Ravenclaw

I know that Dumbledore being in Gryffindor is supposed to be symbolic of the whole “good vs. evil” fight that he and Tom Riddle find themselves in. However, I just feel like Dumbledore is far too logical and calculating to find his true home in Gryffindor. In my opinion, the highly logical Dumbledore decided that the most logical option for Harry was to place him with the Dursleys, cut contact with him in his fifth year as Albus is close to the end, and to raise Harry to perish for the greater good. While I’m not arguing the morality of these choices, I’m merely stating that the highly analytic way in which Dumbledore handled Harry’s fate makes him radiate Ravenclaw energy. He didn’t ask himself whether or not these choices were right or wrong, he merely chose the most logical option to get the job done.

13 The Unlikely Hero (Yes!)

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Up until the final book, everyone and their grandma argued that Neville did not belong in Gryffindor. But everyone who contested his sorting need not look past the first film in order to see that he was exactly where he belonged. Little Neville risked the only friends he had at Hogwarts by standing up to them in the common room. He even went as far as to threaten them that he would fight them in order to keep them from sneaking out again. Yes, Neville values kindness, fairness, and friendship. But, even at a very young age, Neville wasn’t afraid to speak his mind to his friends. Most people, even adults, are so afraid of risking their friendship that they won’t call their friends out- even when they deserved it. Neville knows what is right and is willing to risk everything in order to fight for it.

12 The Sidekick (All Wrong!)

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Current house: Gryffindor

New house: Hufflepuff

“Ah, another Weasley. I know just what to do with you…” By that, I mean sort you based on the traits you actually posses rather than throwing you in Gryffindor with the rest of your endless supply of siblings. Yes, Ron is brave (though I will remind you that Hufflepuffs can be plenty brave, thank you very much) and yes, he can be stupid in the sense that he usually punches first thinks second. But what is the motivation behind those punches? His fierce loyalty and the value he places on friendship. Ron would perish if it meant saving his friends, which he showed that to us time and time again over the entire span of the series. I know he doesn’t care much for hard work, but being in a house doesn’t mean you have to embody every single trait pertaining to said house.

11 The Would-Be Villain (Yes!)

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Don’t worry, I’m not putting Malfoy in Slytherin because he’s “the bad guy” or “a bully.” But there are solid reasons why he was placed in Slytherin. Initially, Draco prioritizes status and family. His entire family line has found its home in Slytherin so it is no surprise that he remains there. However, when Tom Riddle makes his big comeback and Draco realizes that he is in way deeper than he could have ever imagined. That family ties are still the most important thing in his world. He would fight anyone who dared speak ill of his father, would risk everything to keep his mother safe, and left with his parents during the battle. No matter what side his family is on (and whether or not he agrees with them) he still puts family above all else and that is an important hallmark of the Slytherin house.

10 The Wolf (All Wrong!)

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Current house Gryffindor

New house: Ravenclaw

I know Remus was placed in Gryffindor for the ease of narration (having the Marauders all together makes their shenanigans easier to arrange) but I just don’t feel like that house is where he truly belongs. I just feel that like Dumbledore, Remus places a very high value on logic. When Harry questions Dumbledore’s trust of Snape, Remus snaps at him. Dumbledore is the embodiment of good, so why would he question his choices? When Snape outs Remus as a werewolf, he simply quits his job because he assumes that backlash is inevitable. When he falls for Tonks (and she returns his feelings,) he removes himself from the situation due to the danger that his condition presents both wife and child. Every decision he makes is the logical conclusion to the situation presented, which is why Remus belongs in Ravenclaw.

9 The Sister (Yes!)

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See? I don’t contest the sorting of all of the Weasleys. It is my belief that Charlie, Molly (though she wasn’t a Weasley yet), and Ginny were placed in the right house. Ginny is just the embodiment of Gryffindor. She is willing to put her life on the line for what is right, does not care what anyone thinks of her, is all ready to fight the people who come after her loved ones, and does not hesitate when someone needs to be called out or something needs to be done. When danger arises, Ginny is the first to jump into action. I mean, she and Neville created the resistance at Hogwarts while the trio was off hunting Horcruxes. Ginny has fears and insecurities, but she never lets them stand in her way when something needs to be done. And to me, that is the definition of bravery.

8 The Older Brother (All Wrong!)

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Current House: Gryffindor

New House: Ravenclaw

Alright, this is the final Weasley sorting that I am going to contest. I know that they are allegedly the descendants of Godric Gryffindor himself, which would explain why they are all in Gryffindor, but I still think that their personalities are far too diverse and their motivations are far too unique for them to be all Gryffindors.

After Bill graduated, he moved to Egypt to both study and break the ancient curses and enchantments placed on the tombs. That is some straight up Ravenclaw chizz to me. It takes a lot of attention to detail, outside the box thinking, and logical/deductive thinking to get that job done. I know that Bill gives off traditional Gryffindor, rebel, awesome vibes but who's to say that Ravenclaws can’t be rebels as well?

