Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Is Closer Than We Think, With A Possible Summer Release

According to the gaming grapevine, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite could be arriving this summer.

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We haven’t heard a lot about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite so far, which has led fans to believe that there’s a long wait for the title’s release. Here’s some good news for Potterheads everywhere, though: According to the gaming grapevine, it could be arriving this summer.

Now, Pokémon GO may have a bit of a checkered history (simple, crucial features like tracking Pokémon just didn’t work properly at first), and it might be a simplified take on core series mechanics, but there’s one thing nobody can deny: it sure has made Niantic a heaping helping of money. The mobile market is a lucrative one, for sure, if you can pull it off. Just look at the unstoppable Candy Crush.

Can the Harry Potter franchise pull it off, though? That’s the big question. While Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery isn’t a bad game, in and of itself, it’s a super frustrating experience. It’s got microtransactions and cheap energy limitations out the wazoo, which are two of the biggest grievances players tend to have with mobile games.

Does anybody enjoy watching their character being strangled by devil’s snare for hours on end, until their energy recharges and they can escape? No. No they don’t. The onus is on the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to provide a more player-friendly experience. But when will we get our hands on the new game?

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Last November, we saw a quick teaser trailer that explained the concept behind Wizards Unite. Essentially, magical objects are bleeding through into the muggle world, and magical folks must band together to deal with them lest the muggles notice. It’s Pokémon GO with Snitches instead of Sneasels, in short, and that’s something that many fans have been desperate to get their hands on. All’s been quite quiet on the Wizards Unite front, since, though, so we’ve been none the wiser as to when that might be. Until now.

As Game Rant reports, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara has confirmed that the game is aiming to release this summer. He didn’t provide a more specific ETA than that (and it’s still subject to delays; you know how these things go), but it’s a lot sooner than many fans may have expected.

In terms of getting its hooks into a player base when they’ll have the most free time, a July release looks likely, as was the case with Pokémon GO. Stay tuned to TheGamer for more information as it drops.

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