21 Hidden Details In Fallout Real Fans Completely Missed

Fallout is definitely a maze of hidden Easter eggs. Throughout the years, fans have been able to stumble upon their fair share of secrets. From pop culture references to blue-collar humor, Fallout never fails to deliver where other games fall flat. So many games later, and we're still fighting off ghouls and super mutants, while enduring a marathon of smart-mouthed dialogue that keeps us entertained from mission to mission. Looking at the games, it's very obvious that the developers know their audience really well and feed into our desire for sarcastic and abrasive humor.

If the humor is the dessert, then the gameplay has to be the main course. It's all well and good acting recklessly if you have a storyline that connects. Without the storytelling chops that we've come to know, we'd all just be running around aimlessly like a bad tour of TV's last 40 years. When the chips are down, you're still in a nuclear wasteland learning about the wild culture that lives there, no matter how quick the wit may be.

The Fallout series really shines when it's combining these two elements. The only times the references are obvious is when they're meant to be. Let's be honest; we all know a few games that jump the gun, making the Easter eggs feel a little forced. Luckily, the team down at Bethesda seem to knock it out the park. Happy hunting, vault dwellers!

21 It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

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What with all the nuclear devastation going on around them, you'd have thought people would have stopped celebrating like they used to, or at all, really. Yet, when the in-game calendar marks October, you start to see what looks like Halloween decorations go up.

But hey, Halloween's probably pretty great...right?

The same goes for Christmas, and while it's usually quite comforting to see the Christmas trees, despite all the carnage, it does conjure up a rather sad image of some poor kid getting radiation sickness meds in his stocking and making snow angels out of nuclear fallout that's built up in his backyard.

20 The Blade Runner Easter Egg

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Blade Runner has inspired many pieces of great art over the years. It's no surprise that the team down at Bethesda gives it a shoutout. Throughout your game, you'll find small nods to the classic movie. They even give you a recreation of the ending scene!

Let's be honest, what don't they shout out at this point?

Character names, tableaus, and even some of the ideas all seem to be influenced by Blade Runner. While robots disguised as humans isn't the most novel idea in the world, combining that with everything else makes it pretty obvious. There are clearly some Ridley Scott fans among the ranks.

19 Starship Nostromo

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We're all for obscure references around here, but this pushes the bar. It's lucky they're giving it up to one of the greats in sci-fi, or we might have not caught it. As you're strolling through the commonwealth, if you look hard enough, there'll be a hut. Inside this hut, you'll find a flux sensor, useless to you except for trade. The throwback is the real payoff, as you look closer at the device you'll see both the Nostromo spacecraft's model and registration number on the back. Whoever originally found it, I take my hat off. Now all of us can look like the smuggest nerds.

18 Snow White, Where Are You?

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Ah, Disney... you always manage to wiggle your way in somewhere. The last place you would have thought to look is the radiated aftermath of Fallout. If you make it to the Old World Blues DLC, then you'll be forced to look around a construction site.

Somewhere in the rubble of this site are some red crystals.

If you look a little closer, you will see seven tiny dwarfs, complete with their mining pickaxes. This is a sly detail, but for all of us Disney lovers, it'll be a welcome change from the weird wasteland surprises you usually get.

17 The Future Private Ryan

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Saving Private Ryan has become known as one of the best war movies ever. It's left its mark on cinema for a decade to come, so it's no surprise it pops up in Fallout. They put the sniper Jackson directly into the game! Except here, he's replaced his 40s army gear for a mech suit. It's probably better at stopping bullets, if we're being honest.

The Brotherhood of Steel's Captain Dusk even repeats word for word the characters' lines in the film. But a few changes obviously had to be made to make it a little more, well, Fallout. We couldn't have him talking about radicals deep into the 2200s, now could we?

16 Cyborg Dogs Need A Break Too

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Those dogs playing poker paintings have popped up just about everywhere. From TV series to Hollywood blockbusters, this simple image of man's best friend has become firmly lodged in our psyche. This holds true for Fallout too. When you enter a back room in the X-8 research center, you'll find 5 cyber dogs sitting around a table strewn with cards and other things.

