Check Out Henry Cavill Holding A Sword In New Witcher Image

Building the hype even more, a photo of Henry Cavill himself as Geralt was recently released - sword in hand.

One of the most anticipated new Netflix shows coming this season is the television adaptation of The Witcher. Although different from the games in many ways, it will allegedly adhere closely to the novels. Nevertheless, fans of the critically-acclaimed CD Projekt RED-developed series are ecstatic, and may be more so after seeing a recently released image from the show.

Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill is set to portray Witcher series protagonist Geralt in the upcoming Netflix series, which many are excited about. Cavill has previously stated that he's a fan of The Witcher games, making him a prime candidate for the role of Geralt. If a production is going for the most authentic performance possible, turning to the beloved video game adaptation for inspiration isn't a bad idea at all.

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Building the hype even more, a photo of Henry Cavill himself as Geralt was recently released.

Via Twinfinite

The image above is a relatively simplistic one, showing Cavil as Geralt, as he holds a combative stance with his sword, appearing ready to fight.

According to Twinfinite, the photo is from the Canary Islands film set. The sword Geralt is holding is his steel sword, as it has been engraved with stones on the reverse side.

This image might be just enough to make fans yearn even more for the release of the upcoming TV adaptation. Henry Cavill as Geralt looks very intimidating and ready to face off against a set of foes. It's worth noting those unseen assailants in this photo can't include monsters, given that he isn't holding the Silversword.

Fortunately, fans don't have to wait too much longer for the show to come out, if a leak by Netflix is correct. According to a tweet the streaming company sent out counting the nights of sleep until several coming shows' releases, it was determined that The Witcher series may premiere on December 17, 2019.

While the rumored date could either be delayed simply because of the leak, or pushed up because of the same reason, it would seem to be a believable date in the meanwhile.

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