Here's How Recoil Works For Every Gun In Modern Warfare

Apparently, recoil for the guns in Modern Warfare doesn’t work how you think it would. Common sense tells us that when crouched or prone, recoil should be reduced. These positions offer more stability to the shooter, therefore increasing accuracy and decreasing recoil.

At least, that’s how it should happen.

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One intrepid redditor (Naughty Maggot) has done God’s work and tested every single automatic weapon in Modern Warfare in all three stances—prone, crouching, and standing. His findings are extremely detailed and present the results in easy to understand ratios. In their words:

This post is based off of a Post by u/ErocYT. Corroborating his findings, I also tested firing whilst proned and can say that I’ve got even more weird data, I’ll display them as ratios where the lowest recoil pattern will be the base at 1 and adjust the other values according to how much more they travel in comparison to the lowest value.

P (Proned) C (Crouched) S (Standing) [Decimal Value]

Kilo – P:C:S is 1:9:3

So in this example the Prone is a base of 1, then the Standing travels 3 times further so is 3. Then the Crouch recoil travels 9 times further than Prone, which is 3 times further than Standing. It appears that the Crouch and Standing values need swapping.

The Kilo isn’t the only weapon where standing is more accurate than crouching. This also occurs for the AK and M13. As for the Uzi, Bizon, and MP7, these all display much worse recoil when prone compared to crouching or standing. The MP5 recoil pattern is identical regardless of stance, and the only gun that follows a logical recoil pattern is the P90.

via MP1st

It seems bizarre that recoil patterns would display such wild inaccuracies. Perhaps this is just a massive oversight on the part of Infinity Ward… but that doesn’t seem likely. Recoil patterns and accuracy are a huge part of any modern FPS, especially one as competitive as Call of Duty. We can only imagine there is a logical reason behind this decision.

Another redditor does posit a reasonable answer—perhaps this is done to reduce camping. By increasing recoil for certain weapons when crouched or prone, it may ward off would-be campers.

It looks like Naughty Maggot will have to dig a bit deeper in order to truly solve this mystery. Maybe next time they can include attachments to see if this offers any discernible improvements or try testing this out in public matches as opposed to private games. There’s no reason for this to make a difference—but then again, there’s no reason for these crazy results in the first place.

Source: MP1st

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