Harry Potter: 24 Hidden Things About Ron Weasley Only Potterheads Know

Harry Potter has been a huge part of many of our lives. It’s been one of the most inspiring film series to ever exist and we’re huge fans! Harry Potter also holds a ton of things, especially with many of the characters that show their strong sense of development over the course of the films, making the plot more and more interesting. Which is why we’ve decided to go out there and explore what exactly is going on when it comes to the character Ron Weasley!

Some consider Ron to be a main character, while some people don’t, simply because they like Harry Potter too much! We want to look into the things behind this character to find out everything we can. He has such a relatable personality in many of the situations he’s faced with, but as he grows up in the films, he really comes into himself and comes off more confident, but with that nervous little kid self still intact.

We’ll be looking at all the facts and hidden things surrounding Ron Weasley, because we have to know it all! There's just so much out there about Ron that not even the biggest Potterheads know everything. J.K. Rowling has created such an incredible world, and she honestly just keeps adding to it over the years. From the war, to being a sibling that’s never paid attention to, let’s learn more about the magical Ron Weasley!

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24 Born During The War

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Ron Weasley was actually born in the middle of the First Wizarding War, which would explain why he happens to be so fearful of many things. Of course, in all seriousness, that might not have anything to do with how timid he is, but it does seem to have a sort of connection of some kind with his personality.

But he made it through stronger than ever!

While this isn’t talked about much, it is interesting to see the similarities between his fears and what he grew up around.

23 A Real Pureblood

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Something many people don’t exactly pick up on is the fact that Ron Weasley comes from a pureblood family, which means everyone in their family is a wizard and there were never muggles involved whatsoever. This isn’t always something to brag about, though, since many people are involved with muggles and it overall is just a large ongoing controversy in the wizarding world. Which would explain why it was such a big deal for him to be with Hermione.

22 Moral Ties

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Ron teamed up with his twin brothers to actually steal their father’s car. The reason why they did this was actually an inspiring mission: they wanted to help save Harry from his awful muggle home with the Dursleys! While their father didn’t really seem to mind all that much (even seemed excited), their mother was quite mad.

Even though he was scared of everything, he still stole his father’s car!

Maybe next time they’ll ask before taking the keys without asking!

21 Having A Fight With Harry

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It’s not surprising that there was a big fight between him and his best friend, especially since Ron really loved Hermione for such a long time and she was just obsessed with his best friend Harry. While of course this wasn’t Harry Potter’s fault, it obviously caused some serious tension between the two of them, which ended up leading to a falling out they had. They did put it in the past, but hopefully, it doesn’t get to them later on in their lives.

20 Being In The Shadow

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Being constantly in the shadow of one of the greatest wizards in the wizarding world of Hogwarts can be a pretty big burden to hold, especially when that greatest wizard is your best friend.

We’ve all felt that kind of jealousy; it’s no wonder he got in a fight with Harry Potter.

Harry always seemed to really care about his friends, but that doesn’t mean it made it easier for Ron when he was growing up; if anything that could make the situation worse!

19 Falling In Love For The First Time

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It was obvious from the start that Ron had major feelings for Hermione; it was obvious since they were kids that he liked her. While nothing happened for quite some time because they were always too busy on adventures and very important missions to help the school and their own world, they never really found the time to click. Not to mention Hermione was way too obsessed with Harry Potter to even notice Ron in a way that was more than a friend. That was never her focus until later.

18 His First Girlfriend

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Did you know that Ron actually had a girlfriend other than Hermione? She was known as Lavender Brown. They actually started dating because he wanted to make Hermione jealous because he loved her so much. He would do anything for her, but at the time she was so focused on Harry Potter to even really pay attention to Ron, which is just a little bit messed up in some ways, because her and Harry could probably never fall in love the way she and Ron do.

17 His Nickname

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One of the biggest things that Ron hated was his cutesy nickname Won Won; he hated when anyone called him this, it made him so mad, almost more mad than having to accept all the hand me downs from his siblings.

Even though it might be cute to some, it wasn’t cute to him!

But can you really blame him? Who would want to be called that in front of the girl he likes? How embarrassing, we’re glad it was just a phase.

16 Being Tempted By The Locket

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One of the evil Horcruxes created by Voldemort was actually a locket that told Ron to leave his friends behind. The locket played on his fears of being alone and his friends being in love, it was actually very twisted and we’re so glad that he didn’t let it get to him completely. That just goes to show just how strong Ron really is, the fact that he was even able to overcome that so well and quickly, even though it still did happen and he hurt his friend’s feelings.

15 Leaving His Friends Behind

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While Ron did leave his friends behind when he was basically under a curse, he realized how wrong he was and came back, that’s just how strong he really is.

He did leave his friends behind because of the fear that the Horcrux put inside him, but he did come back and that’s what matters.

It might be unexpected for Ron, but it’s also interesting to see how his character develops through even the worst times. Even the bad can play a good role.

