Haven Is An RPG To Play With A Special Someone

Haven is an upcoming co-op RPG from The Game Bakers, developers of the 2016 indie hit Furi.

Haven is an upcoming co-op RPG from The Game Bakers, developers of the 2016 indie hit FuriHaven is a game that almost defies genre, taking influence from the likes of Persona, Journeyand possibly even Super Mario Sunshine.

The game takes place on a lost planet where Yu and Kay have escaped to in order to be together. Discovering the secrets of the planet with be the main focus of the game, and to do that Yu and Kay are able to magically glide across the beautiful open world of Haven while a soothing soundtrack plays, reminiscent of the finer moments of Journey but with a visual style all their own.

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The Game Bakers previous title, Furi, is a boss rush indie game that is played by memorizing attack patterns and demonstrating instantaneous reflexes. Furi is an exquisitely balanced game and one that is a delight to master on the Switch, but Haven seems to take very few notes from it and in fact, is very much offering a completely opposite experience.

Where Furi is frenetic and tense, Haven is both accessible and relaxing. A large portion of the game seems to be dialogue where as Furi had very little story at all. The combat in Haven is traditional turn-baseda slow and thoughtful style, while Furi's combat is all about split section reactions and perfect timing.

And yet, there is some shared DNA between the two when it comes to the visual identity and the care put into the characters. Both games are striking in their vivid color pallets and deep contrast that gives the art a hand drawn feel. Both games are exceptionally atmospheric in that the worlds presented feel fully realized and lived in.

As for the Super Mario Sunshine influence, during the trailer Yu and Kay glide over a patches of sharp red material that erases from the landscape as they pass through it, they are apparently collecting these mats, called carbon rust, but they was they clear the it away revealing the detailed natural ground beneath it is evocative of Mario and his trusty F.L.U.D.D in the best way.

Haven will be demo'd at PAX West later this month, it will be the first time it's shown in the US. Haven is scheduled to release sometime next year.

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