25 Harry Potter Logic Comics That Prove The Series Makes No Sense

In a world filled with magical elements, you’d be hard-pressed to find much semblance of a thing known as logic. And in all honesty, none of the readers of the Harry Potter books went out looking for logic when they first started out reading. The films expanded upon the glorious world of magic and one look rendered all misgiving out of fans’ minds.

Now that it’s been over a decade since the novels have ended and almost a decade since the films have concluded, huge fans still aren’t done with their Potter fix. They go out of their way to search the series for further points to talk about. Then, supposedly, we have these fans to thank for providing us with the following comics that titter the funny, and magical, bones in our bodies.

In all fairness, not all the comics display a fallacy where logic is concerned, but they do bring up plot points that many have pondered over. In any case, these comics are meant to be taken lightly and there is no intention to ‘trigger’ any big fans who might get easily offended by these jokes at the series’ expense.

Hopefully, these comics might open your eyes further and ponder other matters you didn’t consider that might have nonsensical elements from the books or the films. Without further ado, dig into the following 25 comics and be the judge for yourself.

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25 That Weird Potter Kid

via: thepotatoledger.com

Parseltongue sounds cool in the context of the wizarding world. Although people who could talk to snakes were feared even in the magic community, it was still seen as an unusual gift. Eventually, Harry was able to use his ability to understand snake language in his favor to defeat Voldemort and presumably Parseltongue was not as feared anymore.

When put in the context of the Muggle community, it’s no wonder Harry never had any friends. Sure, he never displayed this attribute to any non-magic folk, but imagine if anyone else had witnessed the vanishing glass incident. There’s no doubt Harry would have been shunned further. The point that doesn’t make sense about Harry’s ability is how he is unable to know which language he’s speaking in. How could he overlook all that hissing and spitting?

Comic by ThePotatoLedger.

24 Knock Knock

via: floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com

It all started when Dumbledore left Harry at the Dursleys' doorstep back in 1981. What followed were ten years of misery for the Boy Who Lived, as he endured spite and hatred from his relatives. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were blindsided by the arrival of their nephew at their doorstep, and this contempt drove them to treat the child with disdain.

The manner of dropping young Harry off left more to be desired.

The Dursleys probably wouldn’t have reacted any better had they been informed beforehand, but Harry’s upbringing may have been better had he not been dumped so unceremoniously. Dumbledore left only a note and never followed through for the next decade, and Harry had to contend with Vernon’s jabs at being stuck with him.

Comic by Floccinaucinihilipilificationa.

23 Can't Be Unseen

via: floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com

The first book was written in an innocent style by Rowling to attract young readers and introduce the charm of the magical world. However, Rowling did masterfully add in references that would later serve as dark foreshadowing. The Mirror of Erised was the first connection to Dumbledore’s familial history. Fans were amazed at the realization that they never truly knew the headmaster until the final novel in the series, where the tragedy of the passing Albus’s sister was revealed. In Philosopher’s Stone, he lies to Harry about seeing his greatest desire in the Mirror Erised as holding a pair of thick woolen socks.

Although that was clearly a fib, did Albus expect Harry to imagine him wearing the socks and posing as a glamour model? The image is hard to remove from memory once you’ve seen it.

Comic by Floccinaucinihilipilificationa.

22 No Care For Magical Students

via: floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com

Another one of Dumbledore’s failings as a headmaster on display. Hagrid, while being the sweetest person around, had violent tendencies owing to his giant lineage. His role as Care of Magical Creatures teacher was bestowed upon him mainly due to Dumbledore’s great liking of the half-giant. It had nothing to do with Hagrid being supposedly adept at identifying magical creatures.

The clearest example of Hagrid’s lack of teaching skill was the vicious textbook.

Seen in Prisoner of Azkaban, this book was meant to be part of coursework for third years. However, hardly any one of the students were able to read its contents as the book attempted to chew their faces off before they could. The ensuing years weren’t any better, and it’s clear Hagrid is a terrible teacher.

Comic by Floccinaucinihilipilificationa.

21 The Boy Who's Bored

via: mocktopus.com

Harry endured a lot of pain in such a short life. He deserved the happy ending he got after the events of Deathly Hallows. In fact, the teenage Harry suffered through a variety of events that makes it amazing to consider all those happenings occurred only between 1991 and 1997. Within the span of six years, the Boy Who Lived escaped and defeated Voldemort, was the much-maligned figure for the Ministry only to be pushed as the Chosen One for the wizarding community and ultimately live up to the prophecy.

All these things considered, it would be impossible for Harry to have a normal life. In this comic, we see a supposed future version of Harry who sits around mulling over those adventurous times of his life. Truthfully, that’s all waiting for him, as he did have a flair for adventure. The rest of life sounds boring.

Comic by Mocktopus.

