Ex-Hearthstone Director Releases Rap Video About Putting Mustard On Grilled Cheese

Ben Brode, former Hearthstone director at Blizzard Entertainment, has released a new music video that teaches everyone how to make a grilled cheese.

Ben Brode, the former Hearthstone director at Blizzard Entertainment, has released a new music video that teaches everyone how to make a grilled-cheese sandwich that won’t be bland, thanks to the use of mustard. Five years ago, that statement might have seemed like nonsense, but as this is Brode’s third release of peculiar music, that is not the case.

For the unfamiliar, the music video may seem odd, but Brode has always been involved in community engagement in enthusiastic, playful ways. In 2017 he surprised fans of Hearthstone by releasing a rap about the then upcoming Journey to Un’Goro expansion. Within the game community, the song became an instant classic and people loved how passionate Brode was about the game.

The first rap was so popular that Brode released a second rap later that year, but instead of promoting Hearthstone, he retold the entire main story of Arthas from Warcraft III from his beginnings to his eventual rise as the Lich King.

In 2018, Brode shocked the community by announcing that he was leaving Blizzard Entertainment after a 15-year career. Along with several other former Blizzard employees, Brode founded a new game development studio called Second Dinner and has been hard at work since that time.

Relative to his first two rap music videos, “Grilled Cheese” is the most impressive, so far. At first glance the song and video may simply be viewed as an extension of Brode’s love of fun and music, but it could also be a way to keep his name relevant in the minds of Hearthstone fans who appreciated his time at Blizzard.

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As Second Dinner will be announcing news of their upcoming project at some point in the future, the video may have been conceived to remain relevant to those old fans who might be future customers. On the other hand, Brode may simple be testing the waters for an all-out entry and inevitable triumph in the world of rap.

In all seriousness, Second Dinner should have no problem attracting players once details of their project are released. For now, we know only that they have received funding in the amount of $30 million from Chinese company NetEase to produce a Marvel game, but otherwise details are almost non-existent. A few Marvel assets have been listed in an early press release, but they do not indicate what kind of genre might be developed.

For fans who enjoyed “Grilled Cheese”, there is little doubt that Brode will return in the future to dazzle us with his creative rap.

Source: gamedevolution.com

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