How Long Can Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Survive?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has had a bumpy ride lately, with "ongoing issues" causing a delay for the next event; however, that's only the tip of the iceberg. These issues have put a stop to downloads and caused concern among fans who are worried about the game's longevity right out of the port gates.

As if speculation from concerned supporters wasn't bad enough, Wizards Unite is nowhere to be found among the top-grossing games on Google Play and, according to Sensor Tower, the game brought in only $600k the other month.

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Wishy-Washy Statistics

Though Sensor Tower only took data solely from the App Store and not Google Play, its findings were rather like coming home an hour late for afternoon tea; prepared with good intent, but now luke-warm and a bit stale. Here is the rundown.

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  • Worldwide statistics for September 2019 note that Wizards Unite was downloaded a mere 200,000 times and accrued only around $600,000 in revenue.
  • Reviews are spread pretty evenly across the board. The game has earned a generally positive consensus, with negative reviews spiking in correlation to various in-game issues. A lot of these issues have centered around the different Brilliant Events and Community Days.
  • On a high note, five-star ratings more than double the total of all the other ratings combined in the App Store. This is a fairly promising piece of data, as it generally takes greater positive aspects in a product to inspire praise than it would take downfalls to earn slander.
  • The category ranking on iPhones has been on a steady decline since the game's launch, which doesn't bode well. On iPads, however, that ranking has remained relatively consistent despite occasionally spiking high or low. This is another good sign, though the luke-warm rankings were enough to knock the title from the top 500 free games available on the App Store.
  • Since the 2.6.0 update, things seem to be on a downward spiral. Players are sighting major issues with the simplest of core mechanics like faulty buttons, locking wizards out of magic trunks, and all of the vital menus. There are even occurrences of the in-game map being completely unresponsive and users being unable to download the game at all. Most of these reports are flooding in in the form of pleas from devoted fans who adore the game overall.

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Can Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Weather the Storm?

Whether or not Wizards Unite can weather the storm cannot yet be said for certain. There are many factors that come into play and many different opportunities for one to outweigh another.

Holding the license to a beloved franchise like Harry Potter brings with it a fierce fan-base whose loyalties are not easily shaken. Playing off of nostalgia and incorporating tons of fan-service is a sure-fire way to keep the game moderately successful at the very least.

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Aside from avid fans of the series, however, the game has not won many players over with its many misgivings. If developers don't make quick work of these core issues and get the game running smoothly, revenue will dwindle and the developers won't be left with many options.

Watch Out For That Iceberg

Wizards Unite has an astonishingly loyal fan base, likely willing to weather a few storms. However, its developers must tread carefully, as sub-par earnings don't allow much of a safety net. If developers don't handle the issues appropriately, they could easily steer this ship straight into the oncoming iceberg.

Source: Sensor Tower

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