25 Harry Potter Comics So Funny They'll Even Make Muggles Laugh

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was a cultural phenomenon when first released. Over the past twenty years, the franchise has only solidified its place in the pantheon of classic children’s literature. The series spawned many imitators too. Publishers continue to churn out books to this day, hoping to discover the next Harry Potter. But like a muggle swishing a wand and saying the right words, they’ve never been able to recreate the magic JK Rowling unleashed on the world in 1997.

The late and great Christopher Hitchens wrote a piece when Deathly Hallows was released. He mentioned how he would give a lot to understand the phenomenon better. He  nailed loads of it and praised much about Rowling’s work, including her use of Anglo-Saxon names. Still, with respect to Hitchens, I think he looked at it too much from the perspective of an adult. What makes Harry Potter so magical isn’t necessarily the flying brooms, it’s the thrill of being at a boarding school in a castle with friends and solving mysteries… that yes, involve flying brooms and wicked cool spells.

The star of the show isn’t Harry, it’s Rowling’s wizarding world. She has a veritable Niagara of creative juices, but she systemizes her magic. While weird and wonderful, it’s also quantifiable and knowable. Her litany of spells have a science to them too. She also brilliantly appeals to our wish fulfillment and our need to be special and unique, as seen by the houses and the wands choosing their masters for their various traits. I could go on. There’s too much to love.

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25 The Dark Net Arts


Art by: Mike Hinson/Buzzfeed

Well, this would’ve come in handy. What if Lord Voldemort— sorry I mean Tom Marvolo Riddle had access to the internet? Forget the forbidden section. All he’d have to do was google how to make a Horcrux and watch a few YouTube videos. Then it would be a simple matter of scrolling past the first fifteen minutes of wizard blogger banter that had nothing to do with the subject and him asking to like and subscribe. Then he’d get to the good stuff. But it was dark age back then. I mean, Harry Potter takes place in the nineties and Tom Marvel Riddle was around well before that. The reason that it was a dark age was that bandwidth speeds were horrible and dial-up was the only option. *Shudders.*

24 Harry Gets An Eyeful


Art by: Dorkly

In the books, characters constantly tell Harry that he has his mother’s eyes. If you care one lick about the characters and you have a working human heart, then Accio me a river of tears, am I right? Harry never knew his mother. When others tell him about the similarities their share, it makes him feel closer to her. One of the things (among the many) that makes Harry Potter so successful, I think, are the characters’ strong bonds to one another. Yes, I know, lots of movies and books have characters with strong relationships, but that’s not what I mean. The love and respect that characters accord to others that we don’t even ever see in some cases makes the reader care all the more.

23 Make Sure The Safety’s On


Art by: Good Bear Comic

This is the first comic I thought of when I chose to do this assignment. There are few Harry Potter comics that have made me laugh out loud for as long as this one has. I even sent it to a bunch of friends a couple months ago, so you know this isn’t about the money for me. Hilarious Harry Potter comics are a passion of mine. Here Ron and Harry are discovering the muggle pleasures of a GameBoy. Harry’s gripping his wand precariously right as he announces his Abra is evolving to Kadabra. Unfortunately, that sounds a lot like another thing. Apparently, the wand isn’t that discerning. Shouldn’t there be wand safety switches?

22 Yer Deaf, Harry


Art by: Adam Ellis

Oy, Harry you little— One of the most iconic lines from the Harry Potter franchise has got to be “Yer a wizard Harry.” Harry, baffled, responds with: “I’m a what?” There’s nothing complicated about the exchange, but so many wonderful lines from movie history aren’t complex.

However, the line has also spawned a slew of memes. Some of my favorites include: “Yer a blizzard, Dairy; Yer an Izzard, Eddie; Hey I just met you and this is crazy, my name is Hagrid and yer a wizard, Harry.” I strongly recommend going down a google hole for these memes. You will not be disappointed.

21 Facebookium Updatio


Art by: Dorkly

Get ready for the most powerful magic you’ve ever encountered — an unlimited data plan. Dorkly loves to repackage franchises with a modern twist. This comic is from a series about what the wizarding world might look like with modern phones. It seems that Voldermort’s return to power wouldn’t be all that secret, by the looks of things. Here we see him updating his status and giving himself away at the Hogshead. Kinda makes you wonder why the innocent bystanders aren’t doing anything about it. Of course, Voldermort would never be such a silly-billy. Still, the real one isn’t that smart either. As one meme likes to put it: “Palpatine rules entire galaxy for thirty years; Sauron almost conquers the world twice; Voldemort tries to take over a high school and fails.”