20 Odd One Out

via: pinterest.com

Ask anyone which house they would love to be a part of if the Hogwarts was a real place, and the most popular answer would be Gryffindor. There are still others who would prefer the houses of Slytherin and Ravenclaw. But you would hardly, if ever, find someone naming Hufflepuff as their preferred house.

Hufflepuff’s reputation even in the novels is lame at best.

The other three houses have individual attributes that allow them to shine in particular areas. Meanwhile, Hufflepuff house seems to be for those who don’t have any particular talent and are just placed somewhere because they need to be. This was referenced to by several characters in the books, such as Ron stating he’d rather quit Hogwarts than be sorted into Hufflepuff or Hagrid calling the house a bunch of ‘Dunderheads.’

19 Behind The Times

via: floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com

The Harry Potter universe is hilariously behind the times as far as technology is concerned. Witches and Wizards are essentially stuck in the Middle ages and lack basic human amenities. It is to the point of ridiculousness considering modern day technology is readily available if they would just be broad-minded enough to expand their horizons.

The above comic conveys this narrow-minded ideology of wizarding folk with a humorous twist. Ron uses a pen to write home to his parents, Dumbledore is confused as to what device the Weasley boy has in his possession. Upon being informed a pen, unlike a quill, doesn’t need to be dipped every five seconds in ink, Dumbledore can’t process this information and prepares to put Hermione on the stake for being ‘a witch,’ disregarding that he himself is a wizard.

Comic by Floccinaucinihilipilificationa.

18 Uninformed Potter

via: loleia.deviantart.com

Harry had a number of names given to him by the media in the wizarding world – The Boy Who Lived, The Chosen One, The Triwizard Champion – but the most appropriate one he was never referred to as would have been ‘The Boy Who Knows Nothing’.

At no point in the series is the protagonist made privy to the on-goings of the fight against Voldemort.

Even worse than that, Harry is never even given information from his own past. He never knew he was a wizard, his true parentage, who his godfather was, or even his prophesized role as the one to finish off Voldemort. The entire series hinges on Harry stumbling upon an information that should have been rightfully shared with him.

Comic by Loleia.

17 Appearances Can Be Deceiving

via: robintatlowlord.wordpress.com

To garner interests from viewers and attract audiences over to the cinema, certain accommodations are made to characters from books. This has been evident in many franchises such as The Twilight Saga or The Maze Runner, but none more than in the Harry Potter franchise.

As one can see, when comparing the books from the films, the main characters have been changed drastically. Book Harry’s personality was more open while his looks resembled more to how Daniel Radcliffe was in the Goblet of Fire movie. Book Ron also had significant differences. However, it is Hermione whose appearance took a wild turn as Emma Watson seemed to be from "Planet Babe." And yet the funniest change, or lack thereof, is Severus Snape, who is exactly the same in both interpretations.

Comic by RobinTatlowLord.

16 Snape On The Hook

via: jojobinks.deviantart.com

Something doesn’t quite add up when one considers Snape’s days as a bullied victim. He was more than an adept wizard, as we saw his exceptional skill in potions under his alias of the Half-Blood Prince. Snape was also a powerful spell caster as he invented spells like Sectumsempra and Levicorpus. If he were gifted to this degree, Snape should have been able to hold off James and his cronies but never managed to.

Perhaps this comic shows us why.

Lily was said to be the best at potions in her class but we never saw this personally, but we do know Snape was head over heels for Harry’s mother. Therefore, Lily could have taken advantage of this situation and mooched off Snape. All in all, Snape’s misfortunes were mainly his own fault for being on the hook so bad.

Comic by Jojobinks.

15 Dumbledore Is Useless

via: floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com

Albus Dumbledore will forever be synonymous with genius, not just in the fictional world, but in the world we live in as well. J.K. Rowling marvelously wrote the character in such a manner that we were led to believe Dumbledore was an unmitigated genius. If you were to delve just a little bit deeper, you would see Dumbledore flumped a lot over the years, making things up as he went along and not having a definite plan in place.

In some books, he hardly ever does anything other than be a bystander who offers advice that runs in circles. During Harry’s first year, he didn’t do anything of note until the end when he relayed some information to Harry. In the following books, he made some questionable decisions such as the Triwizard Tournament or hiring Lockhart, and by the seventh, he was gone.

Comic by Floccinaucinihilipilificationa.

14 The Retirement Years

via: pinterest.com

One of the things that would be better if one lived in the Harry Potter universe would be ease during retirement years. While youngsters would be bored to no end at the lack of recreational activities in the wizarding world, older folk would have no problems to get their work done.

There would be no old folks’ home, as older wizards could magically summon amenities and food for themselves.

This comic aims to imagine life in the future for the Chosen One once he has retired from auror duties. Harry was raised by muggles, so it’s fair to assume he would have access to TV and know hot function it. Life would be ever sweeter being a wizard as he would simply summon a tasty burger over. Not a bad retirement plan. That is, until Alzheimer kicks in.

