Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Delays Next Event Due To "Ongoing Issues"

As a result of proclaimed ongoing issues with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's latest update, the "Stronger United" Brilliant Event Part 1 has been postponed. The first part of the event will now take place on November 12 and run through the 19th, which was the original start date for the event's second part.

The Reported "Ongoing Issues"

Some players have reported being met with a 'device incompatible' message when going to download the game from the Google Play Store, despite the fact the game is clearly available for download. Site administrators claim to have a team working to fix these false errors.

Those who are able to access the game aren't having any better luck as they encounter an unresponsive map upon entering the game. This is reportedly happening after updating the app to its newest version. Admins suggest deleting the game and reinstalling to solve the problem temporarily while pledging to find a permanent resolution.

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Player Reactions

Fans' reactions to this public update have been surprisingly understanding, though rightfully concerned. Some wonder how these delays will affect the second part of the event and this month's community day.

Others implore the developers to take their time with the fixes to make sure they get it right. There is weight in this advice, especially as Wizards Unite, in-particular, services fans of a widely beloved franchise. There are few things more frustrating for avid fans than having content teased and then retracted. The same comment goes on to warn:

"You really don’t want to become a case-study for business schools on how not to launch and ruin a product with such great brand name appeal..."

Skating on Thin Ice

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Wizards of the Statute of Secrecy are proving among the most loyal, standing behind their chosen AR franchise no matter the amount of botched spellwork it may contain. The developers of  Harry Potter: Wizards Unite should acknowledge such loyalty by working with speed- not haste- and using lots of carefully cast Reparo spells to fix this mess.

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