They are cyber dogs, so I wouldn't interrupt; the upgrades on the dogs can range from super intelligence to having .44 magnum attachments. Nobody likes being interrupted during a game of poker, especially when they're packing.

15 They Don't Need A Bigger Boat

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To mix up the monotony of a barren land, Fallout's developers threw in their fair share of pop culture references. Roaming around Oberland Station, you'll catch a glimpse of a fishing boat. On board, the scene isn't so boring! You'll find the skeleton of a man laid out with a machete by his side. A big sea monster lays beside him.

Any fans of Spielberg's work (or anyone who was alive in the '70s) will recognize it from Jaws. Apparently, this time the boat wasn't the problem, but the weapon! A machete isn't the best weapon when taking on a monster triple your size.

14 Zombie's Dreamland

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While this game isn't the most cheerful game you can play, the secrets hidden in the houses in the town of Andale are sure to make your skin crawl. The player wanders into this homely looking town, probably in relief after wandering the wastelands. At first, all seems well, as the player walks up and talks to a few locals.

But don't nose around in the back rooms unless you want to see a grizzly sight. It turns out the town has survived by munching on any passers-by that came through the town and the kids have taken on the family tradition. If you have a special perk equipped, you'll be able to skip the whole speech challenge and cut straight to the point. Good luck!

13 One Small Step For Man

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Seasoned Fallout players will eventually stumble across a conspiracy theorist's dream. A UFO appears in the sky around the player, crashing through the atmosphere towards Earth. From there, the player can continue and inside find... the strange pilot.

While they didn't give us the Ridley Scott experience, you do get to eliminate a small green E.T. Aliens have been littered through the Fallout lore in Easter eggs and side projects. Now you get to loot his body and steal his Alien Blaster. If there was ever a reason to go into a dark cave, an alien weapon tops the list.

12 An Unsung Hero

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The radio is often the player's only companion in such a desolate wasteland. On this radio, you'll get the occasional story, a nice little tale to get players through tough times. Herbert Dashwood and his manservant Argyle have some pretty crazy adventures, and many assume this is just a fun little add-on they threw in.

Unfortunately, when you reach Tenpenny Tower, the time-worn hero is also there... without his trusty sidekick. He wants you to find out what happened, and upon investigating further, you find the withered guy laid out under a rock. No happy ending here.

11 Dirty Harry, Is That You?

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Dirty Harry is one of the few movies that managed to weave itself into culture with a simple quote. Unfortunately for us all, it's usually a misquote. The original quote from the film talks about his .44 Magnum, a now iconic gun that reminds us just how much of a gangster Clint Eastwood was.

Lucky for us, we can have our very own Dirty Harry-style Magnum at our side. We'll never look quite as cool, but hey, it's worth a shot. If you find yourself in the Citadel Ruins, then all you have to do is find the locked safe.

10 Kamikaze Mission

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If you've seen a less inviting creature than the Deathclaw, send me an email because... on second thought, don't, I'd rather be left in the dark. This one is going to be a fight for your nomadic life. There's an underground cave filled with Deathclaws waiting to pounce. If you find yourself poorly equipped for such a task, your demise is sure to be near.

The place is littered with loot boxes, and retrieving the parts from the foul beasts will net you some profit as well. You could do worse for your wallet than going down there; however, the vicious battle that will follow might be enough to convince most to leave the money and run.

9 Our Pet Gremlin

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This is one of my personal favorites, as I loved the movies so much. In Dr. Borous' house in Fallout: New Vegas, you'll go into the backyard and find a dog house. Out of this house appears a tiny little Deathclaw named Stripe.

If you haven't seen the Gremlin movies, then this might fly over your head. Stripe was the sinister leader of the gremlins, something that the Deathclaws bear a striking resemblance to when you shrink them down. To turn a Deathclaw from one of the most avoided creatures in the game to a pet in someone's garden is the reason we love Fallout.

8 Want To Play A Game?

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It's become clear that the creators are fans of the darker side of media, as if the game didn't make that clear enough. In Vault 11, it appears they've taken a few tips from Saw's Jigsaw to get the job done. They also had a bigger time period to play with making the tale all the weirder.

