New Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Trailer Hints At The Concept Behind The Game

A very quick live-action teaser trailer dropped this week, hinting at the concept behind the game and how it will be played.

A very quick live-action teaser trailer dropped this week, hinting at the concept behind the game, how it will be played, and what some of the objectives will be.

So, Potterheads. What would you say to an AR title from the Pokémon Go team, that saw you casting spells and meeting magical creatures and beloved characters in the real world? Yep, we thought as much. Hold on to your broomsticks, because it looks as though that game is becoming a reality. Let’s take a first real look at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Like a lot of much-beloved franchises, Harry Potter has been a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to video games. From the first PS1 and GBA games to the whole series hitting every format in existence, the games haven’t been outrageously bad nor have they been incredibly good. They’ve tended to play it safe and been largely unremarkable in the process.

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The most recent outing was Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, which was big on production values but also… very big on microtransaction shenanigans (remember the Devil’s Snare incident?). That’s a frequent bone of contention with mobile games, and it was a real shame to see such a promising title let itself down like that. Here’s hoping that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going to be treated better.

What do we know about Wizards Unite so far? Well, in terms of actual gameplay, nothing at all, but Warner Bros. and Niantic are showing something off at last (it was first announced last November).

The short live-action teaser trailer dropped on November 14th and hints at what some of the objectives will be like. Here it is, for your delectation:

Essentially, in this iteration of the Potterverse, magical items are bleeding through into the real (read: Muggle) world. As a witch or wizard, then, you’re trying to prevent this from happening. In the clip, the player uses the Immobulus spell on a rogue escaped Golden Snitch, before quickly hiding it from view.

Now, this isn’t cast-iron confirmation that you’ll be Snitch-hunting in the same way in the game itself. It does suggest that such magical items will be found as you walk in the real world (as with Pokémon GO) and have to be tapped to interact with, in their own little screen (as with Pokémon GO). It’s very early days at the moment, though (the game’s release date is a super vague ‘2019’), so we’ll just have to be on the lookout for more information and updates. In the interim, the new official site for the game offers a tidbit or two more.


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