Hidden Easter Eggs In Sims 4 (2019)

Celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, The Sims 4 series continues to boggle the minds of gamers with its intricate and immersive worlds. From quaint Victorian Willow Creek to the deserts of Strangerville, or even to the hip artsy streets of San Myshuno, the amount of detail and thought put into the game is truly overwhelming. With such rich worlds, the game is bound to have some juicy secrets and entertaining references that even its die-hard fans may have missed. That said, let's take a look at some of most surprising easter eggs found in the series so far, including its two new expansions.

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10 The Tragic Clown Painting

Any hardcore fan of The Sims franchise knows who the Tragic Clown is, but not many are aware of how to get this bizarre character in The Sims 4. By purchasing the painting by the same name and viewing it, a sim will gain the sad moodlet called "Tragic Clown is tragic". Not only that, if a sim wears the clown's costume, it will permanently carry the "Tears of a Clown" moodlet that will continuously make them sad. Sims will gain the ability to juggle or cheer up people around them, but also make everyone sad with the "Such Tragedy" moodlet others gain from their presence.

9 Sims 3 TV Shows

When your sims turn on the TV, you may have noticed something oddly familiar about the shows being played. For one, the short recordings seen are all from The Sims 3 game. For two, many of the shows are references to real-life TV shows.

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If your sim decides to tune into the romance channel, a Victorian family drama will play. This show is a reference to Downton Abbey. Another obvious reference is a movie with mummies and adventurers, which is a tip of the hat to The Mummy series.

8 The Roomies From New Girl

In Oasis Springs there's a household known as the Roomies. One of the four roommates is called Zoe Patel, who is living with her three male roommates. Upon closer inspection, this household is suspiciously similar to the main characters of the popular TV show New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel. It is believed Zoe Patel's name actually comes from the New Girl star's name. Even the description of the Roomies household states the roommates "seem to have stepped right out of a TV sitcom".

7 Homeless Camp In Del Sol Valley

If you have the Get Famous expansion, an unexpected easter egg is located under the bridge of Mirage Park. By using the screenshot game camera, fans were able to capture this snapshot of an underpass with an encampment. Since Del Sol Valley is based on the real city of Los Angeles, it is highly possible this is a reference to the increasing homelessness issue. Although such themes are difficult to explore in games, fans are sure to appreciate the way developers and designers chose to cut through the glitz and glam of Del Sol Valley with this small piece of reality.

6 Bella Goth And The Possessed

Bella Goth is without question the most iconic character of the entire The Sims series. Since the launch of the first game, she has been a strange and central figure of the Sims lore.

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In The Sims 2, her mysterious disappearance had fans excited and puzzled, with multiple theories emerging as to what might have happened to her. In The Sims 4 Strangerville, we are faced with possessed Sims who speak in strange ways. One of the lines spoken actually references her, by calling her "our mother in red".

5 Emily The Sea Monster

If you travel to The Bluffs in Windenburg, chances are you will be able to spot something quite unusual in the sea. Die-hard fans of the series will recognize the sea monster from previous games like The Sims: Unleashed, where it would appear in Old Town. Officially named Emily, the sea monster can also be purchased as a small snow globe in the City Living expansion. Although Emily cannot be interacted with, it is clear she's a reference to the real-life legend of Nessie the Loch Ness monster.

4 Soot Sprites From Spirited Away

If your sims vacation to Granite Falls they have the opportunity to catch all sorts of critters and special animals. One of these insects is the Dust Spirit, which is a black round fluff ball found at night within the national park. These same creatures, or at least a very similar version of them, appears in the famous Hayao Miyazaki movie Spirited Away. It is safe to say the developers found the soot sprites from the movie adorable and included them as part of the collectibles in the game.

3 The World Of Sixam

In the Get To Work expansion, your sims can become scientists and conduct researches, as well as invent machines. If you reach a high enough level, your sims can build a wormhole generator, which will take you to a secret lot known as Sixam.

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Supposedly Sixam is another planet or dimension, with rare collectibles and strange looking flora and fauna. If you reverse the name of the world, however, you will be surprised to find the name is actually a reference to Maxis, the creator of the franchise, but spelled backwards.

2 Paragons And Renegades

Once you purchase Get Together, clubs are added to the game. Two of the existing clubs are known as Paragons and Renegades, which are rival clubs. Although initially, it appears the Paragons are the Sim equivalent of preps and jocks, and the Renegades the alternative gothic kids, the real reference is to another EA game. In Mass Effect, the character's moral compass is measured by points in either Paragon and Renegade.

1 Kites Of Brindleton Bay

A rather entertaining sight awaits those who travel to Brindleton Bay's Cavalier Cove. If you walk by the beach and zoom into the background with the screenshot camera, you will see figures flying kites on the beach. These are not actually real sim characters, but rather 2D models that merely stand still at the beach and act as background decoration.

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