Hearthstone's New PvE Monster Hunt Mode Is Coming On April 26th

Blizzard has announced a new mode for their collectible card video game, Hearthstone. The game, which has found immense success since its release in 2014 will be adding a PvE mode called "Monster Hunt", which players will be able to participate in on April 26th, 2018.

This update will be focused around the game's eighth expansion, The Witchwood, and will see players face against a, "random series of monstrous bosses," as they try to clear the Witchwood of the evil within. Players may recognize that Monster Hunter looks similar to the Dungeon Run in Kobolds & Catacombs, but Hearthstone developers ensure that it is very different!

This new mode will not only have the player play as a hero, but will include a myriad of new things for players to experience. In their Hearthside Chat about the new mode, Blizzard said, "You may encounter some trusty old equipment out in the forest, but much of what you’ll find will be entirely new, including treasures unique to certain foes."

Additionally, four new characters will be introduced as players work through the single player storyline of this new mode. These hunters will help players on their journey through Monster Hunter and, "Each monster hunter has their own favorite tricks—a special hero power or ability that you’ll need to master if you hope to survive the hunt. Each hunter also carries a grudge against a heinous nemesis in the woods: a unique boss that only they can track down to fight."

Hearthstone developers also say, "You’ll want to go on a Monster Hunt with every hunter, because each offers a quest that will earn you a Witchwood card pack," continuing to say that, "...if you’ve got the mettle to complete the Monster Hunt with all four hunters, you’ll finally have a chance to face off with the real witch in the woods: Hagatha! If you can free the wood from Hagatha’s curse, you’ll earn the gratitude of Gilneas and the Monster Hunter card back!"

The eighth expansion in the popular game is something for Hearthstone players to get excited about, but they should have something big to look forward to when they are looking to play the newest single player mode, Monster Hunter!

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