Here’s Why Galarian Darmanitan Is A Top Choice For Competitive Play In Pokémon Sword And Shield

A unique combination of ability and item make Galarian Darmanitan a formidable foe in Pokémon Sword And Shield.

The competitive scene is alive and well in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Beyond hunting/breeding shinies and trying to complete the entire Pokédex, players are already putting their skills to the test to see how good their team of fighters stacks up to the competition. As with any new generation, there is a lot of experimentation happening to see which are the best ones and which can carry their trainer to sweet victory. Unsurprisingly, there will always be that one Pokémon that reigns supreme - as happens to be the case with Galarian Darmanitan in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

At first, one might wonder what makes Galarian Darmanitan stand out among the rest of the Pokémon; after all, there are plenty to choose from when battling other players online. Well, the answer lies in the Pokémon's ability, as well a certain item that can make that ability truly shine when used correctly.

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Galarian Darmanitan comes with an ability called Gorilla Tactics, which allows the Pokémon to increase its Attack stat by 30% at the cost of allowing it to use one move for an entire battle. However, players can also give Galarian Darmanitan a Choice Band to hold onto. What makes Choice Band so special is that it is very similar to Gorilla Tactics, but instead of increasing Attack by 30%, it increases Attack by 50%, meaning that one can actually stack the Attack boost from the skill and from the item, thus increasing the overall boost to about 195%.

The drawback from a combination that strong is that Galarian Darmanitan can only use the first move it does per battle. In other words, the first attack it performs, that particular attack must be used for the remainder of the fight. That in itself can be fixed by giving Galarian Darmanitan a specific moveset, while taking any weakness into account and finding a way around them.

In summary, Galarian Darmanitan can dominate the battlefield due to its Gorilla Tactics ability combined with the Choice Band item. The trick to fully mastering the Pokémon revolves around giving it the right moves and knowing when to perform them, or rather one of them.

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