Old Hearthstone Expansions Are Returning To The Store

Warcraft itself is a huge media franchise, which has tackled everything from novels to a movie. There was also, as fans know, a little spin-off experiment Blizzard called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. This online free-to-play card game expanded on the lore of the series and was so popular that it became a big name eSport title in its own right.

Hearthstone is here to stay. As of this time last year, Blizzard reported over 70 million players of the hit card game. It’s been a meteoric rise since release back in March 2014. But while it’s important to look towards the future, it’s best not to lose sight of your past as you go. Blizzard knows this, and they’re taking us back to the Wild to prove it.

Earlier this month, the team announced on Battle.net that the Wild sets–Adventures and Expansions included—will return to the game. They will be available from the store, at regular price of course.

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To celebrate the return of the Wild, Blizzard held the first ever official Wild tournament, over the weekend of July 1 and 2, 2017. If you missed the action, it’s still available to check out over on Twitch.

What does all of this mean for Hearthstone, though? The Wild format, which permits the use of old and new cards, does grant a whole host of new possibilities for players and their decks, in terms of card combos and creative freedom. The team touts this announcement as a great positive, but there’s an obvious caveat here for seasoned Hearthstone players.

So exactly which sets are returning to the store? Right now, these are the only "Wild" expansions:

Blizzard previously stated that the packs available in the Wild sets would become unavailable for a time, but may return at some undisclosed point in the future. This meant that some players resorted to burning through a lot of their precious dust to craft some of these cards.

This news will be mixed for players.  Are you a Hearthstoner who missed out last time, and are glad of the chance to get your hands of some of these elusive cards? Or are you an impatient Hearthstoner who dropped a lot of dust to craft them just before the announcement? Regardless, this will give players new options for their decks.

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