The 5 Hardest Foundables To Get In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (And 5 Easiest)

For those of you feeling left out of the Pokémon GO craze because you didn't know Pokémon, Niantic has created a game that might suit you better. Enter Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! (If you are unfamiliar with both the world of Harry Potter and Pokémon, then you are out of luck until Niantic creates another game with another popular property.)

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Wizards Unite is full of interesting encounters with critters and characters from the Harry Potter series. These encounters come in the shape of Foundables. Some of these Foundables are rarer than a nice person in a toxic online chat. Others are as common as a dried-up leaf on the sidewalk in the middle of autumn. Read on if you want to know about both the hardest and the easiest Foundables to get!

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10 The Whomping Willow (Hardest)

People unfamiliar with Wizards Unite will find the concept of "Foundables" a little strange. They won't understand that one of the objectives of the game is to walk around and find these Foundables. (With a name like that though, you would think they'd get it.)

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Anyways, the Whomping Willow is one of the rarest Foundables, which really sucks for us because it's a tree. What is it doing moving around?! Even the Whomping Willow in the movie, while it could move its branches, couldn't suddenly become mobile. In Wizards Unite, it is super hard to find a Whomping Willow. And if you do find it, you'll be lucky to get it without having it up and disappear on you.

9 Mountain Troll (Easiest)

We would have thought these lumbering beasts would be one of those Foundables you never find, but we keep running into them. With how common they are, we're honestly surprised Hogwarts wasn't swarming with Mountain Trolls in the films. That Halloween Troll in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone should have brought a couple of friends with him. The threat level of freeing a Mountain Troll is purportedly high, but using the Diffindo spell to get rid of the Confoundable hassling the Troll has never really been an issue. Perhaps it's just a matter of location, but we're finding it hard to stop finding these trolls.

8 Hermione's Time Turner (Hardest)

Of course, nearly any Foundable that has a direct relation to the films is going to be one of the harder ones to obtain. That's how Wizards Unite keeps us suckling on the metaphorical teat of its gameplay. We don't care much about those generic Foundables, but if we were to run into Hermione's Time Turner, we'd suddenly become more desperate to get it.

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Unfortunately for us, it is extremely rare to locate Hermione's Time Turner. The odds of you finding it are low, and the odds of you catching it when you do find it are even lower. There's nothing more disappointing than using all that Spell Energy and then seeing it go to waste.

7 Students (Easiest)

Ugh, we don't know how many times we've run across some Hogwarts student in trouble. Doesn't matter if they're from Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Slytherin, if there's a Hogwarts student in trouble with a Confoundable, you're going to find it. Those dreams you have of maybe rescuing Harry, Ron, or Hermione aren't likely to come true. Instead, you'll be stuck saving some rando. What are those kids doing outside of school anyway? Maybe they wouldn't have gotten entangled with a Confoundable if they had been getting an education like a proper Hogwarts student.

6 Tom Riddle (Hardest)

Speaking of Hogwarts students, this particular student is one of the rarest Foundables in all of Wizards Unite. Finding Tom Riddle and adding him to your collection is not a likely scenario. Your chances of finding him are squat. If you do find him, your chances of actually getting him are nil. The Wizards Unite database actually states that your chance of winning him is 0%. (How's that for fair?) Though, of course, the story of Wizards Unite is still a bit unclear, so why we would want to help get Tom Riddle is a little vague.

5 Howler (Easiest)

A Howler first appeared in the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Mrs. Weasley sends Ron a Howler after he steals his father's car and flies it to school. It's basically a screaming lecture in an envelope. There must be a lot of angry parents in the world of Wizards Unite because we keep finding these Howlers everywhere.

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Those Gnome Confoundables that guard them might be secret heroes to the intended recipients of those Howlers. We always feel a tad guilty when we use the Ebublio spell on the Gnomes. Maybe Howlers are Foundables we should just leave alone.

4 Newt Scamander (Hardest)

Once again, known characters from the Harry Potter universe make for the most difficult Foundables to catch. Don't even think about trying to catch Newt. He's like the wind. There one second, and then gone the next. If we're being totally honest, we haven't even found him ourselves. We heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend that he even existed. And of course, when you try helping Newt out (while trying to add him to your little collection of found Foundables), he decides to just pop out of existence. Wasted Spell Energy and wasted hopes.

3 Pixie (Easiest)

These darn Pixies are so pesky. We run into them every five blocks during our extended walks around the neighborhood trying to find available Greenhouses and new Fortresses. The threat level in getting them is low. Admittedly, there is something immensely satisfying about casting a spell on them and watching them freeze in a similar animation to how they froze in The Chamber of Secrets. Still, coming across Pixies is so common that bothering to deal with them is too much of a bother. (Yes, we are absolutely terrible wizards doing nothing to prevent the Calamity.)

2 Albus Dumbledore (Hardest)

Out of all the Foundables in Wizards Unite, of course, Albus Dumbledore is the hardest to get. Like Tom Riddle, your chances of successfully saving him are next to nothing. However, this makes some sense story-wise. If Albus Dumbledore can't free himself from his Confoundable, then what chance should you, an average wizard/witch, have against it? If you happen to find Albus out in the wild, trapped by an Inferius Confoundable, you can try helping him out. You might be that one in a gazillion people who could free him.

1 Flesh-Eating Slug (Easiest)

If we had to count how many times we have found Flesh-Eating Slugs on our hands, we would be freakish, million-fingered hand people. These Foundables have a low threat level that is countered only by the high annoyance level we feel every time we run into them. If given a choice between spending some time idly brewing a potion or trying to help out those Flesh-Eating Slugs once more, we'd be stirring our potion-filled cauldrons in a heartbeat.

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