Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Launches New Events As Dark Arts Month Begins

Watch out Aurors and wizarding do-gooders, October has been named the month of the Dark Arts in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! A series of sinister events will be taking place throughout the month with appearances from familiar foes, monsters, and allies alike.

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Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Part 1

The first event commenced today — October 8th — and runs through October 14th. It's kicking things off with a new questline pertaining to a formidable Brilliant Death-eater and an escapee from the notorious Azkaban prison.

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October Community Day

To keep things going during the lull between events, October's Community Day will be taking place on October 19th. This month's Community Day is Oddity-themed, set to increase the spawn rates for some of the wizarding world's most terrifying dark-willed creatures. The list on the game's official site promises more frequent sightings of Vampires, Werewolves, and Doxies. These are all creatures from the Oddity section of the Registry, so this will be a great chance to fill that section out.

A fifth page has popped up in-game for the Oddity section as well. It hints at what could possibly be the new Death-eater and Azkaban Escapee Foundables, along with one very recognizable three-headed silhouette, seen previously in promotional trailers.


Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Part 2

Dark Arts month will pick back up with Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Part 2, on October 22nd. The second part will run for another week through October 28th. It will follow a new quest, featuring Brilliant Sirius Black and a Dementor. This leaves many fans wondering if Harry will be forced to relive his horrors from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. The Calamity has snatched up all manner of his memories for previous Brilliant events, from a pair of mismatched socks made by Dobby to his beloved owl, Hedwig and even a younger version of himself. Given the personal nature of these memories, it certainly wouldn't be a shock for the Calamity to make off with his Godfather as well.


A Halloween Finale

Wizards Unite's Dark Arts month will culminate with an exclusive event on October 31st. The event will entail a Dark Arts-themed Wizarding Challenge at Fortresses and a quest offering limited-time rewards. In proper Niantic fashion, the developers have kept tight-lipped on details regarding the event, though they did slip in a hint about an 'ancient evil slithering in the dark.'

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Whether or not players will see new iconic figures from the wizarding world this month, the confirmed line-up of events looks promising. Altogether, they will make for an enthralling few weeks, with an opportunity to make progress on one of the most elusive sections of the Registry.

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