Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Already Has 3D Printable Third-Party Accessories

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is finally out on mobile devices, and people have already found a way to cheat the system. Wizards Unite takes many of the same features from Pokémon Go and repackages them for the Wizarding World. Instead of throwing Pokéballs, you throw spells. Instead of visiting Pokéstops, you visit inns. And instead of battling in gyms to find out who's the greatest Pokémon trainer of all, you battle in "Fortresses" against the forces of evil. In Pokémon Go, you collect eggs and walk to hatch them as long as you have an Incubator. In Wizards Unite, you collect Portmonteaus, and "unlock them" once you have a Portkey to get the tasty goodies inside.

The game has been criticized on the forums for this, and The Verge reported that the game is missing the Pokémon Go magic. After all, catching a cute water Pokémon by the beach is quaint. But, as The Verge puts it, "Running into a “memory” of Severus Snape encased in a potions bottle for entirely unknown reasons for the sixth time is far less interesting."

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Still, Wizards Unite does do something new with the formula: casting spells requires players to trace a glyph on their phone screen, and the effectiveness of the spell depends on how fast and how accurately you draw the glyph. If you take too long to draw the glyph, the magic's potency decreases, and that's a problem when your magic counts as your energy; running out of it during a battle means potentially losing out on good rewards.

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To cheat the system, Funbie Studio has started 3D-printing the outlines of the spells and offering them for anyone with a 3D Printer, allowing players to simply place the 3D-printed guide onto their phone and then trace the outline of the spell without worrying about messing up. This comes with the caveat of carrying around a bunch of casting patterns and shuffling through them to find the spell for the right enemy, but as one Redditor said, "This is... the sole purpose...3D Printers were created for xD".

Whether the mobile app will gain the popularity of Pokémon Go is yet to be seen, and without interested friends, it's unlikely that you'll be clearing the highest level Fortresses yourselves without some sort of trick, and 3D-printed spell guides might be just what the wizarding doctor ordered.

Wizards Unite is currently out on the app store and is available to download right now. There are plenty of guides to help you get started to help you become the best Witch or Wizard out there. Happy hunting!

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