20 Hidden Locations You Never Found In Fallout 4

Fallout is a franchise with rich lore and even richer characters. Since its inception in 1997, Fallout has continued to go from strength to strength, evolving its gameplay to match the ever-expanding world it inhabits. As a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the Fallout series puts gamers in environments and worlds full of danger and mystery. And as an open world RPG, few things are as important as exploring every nook and cranny of every entry.

Whether Fallout 4 is your first foray into the series’ highly irradiated wasteland, or you’re a seasoned wanderer, there are plenty of things to see and do. From abandoned towns and derelict factories to booby-trapped supermarkets and ramshackled raider outposts, there’s plenty to explore in the mazey bombed-out Boston wasteland. And even if you’ve spent countless hours within the game, there’s still a magical world to explore. And despite its post-apocalyptic visage, Boston is still a beautiful region worth exploring. Whether you’re a few hours into your first gameplay or you’re finally kicking back and putting your feet up, after defending your settlement of course, there's always a lot to see that you probably haven't seen before. After all, this game is full of hidden nooks and crannies just begging to be explored.

To help you find the most impressive, most spectacular, and hardest to reach locations, continue reading below.

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20 Transport Kablooie

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If you’ve already played through much of the main quest in Fallout 4, you would have already stumbled across the ArcJet. As part of the Call to Arms Brotherhood of Steel quest, Paladin Danse asks you to assist him in repairing the Brotherhood of Steel communications array.

This ArcJet location isn’t that. Rather, it’s located roughly due south of Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estates. From there, go west of Relay Station 1DL-109. It’s here that you’ll stumble across this hidden location. And while it looks similar to the one Paladin Danse brings you to at the ArcJet labs, this system is the model G10, while the one in the lab was a model G12. Regardless, if you do decide to tinker around the ArcJet Engine Transport, prepare for a rather, explosive, result.

19 What Lies Beneath

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No one will argue that this quarry location is hidden, nor is it even difficult find. Its one of the earliest locations you stumble across once you emerge from Vault 111. But what’s not so easily noticed in Dunwich Borers is what lies beneath the irradiated cesspool. Arguably one of the creepiest locations in The Commonwealth, Dunwich Borers hides a hidden, deep, dark secret.

Once you delve deep into the mine, the area takes a rather Lovecraftian turn. Dunwich Borers is a nod to Fallout 3’s Dunwich building, which if you recall, was a terrifyingly paranormal experience. Without giving too much away, as this is definitely a hidden location to explore, expect eerie terminal entries, beyond terrifying feral ghouls, and past events too creepy to divulge. Just remember, plumb the depths of Dunwich Borers and you may emerge asking questions with no answers.

18 Trailer Park Boys

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Hidden unmarked near County Crossing, a potential settlement, is the Protectron Trailer. Mind you, there’s not much here to be found. But, if you are into exploring the mundane and observing the everyday life in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, then make your way slightly southeast of County Crossing. Here, you’ll find a police Protectron still serving its master. There’s not much to be found here; there’s a dresser to be had and a bed to sleep on. Inspecting the trailer and you’ll find the remains of what appears to be the master of the remnant police Protectron. Upon further inspection though, you’ll notice that a snub nosed .44 pistol. A quick deduction can be made that the owner of said trailer committed a crime, considering a skeleton of his female companion is present and fragments of his skull is scattered throughout the trailer.

17 The Monty Hall Problem

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If you’re in the Southern central area of The Commonwealth, feel free to pop in to the Milton General Hospital. Not only is it a great place to acquire purified water and a Short Syringe Rifle, it’s also the location of an unseemly parking garage. That is, of course, until you start poking your head into certain numbered doors.

Built inside the adjacent parking garage lies a horrifying dungeon. One that’s crammed with deadly explosives and traps to disarm. Oh, did I mention the obscene imagery? Well, consider this your warning. It’s evidently clear that this dungeon was set up by a complete psychopath. Regardless, no good deed goes unpunished, and your reward for exploring the labyrinthine maze includes a guaranteed mini nuke and some fusion cores.

16 The Shark Is Still Working

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If you’re the type of player who enjoys hidden easter eggs and pop culture references, then make your way to a small bay north of the Salem Museum of Witchcraft. Swim out into the water and you’ll find the remains of a doomed fishing boat. If the design of the fishing vessel doesn’t quite ring a bell yet, then jump on board and you’ll find a setup reminiscent of a certain shark movie. And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the irradiated wasteland.

Aside from the monstrous shark that has breached the Orca and the skeletal remains of Captain Samuel Quint, players can dive into the waters and discover, sunken below the wreckage, is an abandoned diver’s cage. One that eerily resembles the diver cage that Hopper used in the film. Even in this wasteland, we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

15 Where Everyone Knows Your Name

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A baseball player, a postman, and an accountant all enter a bar where everyone knows their name. If you’ve heard that joke before, then you’ve probably stumbled upon the Prost Bar, an unmarked, hidden location situated southwest of the Massachusetts State House. For the uninitiated, or those who don’t speak German, “Prost” is the German word for “Cheers.” And if you haven’t made the connection already, then you made need to fill your cup first.

A reference to everyone’s favourite Boston bar, Prost doesn’t just resemble the Cheers bar, it feels exactly like it as well. If the Cheers bar survived a nuclear fallout. There’s even a skeletal mailman, with a drink in hand to complete the look and feel of the place.