7 The Mother (Yes!)

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Lily was motivated by this fire within her that overtook her and urged her to do whatever it takes to do the right thing. And, like Ginny, she was never afraid to call people out when they were being egocentric or cruel. She tore James a new one when he let his ego suffocate his true self. And she kicked Snape to the curb when he finally revealed his true self to her. She told Tom Riddle to hit the road when he first tried to recruit her and she essentially told him to suck rocks when he came for her, her husband, and her child. Most people would beg for their own life when faced with the end, but Lily flung herself in front of her child because it was what was right. R.I.P. Lily, you were a force to be reckoned with.

6 The Scholar (All Wrong!)

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Current House: Gryffindor

New House: Hufflepuff

I know, I know. How dare I suggest such a thing? “She is clearly a Ravenclaw/Gryffindor!” But you see, I just don’t agree with that. What is Hermione known for? Her hard work and dedication. Her loyalty. And her trust in her friends and the people she admires. And the intense importance she places on fairness and equality. Those are all Hufflepuff traits. One does not make S.P.E.W. unless they believe in fairness above all else. Hermione puts an unparalleled level of hard work and dedication to every single thing that she does. Like Ron, she would die for her friends. She orphaned herself in order to keep her parents safe. Yes, she can be stubborn, closed-minded, and accidentally cruel. But at her core, she wants everyone around her to be happy, safe, and equal and that, my friends, is what Hufflepuffs are all about.

5 The Mutt (Yes!)

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Like Regulus, Sirius did not belong in Slytherin. If only Sirius knew that his brother was on his side, maybe Sirius wouldn’t have felt so alone in his home. Like he was a one-man army fighting against thousands of years of racism and hatred. Sirius would have slammed that hat into the ground and stomped the magic right out of it had that hat suggested any other house than the one he found himself in. Sirius embodies the “hit first think later” stereotype that has clung to Gryffindor for centuries. He was willing to live in his awful family home and struggle through those horrible memories in order to give the order a safe house to meet and organize their second attempt at taking down Tom Riddle. A true Gryffindor would put what is right above all else.

4 The Younger Brother (All Wrong!)

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Current House: Slytherin

New House: Gryffindor

See? I’m not prejudiced against Gryffindor. I just think that a lot of characters were placed in this house for plot convenience rather than because they truly belonged there. But I think that putting Regulus in Slytherin was a crime against him and the result of the Black family name rather than anything to do with Regulus himself. Why Gryffindor? I’ll tell you why. Because Regulus went up against Tom Riddle, betrayed him, and refused to allow his house elf to be hurt (killing himself instead) in order to do what he could to save the world. That takes some a serious set of Merlin’s saggy... I digress. That entire plot embodies the chivalrous, ‘do-whatever-it-takes-to-do-the-right-thing,’ bravery that the Gryffindor house prides itself on.

3 The Professor (Yes!)

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My reasons for keeping Snape a Slytherin are not going to be things like the fact that he openly bullies children, became a member of the wizarding alt-right, or the fact that he instinctively hurls slurs at girls who don’t want to sleep with him.

The reason that I think Snape belongs in the Slytherin house is his love of status and labels. Snape seems to assume that people are things based on their label. Harry is a Potter so he must be cruel, stupid, and brash. Ron is a Gryffindor so he must be conceited, arrogant, and a bully. It seems like Snape knows one detail about a person and then “fills in the blank” to assume every other aspect of their personality; which makes labels and status very important to him. And the only house that truly values that sort of thing is Slytherin.

2 The Father (All Wrong!)

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Current House: Gryffindor

New House: Hufflepuff

How dare I? James Potter is the physical embodiment of all things jocky and brash (a.k.a. The set of traits that everyone applied to the Gryffindor house.) Yes, I know that James can be a total tool that prides himself on his own ego, but I would argue that that was a product of his popularity and not a reflection of his true self. At his core, James believes in trust, fairness, and loyalty. It is outright stated in the series that James would never ever even consider the idea of not trusting his friends. He would rather die (and he did... I apologize for that comment.) In my opinion, James seems to be driven by his love, trust, and need to protect his loved ones rather than his bravery. I would even argue that his bravery is a product of that love.

1 The Saviour (Yes!)

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Ah, Harry Potter. Many people in the fandom seem to feel like he should have been sorted in Slytherin, but I have to say that I feel like he truly does belong in Gryffindor. Harry Potter is only concerned with how to defeat evil and keep the people safe. If that means facing off with the dark lord at the age of eleven (before even really understanding magic at all) then so be it. If it means walking to his own end in the forest at seventeen then he will do so with glee. Like Ginny, he will do anything if it guarantees the safety of others. But what is special about Harry is that he doesn’t make a big deal about it. He just does so because it is right. Not for the fame, not for the glory, not for his friends, but because it is right.

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