Hero Banned From South Australian Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Competitive Scene Due To His Randomness

The Dragon Quest Hero has proven to be a polarizing fighter in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene and, as such, at least one region has decided to ban his inclusion in official tournaments.

The South Australia Smash Central group has announced on Twitter that Hero will be banned in official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate events. The reason given for this is not due to him being overpowered but is due to how so many aspects of the character are based on random elements.

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The Twitter page went on to state the ban is undergoing a trial period and might not be permanent. It's possible that Hero is heavily altered in a later patch, which could bring him in line with other characters in the game. It's also possible that the random aspects of his playstyle are being overblown and he's not as deadly as people are suggesting, which could result in the ban being lifted in the future.

Hero isn't the only character with random moves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as characters like Mr. Game & Watch's Judge special and Duck Hunt Duo's Wild Gunman special are also defined by RNG. The problem is that almost every aspect of Hero's design is influenced by arbitrary elements, such as his regular attacks performing critical hits, the random effects of Hocus Pocus, and the nature of the spell selection menu.

Hero has access to some incredibly powerful moves, but their appearance is defined by RNG, so a player's success in battle can be defined by something that they have no control over.  The Super Smash Bros. competitive scene is intended to be about player skill, which is why items are disabled and the stage's with hazards aren't used in most tournaments.

Hero is only being banned in a single region and there is a chance that it will be undone in the following months. Hero has been available for less than a month, which seemingly isn't enough time to analyze his potential in the competitive scene. It's possible that other regions might follow suit in the future if Hero is proving to be a destabilizing influence in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament scene.

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