Inside this vault, a group of people were been trapped for years, and every year they had to sacrifice a member to stay alive. This scheme went exactly to plan, as there are only a few people left when you get there. What you find out is that, if they had refused, a little message plays celebrating their bravery and refusing to stand down. How disappointing.

7 Mask Of The Zombie

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There have been many ways people have tackled the zombie problem throughout TV and movie history. From attacking them and rubbing their scent all over yourself to simply walking around looking a little tipsy.

With all these theories in the ether, Fallout decides to take the pleasant route by letting the player wear a mask of woven ghoul faces. Sounds a bit extreme, right? Well, as true as that might be, you'll be able to walk through the world without being attacked. Some might disapprove of your fashion choices but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. You might even make a few allies with the rogue ghouls along the way.

6 A Book Worm's Delight

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There aren't many chances to satisfy the novel-inclined when it comes to the video game world. We've stumbled upon one of those rare chances. If you often dig into a good book for hours at a time, here's to you.

Ray Bradbury was one of the most important US writers in the 21st century. Fallout 3 gives a tip of the hat to him. Recreating one of his short stories "There will come soft rain." They replicate the house on Bradley Lane, a house that contains a lonely broken down robot and the remains of a long gone family. You can boot up the robot and make it do a variety of heartbreaking tasks, much like in the story.

5 One For The Old Times

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The kids of this generation won't get the reference, but the developers were clearly fans of 80s sitcoms. Cheers was a hit back when TVs were a foot thick and you could knock someone out with your cell phone. Fallout gave a little Easter egg for the older gamer among us.

If you loiter around Boston Common long enough, you'll find a staircase that leads to a basement bar called Probst. Probst is the German word for cheers. As you walk into the place, you'll see the skeletons of Cliff and Norm in their usual spots. Nothing can keep a man with will away from his beverage, not even mortality.

4 A Tricky Situation

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Milton General Hospital holds some pretty nice loot for those willing to put in the effort, and I do mean EFFORT. When you walk into the parking garage, it looks like Jack the Ripper had been given control of the place. This ultimately makes it a tough piece of work to get through.

You'll be tested in every possible way, both mental and physical. You'll be burned, scary mutants will attack you, and you'll be forced to make some questionable decisions. After all this, you'll be able to pick one of two chests; hopefully, you make the right choice, for your sanity's sake.

3 Legs You Can Count On

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Who hasn't dreamed of leaping from the top of a building, complete with an epic superhero landing? The right answer is no one. Fallout 4 gives us this precious gift in form of the Freefall Legs. This is a stylish armor that protects your legs from disintegrating when you fall from great heights.

Okay, fine... while they aren't the most fashionable things you could use, they do provide a great tactical benefit. Being able to jump down onto your enemies is pretty darn cool. All this and more is to be had on the top floor of the Mass Fusion building. The only thing is that you'll need a jetpack. Maybe I should have mentioned that at the start...

2 Loyal To The End


While Futurama provided so many laughs over their 14-year run, they also provided us with one of the most heartbreaking scenes in television. One of the most memorable is the episode about Fry's dog, Seymour. We find out that when Fry had been transported to the future, he left his dog alone. This dog waited for him for years.

Inside the dim light of the Cave Of Abaddon, you'll find two curious items. These include the skeleton of Sunflower Summers, who protested the nuclear events, and a fossilized dog. While he doesn't look exactly like Seymour, this is one of the better callbacks throughout the game.

1 Planet Of The Children Of Atom

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Leave it to Fallout to pay homage to Planet of the Apes' rubber-masked beginnings. The Church of the Children of the Atom is a secluded cult, immune to the effects of radiation. The reason for this? Nobody knows, but it allows them to live in highly radiated areas with no fear of contracting anything.

They worship the atom, believing within every atom is another universe. When an atom is split, in their minds, life is being born. Because of this, they see the war as a fresh start. Easy to say when you have a cockroach-like defense! In Beneath the Planet Of The Apes, a similar cult exists.

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