20 Having A Ball With Snape


Art by: 365 Jars of Jam

The Yule Ball is an awkward affair by any measure. Fans will no doubt recall the comedy that ensued when a long-haired Ron had to dance with Professor McGonagall. But can you imagine how much more awkward it was in Slytherin if Snape was the one who had to teach students to dance? Bet he’s got sick moves, bruv. By the way, if you’re a Harry Potter fan that hasn’t ventured down the glorious rabbit hole that is Pottermore, then I feel sorry for you, son. Midway through writing this entry I googled McGonagall (it’s hard to spell, okay?) and ended up reading an absorbing McGonagall bio written by JK Rowling. I didn’t also make a Pottermore account to find out which wand is mine. Shut up. Stop it.

19 Different Prophibilities


Art by: Dorkly

There’s a longstanding fan theory that the prophecy Sybill Trelawney makes about a boy who will defeat The Dark Lord is about Neville, not Harry. The prophecy is:

"the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…”

Many believe Neville to be the subject of the prophecy since he shares a close birthday to Harry. Neville has also suffered at the hand of Voldemort. It’s ambiguous and makes for an interesting alternative than the clear-and-cut Harry-as-savior narrative. Sybill Trelawney turns out not to be the quack some thought she was.

18 Neville Gets Next Level


Art by: Dorkly

The actor playing Neville, Matthew Lewis, got ripped. He’s come a long way from Harry’s hapless sidekick. Lewis had a racy photoshoot in 2015. It prompted a hilarious back-and-forth between JK Rowling and the actor on Twitter. JK Rowling tweeted, “Not as bad as watching Dan in Equus, but close. Warn me next time, for God's sake.” Lewis responded: “Well, this is awkward. Sorry, Jo…” to which she then said, “I will always support you whatever you want to do, Matthew. Now go put some clothes on.” I absolutely love the maternal support you can feel here. JK Rowling is something of a mother figure to the whole cast. Like any mom, it’s not pleasant to see your kids cavorting with their shirts off.

17 He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Hugged


Art by: Brianna Garcia

Ah yes. The hug. While everyone would agree that the books are vastly superior to the films (not knockin’ the films, just sayin’), there are certain iconic moments from the films the books don’t have. Nothing beats the Voldemort Draco hug. Don’t know what I’m talking about? At the end of Deathly Hallows Part II, Voldemort asks if Draco wants to come to the dark side. I’m talking about deep in the billow black robs of hugtown. Draco reluctantly goes over to Voldemort, who proceeds to hug him awkwardly in front of all of Hogwarts. Now that you know the content, you can appreciate this masterpiece. I don’t know what compelled this author to make this video but it’s the most magical thing since Harry found out he’s a wizard.

16 Hogwarts By Buzzfeed


Art by: Mike Hinson/Buzzfeed

Ever take one of those Sorting Hat quizzes online? C’mon, you know you have. Buzzfeed is notoriously for preying on nostalgia and they have tons of such quizzes. So what would happen if they cut out the middle-man, or the middle-hat rather? If the tests got good enough, Dumbledore could simply have the kids come up front during the ceremony and fill out the questionnaire. I can already foresee a few problems with this, though. Everybody loads their answers so they’ll get Gryffindor. And it’s not like the questions are all that subtle. “Do you like snakes and the dark lord?”; “Are your parents dead and are you brave and have a cool scar and constantly overshadow everybody else?”

15 This Could Be In The Books


Art by: Winged Corgi

I’ve come across this comic in my travels before. It has one of the best fan lines I’ve ever read in the last panel. Tonks is impersonating Snape and says, “Today we learn about the world’s deadliest poison… shampoo.” It’s dang clever. I think it fits right in the series as something Fred or George would say. But there’s more to this comic than the last line. I probably should’ve started with the beginning I guess. You gotta love how Snape awards ten points to Slytherin after simply stating his name. But at the rate he doles out points to his house, it’s not that farfetched. As you can see in the second panel there, he happily strips points from Gryffindor if they’re breathing.

14 The Ghosts Get Ghosted


Art by: Dorkly

This has always been one thing that’s made me scratch my head a little about the Harry Potter universe. If ghosts are a thing, then how come Harry can’t see his parents, like, all the time? Yes, he does see his parents at the end of Goblet of Fire when they jump out of his wand sparks during his duel with Voldemort. I can’t remember the rules surrounding ghosts offhand and I’m sure it’s well reasoned out, but at first, it seemed like the presence of ghosts took away somewhat from his parents’ deaths. That is not the case, of course. There are different types of ghosts. Ones like Nearly Headless Nick or Peeves seem to stick around Hogwarts because the mortal coil still calls them.