13 Snape And James' Pact

via: julvett.deviantart.com

Ever wonder how Lily Evans managed to stay single all of seven years at Hogwarts before being snatched up by James Potter? According to what we hear about her in the books, Lily was the most desirable girl in school during her time, garnering affections from a number of boys owing to her skill, personality, and good looks. Thus, it doesn’t add up how she never had any suitors other than Snape and James.

Although we may never know how Harry’s mother remained single during her school years, this comic aims to provide an explanation. As it happens, it might have been due to Snape and James forming a pact with one another to eliminate any possible contender for Lily’s affections. It is far-fetched to assume, seeing how much James and Snape despised one another, but it might be the only clue we have.

Comic by Julvett.

12 Talking To A Bug Is Totally Normal

via: emilyscartoons.tumblr.com

A whole lot of unanswered questions remain in regards to animagi. For instance, are there any laws in place to what actions one can do when in their animal form? Could one be accused of trespassing if they entered someone’s house in the guise of a bug? After all, you can’t prove a person is an animagi if they’re not registered.

Communicating with Bug sized Anamagi would make the human look crazy.

Malfoy must have seemed exactly that way to any bystanders when he relayed information over to Rita Skeeter in Goblet of Fire. You’d think Draco would have kept his secret antics more confidential after having been turned into a ferret just a little while ago. The effect that experience had on his psyche was never touched upon either, mind you.

Comic by EmilysCartoons.

11 He's Clearly A Werewolf, Guys!

via: flickeringfireflies.deviantart.com

You’d think it would be plainly obvious there’s something amiss about your best friend when he constantly turns up with scars every fortnight. In the wizarding world, werewolves are common knowledge. And while there is a prejudice against them, any warning signs should have raised red flags. It makes even less sense when you consider that James Potter and Sirius Black were supposed to be two of the brightest students at Hogwarts, and yet it took them years to suspect their pal Remus was a werewolf.

As shown in the comic, Remus came up with a number of lame excuses which even a muggle would have seen through. Making the situation all the more laughable is Peter Pettigrew freaking out an wrongly deducing Lupin to be a vampire. At least Wormtail was onto something.

Comic by FlickeringFireflies.

10 The Best House There Is

via: pinterest.com

It sucks for any kid who gets sorted into either Hufflepuff or Slytherin. When you’re in either one of those two houses, you’re cursed with remaining stupid or evil depending on which one you get sorted into. The best houses have to be Ravenclaw, and especially Gryffindor.

Gryffindor seems to be the house where nothing can go wrong.

You have the headmaster who openly favors you in front of everyone else and hands out the House Cup at will, disregarding all the efforts the other houses made. Then there’s the amazing view from the tower, offering the most breathtaking of sights and protection from dangerous creatures such as trolls or animals from the forbidden forest. Gryffindors never have an off day and always seem to be partying and achieve guaranteed success. What’s the point of the other houses, really?

9 Dumbledore Couldn't Care Less

via: floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com

The Defense Against the Dark Arts post was cursed by Voldemort upon Dumbledore’s refusal to grant the Dark Lord the position. No teacher lasted more than a single year for decades in the ensuing time, and this was blamed on Voldemort.

Maybe Dumbledore himself was at fault. The Headmaster never gave much attention to the faculty and was satisfied with philandering about doing whatever fit his fancy. For the most part, Dumbledore didn’t seem to even know of the happenings at Hogwarts. And the rules in place were frequently broken by students with no repercussions. The above comic is the most appropriate justification for Dumbledore’s offhand manner when it came to his headmaster duties. He was more interested in his pet phoenix than anything of note.

Comic by Floccinaucinihilipilificationa.

8 Missing The Point

via: floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com

Snape never was a good person. While we might sympathize with his days as a bullied victim, the man himself turned out to be a bully when given a position of power. He dedicated his life to loathing the memory of James Potter and was beside himself when Sirius Black fled the Dementor’s kiss. Remus Lupin never directly bullied Snape but was part of the gang who most frequently did.

Due to this inaction, Snape came to hate Lupin as well.

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Snape openly hinted to all around of Lupin’s status as a werewolf. Also guilty of inaction was Albus Dumbledore who did nothing to reproach Snape for his unprofessional conduct. In actuality, Dumbledore was too kooky to get Snape’s frequent jabs at Lupin anyway.

Comic by Floccinaucinihilipilificationa.

7 What Did Lily See In James?

via: julvett.deviantart.com

Since the revelation of Snape’s love for Lily, more fans than before switched their liking toward a coupling of Snape and Lily than for Lily and James. From what we could make out of James’s character, for most of his life he was up to no good and had little to no likable qualities. Potter was largely a bully in school who took advantage of his naturally gifted talents to maintain a jock-type position in school.

