Hearthstone Tones Down Card Art In Latest Update

Eight cards received visual changes during a major update for Hearthstone on Monday.

Eight cards received visual changes during a major update for Hearthstone on Monday. Following the announcement of the next expansion, Saviors Of Uldum, the Hearthstone team snuck in a bevvy of tweaks and adjustments to 8 of the games oldest cards.

The cards selected for an update each featured either excessive violence or overly sexual imagery. Some received only minor edits, such as removing blood from the end of the knife in "Eviscerate." Others, however, were deemed so lurid that they went through a complete transformation into another card entirely.

One such card, the basic Warlock card "Succubus" has been changed to "Felstalker" and now features a hell hound. The original Succubus was a scantily-clad demon girl in a thong and rather chesty armor. It seems Blizzard would prefer to wipe the slate clean for some of these unfortunate designs rather than go back to the drawing board with them.

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All told, 4 cards received updates to "de-sexify" them and 4 received updates to curb some of the violence. Interestingly, "Mistress of Pain", though not portrayed in an overtly sexual way, has been renamed "Queen of Pain" and given new art. Other more conservatively rendered new cards include "Windfury Harpy" and "Secret Keeper."

The violent cards, "Eviscerate", "Bite", "Deadly Shot", and "Headcrack" all received new art that removes blood. "Deadly Shot", in particular, was rather graphic in its previous iteration; depicting a ballista arrow penetrating through the chest of a Tauren, blood spilling out the other side. Now, it simply depicts an arrow flying out of a ballista.

The family-friendly card updates weren't the only new thing in this patch: the previously announced Hall of Fame rotation is finally here, retiring "Vanish" and "Mindblast." It also brings in 10 new basic and classic cards, including new legendaries; "Brightwing" and "High Inquisitor Whitemane."

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The best news of the patch though, is that Tavern Brawl is now available to play 24/7 except for 1 hour a week for maintenance. This is something fans have been begging for for years and is a fantastic quality of life update for the game. Tavern Brawl will still change each week and continue to offer a free classic pack for your first win.

While it remains to be seen what kind of impact the 10 new cards will have on the meta, it is certain that updating the card art will help the game appeal to a wider audience. These updates are live right now, including an Arena rotation, and the next expansion will be available August 6th.

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