13 A Day In The Life Of The Marauders


Art by: Vivalski

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry learns all about his dad’s friends, The Marauders, once he acquires the Marauder’s Map. One of the things I love about the series is that they hint at all these wonderful adventures Harry’s dad and his pals went on— and it’s basically an after-thought because there is just so much imaginative content. James could have his own series of spin-off novels. There’s a lot of material ready. This comic artist imagines how one of their daily encounters may have gone like. It seems there’s a reason that Sirius Black never got married. He’s just not that into witches. Maybe he isn’t the gay friend and James is just jealous. Huh?

12 The Big Reveal


Art by: Dorkly

The sixth book in the series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is a rollicking good mystery same as any other in the series. A lot of people believe it’s the most well-shot of the films too. But the movie, while great, doesn’t quite live up to the story from the books. Of course, much of that is due to the limits of the screen adaptation. There’s only so much material you can pack in a two-hour or so feature. But the reveal that Snape was the Half-Blood Prince all along is a much bigger “wow" moment in the books rather than the films. This comic is not far from the truth. When the truth comes to life, Harry doesn’t quite care all that much. At least that’s the biggest twist in that book, hahaha… *sobs.*

11 Parseltongue-tied


Art by: Hannah Hillam

Okay, this is another one of my favs. It’s so stupid. I love it. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry is learning how to get his Wizard duel one when a dangerous snake is summoned. Harry jumps to the rescue by effortlessly belting out a string of Parseltongue, the snake language. Everyone looks at him like he’s crazy and Harry’s all like, “wut?” Hermione then informs Harry that wizards can’t naturally speak to snakes and he’s got some Voldemort in him. Also, you gotta love the frown on the kid in the front row in the second panel. Here they’re upset because Harry is speaking a forbidden evil language, but because his brain done broke. Something tells me Madamme Pomfrey isn’t going to be able to mend this one.

10 Harry Potter And The Cryptic References


Art by: Loleia

This one is unfortunately quite true. Nobody tells Harry anything throughout the entire series (looking at you, Dumbledore). In fact, when given the chance to expound upon themes that most concern our heroes, many characters (still looking at you, Dumbledore), instead choose to mumble something vaguely cryptic and leave it at that. I get it. There would be no mystery if everything was made obvious right from the get-go. BUT STILL. There are certain things that people could have told Harry a loooong time ago. Like, you know, Sirius Black being his godfather during his first year. Or, like, you know, Tom Riddle being Voldemort at the beginning of Chamber of Secrets. The list goes on and on.

9 Marauding Malevolence


Art by: Winged Corgi

“My dog ate my homework” is an old cliche excuse for forgetting to do your homework. It worked once at some point in the early ninth century and it hasn’t worked since. But what happens if you’re living in a magical world with Patronuses and werewolves? Poor Snap constantly gets bullied by the Marauders. Remus and James sure get up to no good every full moon. It’s no wonder why Snape flirted with the dark arts for a time. Still, his excuse sure beats my friend’s brother’s excuse. He once seriously claimed that a robber broke into his home to erase his homework and left. Well, it seems he learned a lesson that day despite himself: teachers and your own mother are not above laughing in your face.

8 Why So Sirius?


Art by: Lydia The Hobo

Okay, so that final frame makes this entire comic. For all the spells and charms in the Harry Potter universe, nothing comes close to the magic of a good pun. Unfortunately, this is not that. This is a pretty terrible pun… which is why I love it. Despite Sirius Black being a gonner, both he and Harry inexplicably think it’s funny and appropriate to make a pun on his name about it. Their impish tee-hee-hee faces in the last panel just breaks me. One would think that Sirius Black would be sick of hearing Sirius puns his whole life… but guess what, he’s dead now! That means it’s fair game. I guess the afterlife has gifted him with a wonderful sense of humor.

7 Harry Potter Meets 2018


Art by: Mike Hinson/Buzzfeed

Magic doesn’t always cut it. As we saw from the beginning of Chamber of Secrets, even the Hogwarts Express is fallible. It leaves before Ron and Harry are able to board. Yes, it’s still a train that runs on its own schedule and doesn’t cater to individuals… but it’s a magic train. Seems like there’d be some magical mechanism in place for such a crisis. Ron and Harry decide to go the safe route and fly with a banged-up Ford Anglia. In the movie, they almost fall to their ends when the car door opens. There are so many ways the Harry Potter world would benefit from modern technology. Here is just one example. Harry decides to Uber instead. Just take me right to the magical castle you can’t see, thanks.

