Hearthstone Masters Tour Seoul Results: How Has The Meta Shifted

With the Masters Tour in Seoul complete, we have our first glimpse into the Saviors of Uldum meta in Hearthstone. Both Théo “Felkeine” Dumont and Martin “Zhym” Prêté wrapped up the tournament with a Highlander Mage mirror match that leaves most viewers wondering if Luna’s Pocket Galaxy will see some manner of balance update in the near future. Felkeine clinched the victory 3-1 in the finals.

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Afterwards he was interviewed about his overall thought process during the tournament, and when asked about his strategy at the event, his answer was both obvious and a bit of jab to the state of certain cards in the game, “I focused on drawing Luna’s Pocket Galaxy.” His victory this weekend has earned him a total winnings of $88,739, a trophy, and the chance to be joining competitive players Orange and Fenomeno as a European Grandmaster at the end of the year.

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Prior to the finals, the following players entered the top 8 with a mix of Mage, Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, and Priest decks:

  • Shuda “RNGLys” Liu – 11-1 with Hunter in Swiss
  • Euneil “Staz” Javinas – 10-2 with Hunter in Swiss
  • Théo “Felkeine” Dumont – 10-2 with Mage in Swiss
  • Martin “Zhym” Prêté – 10-2 with Mage in Swiss
  • Lionel “Magoho” Michaud – 10-2 with Warrior in Swiss
  • Jack “DeadDraw” Bancroft – 10-2 with Warrior in Swiss
  • Gregoire “Un33D” Bodin – 10-2 with Rogue in Swiss
  • Sangsoo “Sooni” Nam – 9-3 with Priest in Swiss

As expected, Control Warrior decks represented the class throughout the tournament, and two of the eight finalists, all meant to control the board and then win through the value provided with Dr Boom, Mad Genius, or through bombs added to the opponent’s deck. The main concern among players when Saviors of Uldum released was that little would change in the playstyle of the deck, and to a point this has remained true. DeadDraw’s Control Warrior contained 8 cards from the new set, while Magoho’s version only contained three.

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Highlander Hunter was one of the few new and refreshing changes to the meta that did not rely upon the same cheese factor as Luna’s Pocket Galaxy. The use of secrets that are often able to stick around long enough to activate Hyena Alpha provides a strong tempo gain and seeing Dinotamer Brann in action is always fantastic.

Finally, Combo Priest and Tempo Rogue also used few new cards from the expansion and replied upon well-established strategies for each class.

With the event now over, it will be interesting to see if Blizzard makes any manner of balance changes. The case to nerf, Dr Boom, Mad Genius remains strong, as Control Warrior made up a quarter of the finalist’s decks, offering virtually no change in playstyle from the previous expansion. The same can be said for Luna’s Pocket Galaxy, especially is played on curve.

The next large competitive event comes in the form of the Grandmasters, who will face off August 23-26. Given the unlikelihood of any balance changes coming in the next few days with no warning, we are likely to see a similar range of finalist decks, though it would be fantastic to see something new dominate the meta.

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