10 Things New Players of Wizards Unite Should Do First

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the new mobile game for J.K Rowling's franchise. New players should look at these tips and tricks for what to do first.

When it comes to augmented reality (AR), why should Pokémon GO fans have all the fun? On June 21, 2019, Harry Potter fans and muggles alike finally got the opportunity to immerse themselves into the wizarding world with Niantic's Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite. Players can travel the world around them and fight mythical creatures, locate magic ingredients at "greenhouses," and can choose their wand as well as the wizarding house they belong to.

For the first time, since the iconic books first made a splash in the world of literature and pop culture, technology allows Potter fans to get as close to living in the world of Hogwarts as possible. So, what should first-time players expect? What should you do first? Check out our tips for capitalizing on your first moments in Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite.

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10 Create A Ministry ID

Before you begin running the city streets to save neighborhoods and cities from the opposing threats of mythical beasts, you need to ensure the Ministry of Magic has a record of you. So, one of the very first things you should do is create a Ministry ID. Grab your phone, take a selfie (with your favorite Gryffindor or Slytherin scarf of course), and personalize your ID with stickers, frames, and accessories.

While it may be tempting to be shrouded in mystery, you want to be sure your friends—and the heroes of the wizarding world—know the person who is defending the area from the forces of evil. So, be sure to create your Ministry ID the second you sign-up!

9 Choose Your Profession

Hey! Much like the real world, everyone has to pull their weight. Instead of freeloading, you are going to be made to get a job in Wizard's Unite. While this may seem like a drag, don't worry! Your professions are going to be exciting and will inspire you to give your time in the wizarding world all you've got! As of now, you have three choices: Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor. So, while you may have to make a choice, only having three options won't overwhelm you.

It is crucial that you select a profession upon starting in Wizard's Unite, as you will be directed and even encouraged to work with other wizards to accomplish various tasks and unlock content within the game.

8 Defeat Your First "Confoundable"

So, this is one of the reasons you likely went to the Apple or Google Play store to download this app. Getting some exercise while walking around your neighborhood or city is a great perk. However, the only way to truly feel like you are a part of the wizarding world is by pulling out that wand and casting a spell.

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All over your city—and within the game—are Counfoundable items. These are floating badges guarded by creatures that you want to collect within the game as they help you to level up. So, take out your phone, point your camera in the area of the badge and cast your first spell to turn that Confoundable into a Foundable!

7 Find And Add Your Friends

Did you know that it pays to be social in the wizarding world? To indeed have a good time in Wizard's Unite, it helps to find your friends. Adding a friend can help you gain bonus Wizarding XP and Wizarding Challenge XP. So, reach out to your friends to obtain their Friend Code so you can join forces with other wizards.

On the main screen, select the "Friends," button, then "Add Friend." From there you can add your Friend's code. Hey, everyone could use a Ron and Hermione on their journey to being the most powerful wizard in the world. As a result, be sure to check in with your friends to add them to your profile for some group wizarding fun.

6 Find Ingredients For Your Potions

As you walk through the wizarding world, you will come across greenhouses. Be sure to visit these places as this is where you will find the ingredients you need to create potions. Potions are items that can give you numerous positive effects: timed bonus experience points, stamina recovery, or helpful combat abilities.

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Once you put all your ingredients together, you will wait a specified amount of time for the potion to brew before you can use it. However, collecting gold can speed up this process. You can greatly up your game by making potion creation a priority, so find those greenhouses and Foundables.

5 Obtain Spell Energy

Before you begin your quest to cast spells to uncover Counfoundables or fight beasts, you first need to make sure you have a good reserve of Spell Energy. Without it, you cannot compete in any challenges, grow plants in the greenhouses, or fight off any creatures. However, don’t fret! There are a variety of ways to grab this resource.

You can acquire Spell Energy by visiting Inns, greenhouses, obtaining daily treasures, and completing challenges. If these sources are not enough, you can also purchase Spell Energy. Hopefully, you can find all you need before having to go the purchasing route.

4 Learn About The Skills of Your Profession

While picking your profession is incredibly important, you should also become as familiar with your skills as possible. Each job gives you various capabilities and opportunities that will likely drive your journey in Wizards Unite. For example, Aurors can receive bonus damage against Death Eaters while Professors are generally good at most things and are excellent for group battles.

Knowing your strengths—and weaknesses—will enable you to truly enjoy the game, and use your skills to the fullest. So, take some time to research the nuances of your profession so you can capitalize on what all you bring to the wizarding table.

3 Do A Daily Assignment

If you remember the Harry Potter films, it seems that the main protagonists were always busy with something. They had the long-term goal of defeating Voldemort, but daily issues regularly popped up. The same is true in Wizards Unite. There are daily tasks you can participate in that must be completed within 24 hours.

Accomplishing these tasks can bring you daily rewards, including Spell Energy. You can interact with various buildings and objects in your area to locate these assignments. However, don’t forget that there are long-term missions to participate in as well. You will benefit from balancing the two as you play the game.

2 Check Out Iconic Harry Potter Spots With Portkeys

Pokémon GO had eggs, and Wizards Unite has Portkeys. If you are a Potter fan—which we hope you are—you know that Portkeys can transport wizards to various places. Fortunately, this feature is in the game, and it is one of the most impressive ways to immerse yourself into the wizarding world.

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You can use a key to unlock a Portmanteau, and as a result, locate a Portkey. Much like the Pokémon GO eggs, the Portkey will be activated depending on how long you walk. Once it is ready, you can place the Portkey in front of you and be transported to some of the most famous locations in the Harry Potter universe.

1 Team Up With Friends To Participate In Fortress Battles

Wizards Unite is not just about creating potions, finding items, and choosing wands. You are also expected to participate in battles. This feature is the equivalent to Pokémon GO’s raids. However, unlike that game, each Fortress has ten levels, and players have to conquer each one.

To be successful in raids, you and a squad of four other players have to obtain runes, which are stones that have been collected from Confoundables. While this will likely be something you do regularly, it is a good idea to become familiar with it quickly so you have the experience to conquer these Fortresses down the line.

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