Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Players Find "Spell Energy" Is Ruining The Magic

The newly released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is currently a big hit with users, with one glaring exception to the way the game handles Spell Energy, leaving all of our young Wizards and Witches starved for resources. For the unfamiliar with the new game, which is still only in its testing phases in some countries, the game is essentially a reskin of Niantic’s Pokémon GO with different mechanics for playing.

Both games use the same augmented reality functions on the player’s smartphone and have most of the same places of interest. While Pokémon GO requires players to use pokéballs to catch new Pokémon, Harry Potter instead has players use Spell Energy to engage with the virtual world. The problem is that many players are quickly running out of Spell Energy, which stonewalls further progress in the game.

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Additional Spell Energy can be obtained in the same way as obtaining more pokéballs, which is through spending real money in the game. Players are hesitant to do so, as Harry Potter feels far more limited in what you can do compared to Pokémon GO. So, exactly how does a player get more Energy?

The method is similar to Pokémon GO, where players need to visit physical locations in the real world, similar to pokéstops, known as Inns and Greenhouses. If you have played Pokémon GO, you will already recognize most of these places, for they use the same data. Note, however, that some places do not exist here. Starbucks, for example, sponsors Pokémon GO, and so they are placed as pokéstops in the game. Since they do not sponsor Harry Potter, they do not appear on the map.

Via: imore.com

However, players do not need to panic. An official announcement from the development team was made regarding this problem, as it became apparent for the majority of players. In the official subreddit for the game, they stated that after examining the situation, they are making the following changes:

  • The amount of Spell Energy given to players who first enter the game has been increased from 25 to 50
  • Increased the amount of Spell Energy you get from Inns and Greenhouses
  • Increased the amount of Spell Energy you get from Daily Assignments (From “To Collect an Ingredient or Portmanteau” from 5 to 10)

This in itself should help solve most problems faced by players. It is a good thing they responded quickly, otherwise, they might burn too many potential players by having them see the game as little more than a cash grab.

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The initial testing of the game seems solid for most players. Some are complaining about issues pertaining to the management of Herbs, however, that is more of a quality of life fix that can come down the line, if ever. For now, players should consider the fast communication a good sign when compared to Pokémon GO, which often went months without any official word from the developers regarding issues that players disliked in the game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is currently in testing in select regions, and does not yet have a firm release date for the rest of the world.

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