Hated Fallout 76? Create Your Own Fallout Universe In A New Tabletop RPG

Fallout 76 jokes are beating a dead mutated horse at this point, but the fact remains that the game was largely a disappointment. While a good number of fans profess to truly enjoying the game, Bethesda's subpar handling of its launch turned too many people away for it to be considered anything close to a success. Even Fallout 76's biggest fan was seemingly punished for playing it, being banned after putting 900 hours into the game.

The story is what rubbed longtime Fallout fans the wrong way. In its efforts to make the MMO no one really wanted, Bethesda threw out all traces of human NPCs. It left the setting empty and the narrative bland. Now players will get a chance to fix these problems by creating their own Fallout stories with an official tabletop RPG.

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The officially licensed pen and paper Fallout RPG will be published and developed by Modiphius Entertainment, creators of licensed tabletop RPGS set in the Star Trek, Conan, and John Carter of Mars universes. It doesn't have a name, or really any announced details, but it does have a confirmed 2020 launch.

Development will be lead by Sam Webb, who spearheaded Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures. Webb will be implementing the unique 2d20 system for Fallout, a system Modiphius describes as "very cinematic."

The system seems to be built around multiple continuous dice rolls, creating tension as a player goes for a streak of successes. Modiphius' website calls it "a dynamic, narrative system, designed to produce varied and interesting results from dramatic and action-packed situations. Characters roll two d20s, attempting to roll as low as possible on each one – the more dice that roll low, the more successes the character scores."

Meanwhile, Fallout fans can bide their time with an upcoming summer expansion to Modiphius' miniatures-based game Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

via: Modiphius Entertainment

Wasteland Warfare similarly aims to give players the freedom to create their own Fallout stories, just with a hearty amount of visual guidance. Cards allow for easy character creation, and photo backgrounds help the Gamemaster establish the setting.

It's not a bad time to be a Fallout fan, assuming you either like Fallout 76 or are willing to completely disregard the game in favor of creating your own. Modiphius is certainly providing a lot of help with the latter. But who knows, maybe someone will actually find that alleged missing Fallout 76 content.

(Source: PC Gamer)

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