Henry Cavill Posts First Look As Geralt Of Rivia For The Witcher TV Series

Henry Cavill posted a Halloween treat for Witcher fans in the form of a short video that teases his appearance as Geralt in the Netflix series.

It looks like even famous actors enjoy getting in on the Halloween spirit, as Henry Cavill decided to tease Witcher fans with a costume of his own. But unlike your neighbors' last minute "Ash and Misty" costume, Cavill has a whole team of professionals at his disposal to turn him into Geralt of Rivia. It helps that he's going to star as Geralt in an upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Witcher.

Cavill posted a short video on his Instagram on October 31st. The footage shows a slate labeled "Costume and Make Up Test." After "rolling" is declared from off-screen, Cavill walks onscreen in his Geralt getup. He gives the camera a long stare before drinking a potion. Then the familiar Netflix sound appears with a reminder that The Witcher series is coming in 2019.

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Fan reaction has been somewhat mixed, with many remarking that Cavill looks more like Legolas than Geralt. After the teaser was posted, Reddit was filled with fan photoshops that gave Cavill a beard and scars to look more like the Geralt we know from the games.

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The thing is, as longtime Witcher fans have pointed out, the Netflix series will be more based on the books than the games. Cavill is playing a younger Geralt, not the grizzled veteran we've seen most recently in SoulCalibur VI. So this screen test is a pretty good representation of the character. Also, it's a test, so things might change based on feedback.

Cavill has been teasing his turn as Geralt since early this year. The news finally broke that Netflix was officially signing him on at the beginning of September. The show's lead writer, Lauren S. Hissrich, mentioned on Twitter that Cavill was her first meeting, before scripts were even written. She spoke of him having "a lot of passion" and said that "He IS Geralt."

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It might take more than this teaser video for fans to believe that, however. Or they can just read the books and realize this is a different Geralt. At the very least, he looks better than that guy who dressed up as "Jon Snow White" at the Halloween party I went to last night.

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