How Hearthpwn And HS Replay Can Improve Your Game Of Hearthstone

Blizzard’s very own online Trading Card Game (TCG), Hearthstone, officially launched on Windows and Mac in 2014, and today boasts over 100 million players. If you are a new player to the game, it may seem overwhelming with everything to learn, and even if you have already played for a while, there are always ways to improve by using online resources like HearthPwn.

With that in mind, here are a number of resources that players, both novices and veterans alike, can use to become an expert in no time.


HearthPwn launched in May of 2013 when the game was in its early alpha testing period. Since that time, it has established a large following of readers and users who are all passionate about getting better.

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There are many things that can be found at HearthPwn to improve your game. First, the front page is filled with all of the latest news about what might be happening in the game, ranging from nerfs, buffs, expansion announcements, weekly tavern brawls, teaser trailers, interviews and more.

Next, you will also see that HearthPwn places the most popular decks overall on the front page as well. Users can also select any of the nine classes to show the top decks from those class exclusively. Decks can be made by any registered user, and there is a space devoted to writing should you wish to explain the idea behind a deck.

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Of course, we should recognize that these decks are not always the best, but rather, the most popular ones voted by other users on HearthPwn. As for where to find the best decks, there are a few options.

There is also a broad listing of active forum topics available. This includes lively discussion for Standard Format, Wild Format, the Arena, Tavern Brawl, Monster Hunt, Dungeon Run, and Adventures, both Normal and Heroic. Event discussion includes Tournaments and Fireside Gatherings. There is also a forum section devoted entirely to each of the nine classes in the game.

Players should also ignore rumors about HearthPwn shutting down. In May of 2018, there was a brief period during which an announcement was made that the site would be archived. However, it has since come under new management and remains functionally the same as before.

There is also a pack opening simulator within HearthPwn that is enjoyable. Using the limited data we have about the odds of receiving certain cards of different rarities, a user can open cards to their heart’s content. Packs are awarded points for their rarity, and there is even a leaderboard for these openings.

There is also a particularly handy forum that is always updated, titled “80g Quest Trading – Play A Friend!” Every so often, a player will find this quest in their daily log. In theory, it is meant to be played with a friend, as it grants each of you 80 gold.

However, this list is meant to double the gold received by allowing players to list themselves as willing to trade the quest with other players who also have it. One player shows they have the quest through a challenge and cancels it. Then, the second player does the same. When both players have traded their quests, the result is 160 gold for each player, as they have both done the daily quest twice.

Note: there is a long list of scammers in the forum, so it is important to cross-check users before trading with someone or choose to trade second.

Competitive Hearthstone Subreddit

One resource that is always up to date is the Competitive Hearthstone subreddit (r/CompetitiveHS) on Reddit. Posts “encourage thought, effort, statistics, and play-testing” while low effort posts, such as memes and jokes, are excluded. Do not confuse this with the r/hearthstone, which is usually full of complaints and memes.

Often, a deck listed in r/CompetitiveHS will link back to HearthPwn and include discussions or guides about how to pilot the deck, tech choices, and other important notes such as budget substitutions.

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HS Replay

Another site that should be bookmarked along with HearthPwn is HS Replay. It is very different from HearthPwn, as discussions are completely absent. Instead, it is filled with unbiased and honest statistics.

By downloading the companion deck tracker, you can do two things. First, you provide yourself with an in-game tracker for HearthStone that shows your deck, what cards you have left in your deck, and what your opponent has played.

This also uploads your gameplay data directly to HS Replay. Because of this, you can view all kinds of decks when you click on a class. These can be sorted by Win Rate, Games Played, Average Game Duration, Mana Curve, and Name. Since so many players use the deck tracker to upload their date, the results of a deck can be in the hundreds of thousands, which provides the most accurate representations of performance available.

Selecting a deck will then show other useful information, such as Mulligan Win Rate, Kept or Mulliganed Rate, Drawn Win Rate, Played Win Rate, Average Number of Turns Held, and Turns played.

Decks can be searched by a specific card, for all classes, in both Standard and Wild. HS Replay is one of the most powerful tools used to see what decks are being used, what variations exist, and what ranks are being played at.

For Wild players, another great resource is the Wild Hearthstone subreddit at r/wildhearthstone. Unfortunately, it does not have as much traffic as the Standard version.

Educational Resources – Streamers

Since the game first released, countless Hearthstone streamers who have emerged. Some are focused only on top levels of play, some are dedicated to entertainment, while others lie somewhere in the middle. Jeffrey Shih, also known as Trump or TrumpSC, is a professional player who began streaming Starcraft II and later Hearthstone.

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He became well-known early on for his educational videos, such as the one below. Although the video is from 2014, all of the lessons are perfectly relevant today in the game. At the fundamental level, nothing has changed, as it is only the card pool that has grown with each new expansion.

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Meta Reports

There are also numerous organizations that provide meta reports for both Standard and Wild decks. For example, Tempo Storm's meta reports come from expert professional players for each class. These reports occasionally appear on the front-page news of HearthPwn.

Vicious Syndicate is another reputable resource that leverages the power of stats to mathematically determine a meta and seeks to determine how shifts have occurred between reports.


Thankfully, there are many resources available for Hearthstone fans and players to use to improve their stats. With the help of HearthPwn, HS Replay, Hearthstone subreddits, and professional streamers, you're sure to find more ways to up your game.

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