Hearthstone's Next Expansion Will Be Mech-Focused 'Boomsday Project'

Hearthstone's new expansion launches August 7th, and brings fusing mechs, transforming cards, and Legendary spells to the table.

Robots are taking center stage in the newly-announced Hearthstone expansion, titled Boomsday Project. Launching on August 7th for PC and mobile, the set will focus on cards themed around mechs and the mad scientist who creates them. New mechanics include the ability to stick robots together, spells that help both players, and the first-ever appearance of Legendary spell cards.

Boomsday project was announced today via a Youtube video, Eurogamer reports. The video features a group of Hearthstone developers dressed as mad scientists showing off the results of their crazed experiments.

The clear highlight of the expansion are the mechs themselves. Many will come with a new Keyword called 'Magnetic.' Mechs that have this Keyword can be fused together to make a more powerful machine, just like Voltron.

via: venturebeat.com

Spells will be changed to reflect the new theme of science over magic. Project spell cards will give benefits to both players in the spirit of collaboration. Omega cards gain an additional effect if played with 10 Mana crystals. This allows an early-game card to adjust into something more useful for the late game. Adaptation is an important quality in science.

Finally, Legendary spells are now a thing. The one revealed is called Myra's Unstable Element. It lets you draw the entire rest of your deck. Literally the whole thing.

via: venturebeat.com

More of the set's 135 cards will be revealed on July 23rd. There will also be a new solo-play mode, The Puzzle Lab, that Blizzard will detail at a later date.

Pre-orders will be available, but with a new twist. The typical 50-card pack bundle will show up, and come with an exclusive Mecha-Jaraxxus card back. But now there's the addition of an 80-card bundle that comes with the actual Mecha-Jaraxxus, a new Warlock hero. The price of the new bundle is unannounced as the pre-order page isn't even live yet.

This is the second expansion of 2018 with a third to come. Despite being several years old, Hearthstone seems to have a lot of steam left in its engine. This expansion is adding exciting new elements while tying into old ones (Dr. Boom and his mechs were actually introduced in 2014). Thanks to constant, smart tinkering by Blizzard, Hearthstone will likely be running for a long time.

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