Harry Potter Wizards Unite: The Differences Between Inns, Greenhouses, And Fortresses

The new AR mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! is available for play in select regions of the world. Even though there are some similarities between it and Niantic's other hit game Pokémon GO, there are stark differences that make it a unique experience.

Three of the most important in-game objects to visit on the maps are Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses. Read on to find out everything you need to know about these three places to become the most powerful Witch or Wizard you can be!

Inns - A Place To Recharge

We will use some terms from Pokémon GO here just to relate some similarities, as many people are familiar with that game. Inns are comparable to Pokéstops in that they are smaller buildings that appear on the map that can be accessed by tapping on them once you are within the proper radius.

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From Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

Once inside the Inn, players will then need to trace a Glyph on screen to activate it, and will be awarded a random meal that awards Spell Energy. This is our primary resource to cast spells in the game. Without Spell Energy, there is little we can do in the game.

If you have played the game early on but recently stepped away, specifically because Spell Energy felt so hard to come by, you are in luck. Recently the developers stated that, thanks in part to consistent player feedback, they have tweaked upwards all the ways in which players can acquire energy, making it a less scarce resource.

Inns correspond to real-world locations such as parks, statues, and other landmarks that are used in Pokémon GO, which comes as no surprise since the data for the maps is shared between games. Players of both games will however notice right away that some locations are missing. Most noticeable are Starbucks coffee houses, which previously paid their way into the game through a deal with Niantic for Pokémon GO, but have not done the same for Harry Potter.

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Greenhouses - Important Ingredients Lie Within!

While Inns provide us with some much-needed Spell Energy, Greenhouses are perhaps even more important for the long-term progression of our characters. They are located everywhere, just like Inns, but look distinct as glass buildings on the map.

From Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

Inside, we find pots of plants and roots that you can take for your inventory. Expect to be visiting these spots often once they can again be looted, because ingredients are needed to create our potions.

In these early stages of the game, potions may not seem like a huge deal because for the most part we are dealing with every challenge found in the open world rather handily. However, if you have come across a high-level encounter already only to have your spells resisted over and over again, you will recognize the value of potions.

With a quick sip, our magical power is augmented beyond our current limits. Suddenly, that opponent who is resisting our spells falls easily, and we defeat the encounter. Brewing potions therefore will be extremely important for defeating the biggest, most arduous encounters in the game, most of which will be in Fortresses, to be discussed shortly.

For now, start experimenting with the brewing of potions. All a player needs are the ingredients, after that it's just throwing them in your cauldron and waiting for it to brew. Other ingredients apart from those found in Greenhouses will also be needed, but these are simply found by exploring the world, and tapping on the screen. Butterscotch, for example, is a common Foundable that appears when going for a stroll.

As you gain levels, new recipes will unlock as well.

As with most mobile games, the process of brewing can be sped up by using gold, which can be acquired by playing the game or by spending real money. We always advise not spending any money to this end, at least until the game has matured in design and we know exactly how worthwhile it is. Usually, these games can be played without ever needing to speed up the brewing of a potion.

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Fortress - Take These On For The Rarest Loot!

When looking at the map, you can see these towering structures from far in the distance. These places represent the most difficult challenges that can be tackled with up to five players, and reward some of the rarest Foundables in the game. If completing your collection is a long-term priority, players may want to group up with others to take these down.

From Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

Each Fortress is filled with foes that players must defeat in order to progress up the 20 or so levels, described as chambers, with each becoming progressively more difficult than the last. There are minimum level requirements as well, so it may be some time before you can really get these done.

Similar to raids in Pokémon GO, there are timers that limit how long you have in order to defeat each level. Here now is where potions can come into play. For your daily exploring and collecting of energy, ingredients, and Foundables in the world, potions are not going to be much of a necessity. However to defeat these Fortresses and obtain the rarest of the rare in the game, a good stock of potions will likely be absolutely necessary.


As the game is in its infancy, the best tip for a new player is simply to get out and explore the world, collecting what you can along the way and leveling up your character. As time goes on the bigger challenges will become apparent in fortresses, and likely similar raids with some bigger, more dangerous Dark Wizards and Witches.

So get out there and make some magical friends who want to take down those big Fortresses with you!

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