6 A Magical Encounter


Art by: Berkeley Mews

Perhaps Hagrid isn’t the best one to teach magic. The endearing groundskeeper was expelled from Hogwarts for monster-related offenses and Dumbledore kept him around ‘cuz Dumbledore is just that kinda fella. But Hagrid hasn’t even really gotten the GED equivalent to his Hogwarts diploma. When it’s up to him to show Harry that magic is real, it wouldn’t have been a stretch if it went something like this. I mean, I love Hagrid as much as any fanboy but he’s not necessarily the most cunning of wizardkind. What he lacks in skill, he makes up for in heart though. Bonus fact: Hagrid was based off a big burly man JK Rowling once met in a pub who went on and on about his cabbages. Sounds about right.

5 Fun With Anagrams


Art by: Floccinaucinihilipilificationa

Here’s the thing about Tom Marvolo Riddle. His name makes way more anagrams than simply Voldemort. Here is a bunch of alternative Tom Marvolo Riddle anagrams courtesy of Katie Ross and Dan Abromowitz: Lord Earldom Vomit; Immortal Love Rodd; I Am Loved Old Mr. Ort; Mild Doormat Lover; Dermal Drool Vomit; Old Immortal Lover; Mild Moor, Dad Lover; Vim Troll, Dad Romeo; Marmot Drool Devil. There are actually quite a few more but those ones contain no-no bad words that would get me in trouble with my editor. Suffice it to say, if you can work the charms of an online anagram generator, there is a whole new world of delights awaiting you. It would’ve been pretty great if the words got swapped into one of these configurations at the end of Chamber of Secrets.

4 Swept Away


Art by: Berkeley Mews

Here’s another hit from the ever-talented Berkeley Mews. This is such a simple— though hilarious— joke. I can’t believe it wasn’t one of those old cliches you heard too much in your childhood. So imagine you get a letter to Hogwarts. Yer a wizard. Magic is real. You tell your loser muggle family to heck off in no uncertain terms, then you pack, and take off on the Hogwarts Express. When you get there, they grant you a broom. Only— you’re the janitor. Such a simple twist but it never fails to make me laugh. What’s extra mean about this is that they have all these spells to take care of the cleaning anyway. It’s like the administration wants to rub it in the guy’s face.

3 The Dumb In Dumbledore


Art by: a-poudlard.blogspot.fr

Hogwarts has so many wonderful nooks and crannies, but one thing it sorely lacks in basic safety. And Dumbledore really, really, really is at fault. This comic hilariously points out that the movable staircases, while neat, don’t really cut it in terms of handicap accessibility. I assume they’d be able to fix that with some sorta levitating spell… or maybe using magic to make somebody not handicapped? I don’t know. I do know Dumbledore is negligent. He lets Harry almost perish every single year. You could say he’s doing it to build Harry’s character but I don’t know what character will be left if he’s gone. If you like this comic, you should check out the author’s other work. They’re originally in French but you can find translations like this one.

2 Dumblederp


Art by: Floccinaucinihilipilificationa

This comic is part of a series and it is the best, you guys. Second only to the Harry Potter series itself. Someone super smart finally figured out that, hey, maybe all these problems getting kids around Hogwarts ended is due to Dumbledore’s profound ineptitude. Maybe he ain’t the wizarding genius everyone thinks he is. These comics show Dumbledore in a different light— as a selfish sociopathic nincompoop. And the results are amazing. If you enjoy this comic, I heartily encourage you to seek out the others. When I mentioned I was writing a Harry Potter comics article to people, they said I had to include the ones where, “Dumbledore is the worst.”

1 Harry Potter And Adventures In Anachronism


Art by: Floccinaucinihilipilificationa

TheGamer fans are going to love this one. Harry often writes to Sirius Black… er, in books four and five, that is. It’s a wonderful way for him to finally connect with a father figure. So what would Harry write about? Naturally, he’d tell Sirius about all the manifest ways that Dudley makes Harry’s life a living Azkaban. Here Harry tells Sirius all about Dudley’s muggle games like the PlayStation. Unfortunately, when Harry mentions Dudley’s PlayStation, the year is 1994 in the book. The PlayStation wasn’t released in Britain until September 1995. I don’t know what wizardry allowed Dudley to get a console early, but I want that magic, please. JK Rowling has actually addressed this as an honest mistake.

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