Hearthstone Battlegrounds Best Heroes Tier List

A tier list of the best heroes currently available to make sure you hit the ground running when the game goes live next week.

Battlegrounds is the newest game mode for Hearthstone and currently in a closed beta for everyone who attended BlizzCon 2019, bought a virtual ticket, or pre-purchased the Descent of Dragons expansion. Everyone else will have access to the open beta in only a few days beginning on November 12, and below is a tier list of the best heroes currently available to make sure you hit the ground running when the game goes live for everyone.

13. Dancin’ Deryl

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Hat Trick reads, “Passive Hero Power: After you sell a minion, randomly give two minions in Bob’s Tavern +1/+1.” For now, Dancin’ Deryl has a big question mark hanging above his portrait, because while his ability is useful in the early game, few have experienced true power and success in the late game with him. However, developer Mike Donair stated that, “I like Dancin Daryl the most though because he is incredibly skill testing and goes from worst to best hero depending on how well you understand him and how much experience you have with him.”

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We may simply not fully understand how to play optimally with the Hero, and the developers may know something that we do not. For now, however it is easy to see value in the early game, but players should avoid falling into the trap of only taking buffed minions all game over strategic alternatives.

12. Patchwerk

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All Patched Up reads, “Passive Hero Power: Start with 60 Health instead of 40.” Like the Warlock class in Standard play, Patchwerk must have his life total treated as a resource to sacrifice in order to ramp up and upgrade for a large swing turn. The strength of Patchwerk lies entirely in using the extra life to one’s advantage, as squandering it and playing normally without a Hero Power will quickly result in a loss.

11. The Great Akazamzarak

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Prestidigitation reads, “Hero Power: Discover a Secret. Put it into the battlefield.” Duplicate and Ice Block can make a big different, delaying death by a turn or granting additional resources. The important element of the Hero Power is that players are given a choice from a set of three discovered cards, which gives more control when compared to earlier Heroes with pure RNG in their abilities.

10. Trade Prince Gallywix

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Smart Savings reads, “Hero Power: Add a Gold Coin to your hand.” Like The Great Akazamzarak, player choice and not pure RNG will dictate how strong or weak the Hero Power is in a game. More Gold means rolling for better minions, or to upgrade the tavern before other Heroes. Some players may love this Hero, while others may want one who influences the state of the board directly.

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9. Millificent Manastorm

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Tinker reads, “Passive Hero Power: Mechs in Bob’s Tavern have +1/+1.” While Murclos and Demons are weak tribal tags here, Mechs are fantastic in contrast and players will excel in the early and midgame. The ability may not be as great in the last game but is still reasonably good to use.

8. George the Fallen

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Boon of Light reads, “Hero Power: Give a friendly minion Divine Shield.” In the late game George can be a monster to contend with, while early on his ability is simply too expensive to use. However, Divine Shield is one of the most important keywords in the mode, along with Poisonous. So long as you are not facing Nefarian this can be a great Hero to choose.

7. A.F. Kay

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Procrastinate reads, “Passive Hero Power: Skip your first two turns. Start with a minion from Tavern Tier 3 and 4.” The potential of high rolling here is safer than with other Heroes, and as such she is an easy Hero to play. There is the chance that the minions provided are terrible, but that is relatively small and the odds of the opponent being able to match that power level by turn three is quite small.

6. Ragnaros the Firelord

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Die, Insects! reads, “Hero Power: At the start of next combat, deal 8 damage to two random enemy minions.” This ability is far better than Patches the Pirate, providing a decent amount of damage in the early game. By the late game however 8 damage will hardly be enough to kill a minion, but it will still be useful to pop any pesky divine shields.

5. Shudderwock

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Burbling reads, “Hero Power: Your next Battlecry this turn triggers twice.” The popular strategy at the moment involves getting a double battlecry off of a Pogo-Hopper, and so long as one can get an extra copy of a specific minion, Shudderwock will remain a popular and high tier choice for a Hero.

4. Queen Tagtoggle

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Wax Warband reads, “Hero Power: Give a random friendly Mech, Demon, Murloc, and Beast +1 Health.” As stated, additional health is often more important than additional attack, and it is relatively simple to hit at least some of these tribal tags. As the result of the Hero Power can be more 2-1 trades, Queen Wagtoggle earns a high spot on any tier list.

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3. The Lich King

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Reborn Rites reads, “Hero Power: At the start of next combat, give your right-most minion Reborn.” It can be awkward to use effectively with the best Deathrattle minions, but the low-cost offsets this difficulty and in the late game can be fantastic if there is a single powerful minion you need to see survive, or rather, come back. Ensuring that either a Deathrattle can go off twice is great value, and so it is keeping a strong minion on the board, making for one of the most solid Heroes in the mode.

2. Nefarian

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Nefarious Fire reads, “Hero Power: At the start of next combat, deal 1 damage to all enemy minions.” Against every other Hero, Divine Shield is a terribly powerful keyword that can decide games. Against Nefarian, Divine Shield is nothing and can be expelled for little resources.

1. Infinite Toki

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Temporal Tavern reads, “Hero Power: Refresh Bob’s Tavern. The last minion will be from a higher Tavern Tier.” In contrast to some of the worst Heroes in the game like Bartendotron, Infinite Toki has the ability to forever gain great value with her Hero Power in the mid and late game. The longer a game goes on, the better her chances of finding some great minions.

Infinite Toki is likely to remain on top permanently unless her Hero Power is reworked, and of all the Heroes, she is the most likely to be nerfed due to her power compared to others. For a low cost, she provides more options than any other Hero, and among the best players, that is going to make all the difference.

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