It’s always been a mystery what Lily saw in James Potter. We’ve never been privy to James’s supposed change in attitude that drew Lily toward him. It looks as if the above comic would be right to assume Potter openly told Lily of his stories of debauchery only for Lily to turn a blind eye toward them.

Comic by Julvett.

6 The Flair For Drama

via: emilyscartoons.tumblr.com

Those unfamiliar with the Harry Potter series would never be at fault for confusing Severus Snape for a drama teacher. Any class he teaches is wrought with tension from the get-go.

It makes for some interesting viewership, though, as we are guaranteed a performance from the potions teacher.

Even his first appearance as a teacher was filled with frequent twirling, stiff upper lipped delivery of lines and holding the audience’s attention. It’s a pity there isn’t any drama course at Hogwarts; Severus would have been a shoo-in for the job. This comic displays, in full view, Snape’s flair for drama as he punctuates and lingers on his words before dramatically putting ‘Mistah Pottah’ on the spot as usual. Talk about taking your job seriously, right?

Comic by EmilysCartoons.

5 Hunk-y Dory

via: pinterest.com

All right, some things you just can’t control. We can’t blame natural genes taking over on film developers. However, this comic is still quite funny as it displays the nonsensical thinking of not the Harry Potter series, but of its fans.

Back when Neville was a little clumsy boy, he had a very unassuming appearance. The actor who portrayed the character was also a preteen at the time and thus had an awkward look. This was all until the later movies where he took a huge leap, looks wise.

By Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, it is abundantly clear the developers worked hard to make Neville seem believable as a gauche individual but were unable to pull it off. Good thing the character had transitioned into hero status by this point or the actor’s good looks would have made things even more hard to believe.

4 Most Boring Tournament Ever

via: floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com

The life of a wizard is in general insanely mundane. Without recreational activities that we muggles have, these wizards are stuck with their practices that are quite boring. In the wizarding world sports are a rather scarce feature. Apart from Quidditch, there don’t seem to be any other games the witches and wizards could indulge in.

In an attempt to change things up, Dumbledore introduced the most boring tournament of all.

The Triwizard tournament benefited no one. Not even the winners, least of all the spectators. In actuality, the audience was trapped in a sort of hostage situation, forced to stare at the lake for over an hour for the Second Task. Dumbledore was quite possibly bonkers when he came up with the concept for the task and gave no regard for anyone’s entertainment.

Comic by Floccinaucinihilipilificationa.

3 Always You Three

via: instagram.com/emilyscartoons

Nowadays, teachers are more afraid of students than students are of them. The main reason for this is due to new rules in place that prevent teachers from stepping across the line to reprimand their pupils. Even the slightest hint of mistreatment can make the teacher get the sack should a student complain.

Evidently, there are no such rules in place at Hogwarts. Snape is the most open bully you would find. Everyone is aware of his antics in class, and poor Neville Longbottom even has his Boggart in Snape’s form. From what is seen through the books, Snape takes over advantage of his power over the students and in particular blame at the Golden Trio. Such ill-treatment should easily get the professor fried from the job. But leave it to Snape and overly dramatic ways to run free.

Comic by EmilysCartoons.

2 Dim-Witted Twins

via: dorkly.com

It’ll always be a mystery as to how Fred and George managed to uncover the secret behind the Marauder’s Map. Who could ever have guessed the secret phrase to unlocking the map in their first year with such ease?

Putting that aside, the Weasley twins were also guilty of being a couple of morons for the time the map was in their possession.

Chamber of Secrets should have gone a lot differently. They should have seen their sister loitering around in the girl’s bathroom every day only to disappear from view. They should have also spotted Voldemort sharing Quirrell’s body in Philosopher’s Stone and brought a swift end to the whole series by informing the ministry. Also, Pettigrew was right there with Ron for three years and they never suspected who this weird man was sleeping with their younger brother.

Comic by Dorkly.

1 The Heir Of Hufflepuff

via: floccinaucinihilipilificationa.tumblr.com

J.K. Rowling either never had many intentions for the Hufflepuff house or gave up on them due to their lack of skill. Other than Cedric Diggory, who got along mainly through luck, for the most part, there wasn’t a single Hufflepuff student who shone.

Therefore, we can assume if the Chamber of Secrets were to have had an heir of Hufflepuff instead of Slytherin, the events of the book wouldn’t have had been too dire. What could a supposed monster from Hufflepuff have done anyway? We should also consider that the heir would’ve been as inept as any other regular Hufflepuff. Besides, what secret language would he have had with a badger? Hufflepuffs were largely used to bring up the numbers at Hogwarts and some definite qualities should have been shown in their favor to make us care for them at all.

Comic by Floccinaucinihilipilificationa.

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