Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World Now Accepting Early Registration

Hello Kitty is joining the world of AR games with a game set for Summer 2020 called Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World.

Sometimes the real world can feel a little bland and boring. Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy way to make the real world look a little cuter and colorful? Like some kind of magic filter? While there isn't any way to directly make the world super cute, the newly announced augmented reality mobile video game, Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World, might be able to help.

Last week, game developer Bulbar Group announced the release of a brand new game, Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World, an augmented reality video game for mobile devices. In the same vein as popular titles like Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the new game will feature everyone's favorite cute cat, Hello Kitty (who recently turned 45 this year!) and will be developed through a collaboration with the company's founder Japan's Sanrio and built through Amazon Game Tech's platform.

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While not too many gameplay details have been released, it has been confirmed that the game will utilize Google Maps API, the location-based program that has been used for other similar titles such as The Walking Dead: Our WorldJurassic World Alive, and Ghostbusters World. The recently released trailer for the game also hints that Hello Kitty AR will feature similar mechanics to other AR games, such as finding and collecting virtual objects and connecting with other friends through the app. The game also has an aspect called the "Kawaii Garden," which appears to be a special place unique to each player that holds all of their collected items.

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While the game is not set for launch until Summer 2020, Bulbar Group has announced beta testing to begin early next year. Those interested in being the first to try out Hello Kitty AR can head over the game's official website and sign up for updates as well and be considered for participation in the beta testing.

Jiro Kishimura, a managing director at Sanrio, expressed excitement for the game, saying, "Since her debut in Japan in 1974, Hello Kitty has inspired generations of people around the world with her positive message of friendship and kindness. With this game from Bublar, our dedicated fan base can play with her and the Sanrio characters through their smartphones wherever they are in a mixed reality experience. We are happy to continue sharing the joy of Hello Kitty and the Kawaii lifestyle."

Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World is set for release in Summer 2020 for mobile devices.

Source: Mobile AR News

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