14 His True Love Comes First

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He realized as soon as Hermione started to date Viktor Krum that he actually had some serious feelings for her. Did you know that Ron even tried to hide letters that Viktor Krum sent to Hermione so she wouldn’t see them? But Hermione actually did find out and threatened him to give them back or she would make him eat food that she cooked. Anything but that! But honestly, it should have been a sign that he was hiding the letters because he liked her.

13 Having Two Wands

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Ron was special enough to actually have two wands. While one didn’t work all that well because it wasn’t the right wand for him, it is interesting that this rare occurrence actually happened to him and it led to some pretty funny moments throughout the films because of all the bad magic that occurred when he tried to actually make use of the broken wand. At least nothing too bad happened to anyone! Hopefully, he has his wands sorted out now!

12 A Jack Russell Terrier Patronus

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Every wizard in the world of wizardry actually has their own Patronus, it’s usually a spirit animal that represents some personality traits the individual has currently. It’s a spirit or magic that will help them get through the hard times they’re facing, almost like something looking out for them at all times. Ron’s actually happened to be a Jack Russell Terrier, how cute?! We wonder what some of the other students' Patronus would be, especially after knowing some of the main character’s! It tells a lot about a person.

11 His Quidditch Team

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Ron might not have been the best player of Quidditch, but he really did try his hardest and did actually end up improving later on even though he wasn’t an all-star by any means.

He might not be the best, but he tries his best!

Even though he’s not the most sporty person, he really had stepped up his game, maybe it’s simply because he just wanted to impress Hermione! Who knows what inspired him to push himself more with the sport.

10 He Knocked A Troll Out

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Yes, Ron really did knock out a troll. It was a giant troll, and he helped save the school by knocking it out. While it might not be one of the big stories you think of when you think of Ron within the series, it is fun to watch how much he’s grown with each courageous thing he accomplishes!

He completely knocked out the troll and proved to himself he can do anything.

What will he take care of next for Hogwarts?

9 A Strange Pet

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All of the children that go to Hogwarts have a pet that they can bring. They can only choose from a few different kinds, but Ron actually had a pet rat named Scabbers. But just like how Ron had many things handed down to him, he also had his rat handed down to him as well, so he wouldn’t have to buy a new one. This might be sad to some, but there was a twist with the rat later on that we don’t want to just spoil!

8 He Needs Someone To Talk To

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After all the hard work and adventuring he went through, while Ron might seem scared and timid, he really has stepped up quite a bit throughout the series and has always continued to do so, especially since he has grown over the course of the films like the rest of the characters. He really had gone through a lot and it’s time that he enjoys his family and just rest, because no normal person could deal with all the stress and opinions of other people.

7 Not A Ginger

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Even though it’s been a huge debate, many people have called Ron a ginger, when in reality he’s actually a redhead. While this might not matter to some, the hardcore fans know for a fact that Ron is not a ginger and he never was, he's always been a redhead with his red and copper hair. It’s a bit trivial, but at least now we have it settled for good, right? At least we won’t have to argue about his hair color any longer.

6 Hugo And Rose Granger-Weasley!

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These adorable little ones are the children of Ron Weasley and Hermione! They will probably grow up to be amazing wizards like their parents and they will be able to offer so much to the world of wizardry, especially since their parents are basically famous.

How adorable, they have the cutest fictional little family!

Even though they might not be a real family, they are still very adorable and they have a very sweet little family, just let us wish that they were real without judgment!

5 Nothing About The Real World

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Because he grew up in a family that was of pureblood, he didn’t have much experience with others in the real world. He didn’t know much of anything, which is why Harry Potter, even though he was a wizard as well, was able to teach Ron many things about the real world which helped him grow into an overall better person. We wonder what would have happened with Ron if he didn’t have the influence of his helpful and caring friends.

4 So Many Siblings

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Ron grew up with quite a few siblings, but even so, he was able to find his own path in life. His siblings were all very strong characters that influenced the story, but Ron’s part of the story in the films played a huge role, bigger than all the rest.

And he still found out what made him a unique soul.

It’s amazing that he was able to find his footing the way he has, especially since he had to compete with so many people around him.

3 Best Friends Forever

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When Ron first met Harry Potter, they weren’t exactly what you would think of when you thought of two best friends. They were so different in so many ways, but that’s probably what ended up bringing them closer together even though they both had their moments with each other. Even with a third friend in the mix, they found that balance between them that helped them achieve their goals when they went out to achieve or defeat something. They can do anything!

2 Nobody Except For Hagrid

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Hagrid was his very first friend, when he Ron came to the school, Hagrid was as warm as ever and really helped him feel comfortable, because it can be quite scary to go to such a large school like Hogwarts and have no one around you that’s looking out for you. While Hagrid was like this for many of the children that went to that school, it was very adorable to see his treatment of Ron and how caring he was.

1 Defeating Voldemort

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Ron actually stepped up to the plate and helped Harry banish Voldemort for good; they even played life-sized chess to figure out an important puzzle and clue. One of the spotlight moments of the big chess game was the fact that Ron really knew how to play chess and beat the dark forces trying to hurt them. While he did actually get knocked unconscious, he ended up winning the whole game, allowing them to continue. It was a very heroic moment.

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