14 Oh No! I’m A Rocket Man, Rocket Man!

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Northeast of Relay Tower 0BB-915 lies an unassuming shack that does not appear anywhere in the in-game map. But, for those who love a good old fireworks show, this is one stop not to miss.

Whoever built and outfitted the Rocket Shed was clearly a pyrotechnic at heart. Inside the shed, players will find a plethora of ammunition, and some propane canisters sitting on three makeshift launchers. While these three makeshift launchers are aimed out over The Commonwealth, this shed wasn’t built with mayhem in mind. Rather, consider the Rocket Shed as a pyrotechnics's dream home. To get the full fireworks display, wait until nightfall. Then channel your inner-pyrotechnic and let the pretty explosions paint the sky. And with plenty of propane canisters to go around, you’ll show ‘em what your worth, as you shoot across the sky.

13 Cabin Fever

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Few things can brighten up a post-apocalyptic world like cats. After all, cats see themselves as generous gods, allowing us mere humans to feed them and care for them. There’s a reason why your furry companion is a dog named “Dogmeat” and not a cat. But, if you ever do find yourself wandering through The Commonwealth and want to reminisce about your favourite feline friend, then head over just southeast of Walden Pond.

Here, you’ll find an unmarked abandoned mysterious shack. A quick glance around should probably give you the clues you need to determine that the previous tenant was a feline-obsessed hermit. There’s not much to this cat cabin other than a black cat and some ridiculously cheery cat paintings. Oh, and don’t take the cat bowl. Cats don’t like having their property stolen.

12 Treasures That Are Yours For The Taking

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Now before you get riled up, yes, Jamaica Plain isn’t a hidden location. After all, it is a settlement that you’ll eventually stumble across sooner than later. But what is unique and hidden about this place is the fabulous “Treasures of Jamaica Plain.”

According to the flyer, these priceless items will only be on display for one week, before being sealed away and never to be seen again. Simply wandering around Jamaica Plain won’t trigger this miscellaneous quest. To do that, you have to find Hadrian’s body, which appears randomly somewhere within The Commonwealth. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon Hadrian’s corpse, you’ll find the entrance to where the treasure is hidden and the loot is yours. Alternatively, you can wander into this quest by entering the town hall basement. But really, what’s the fun in that?

11 They're Watching You...

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When it comes to the seemingly abundant display of mannequins scattered throughout The Commonwealth, a few conspiracy theories emerge. Online forums are awash with I am Legend references, synths disguising themselves, and the Institute playing a “Big Brother” card. Either way, everyone is in agreement that all these seemingly random mannequins are beyond creepy and weird.

But, if the randomly placed mannequins throughout The Commonwealth hasn’t given you claustrophobia, then head over to Far Harbor, off the coast southwest of the Fringe Cove Docks for an upgrade in creepiness. Dive off that coast and you’ll find underwater mannequins simply staring blankly back at you. The sheer number of them is slightly overwhelming, but it’s worth a look. We’ve all heard of swimming with the fishes, but this underwater world where mannequins go to die takes that saying to a whole other level.

10 This Gives Us The Spooks

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To say that Fallout 4’s Museum of Witchcraft is a nod to Salem is an understatement. Before even entering the museum, there’s a whole mystery surrounding the place. Seriously, there’s a Holotape and everything.

The Museum of Witchcraft ramps up the scare factor within the game by a 100. It's one of those areas in the game that constantly teases the potential terrors awaiting you just around the corner. The jump scares, ominous sounds, and looming doom are just part of the terrifying horror waiting. But much like Jamaica Plain, the Museum of Witchcraft is no hidden location. The secret room that lies within it though, is. The Fallout 4 Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide gives you a clue to the hidden location without spoiling any of the fun. As it read, “need to reach the attic? A jetpack is in order.”

9 It's Been 84 Years...

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If you've seen the film Titanic, you'll know that one aspect of the film that's been hotly debated has been that there's enough room for two on that door. Without spoiling much, though it has been 20 years since the film's release, the room for two has taken a life of its own. It has spawned memes, topics of debate, and some famous pop culture references.

Fallout 4 decided there was enough room for one more in the pop culture reference and jumped on the bandwagon. If you've bought the Far Harbor DLC, then head north on the Nucleus for this spectacular easter egg. And much like Leonardo DiCarpio's character Jack Dawson, this skeletal corpse is flat-out refusing to let go. After all, we all know how this ends. Someone cue Celine Dion!

8 Fallout 51

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Aliens and Fallout seem to go together as well as peanut butter and jelly. The first inclusion of a downed alien ship appeared in the original Fallout game. And now, 18 years later, the trend remains, with Fallout 4 seeing the latest iteration of the hapless alien and his crashed ship.

When wandering through The Commonwealth, you may come across NPCs discussing a strange object falling from the sky. This will be the first trigger to location the whereabouts of the crashed UFO and one of the best weapons in the game, the Alien Blaster. Alternatively, one could complete Vault 75 to potentially trigger this event. It’s best to experience this for yourself, so follow take heed of what the NPCs say to discover this otherworldly hidden secret.

7 The Best Seat In The House

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As an open world sandbox, there’s no detail amiss in Fallout 4. Take the red seat 502 feet away from the home plate, in the right field bleachers. For baseball fans, this lone red seat is simply known as Ted Williams’ seat, though the titular player never sat in that seat. Rather, Ted Williams’ seat, is the longest home run ever hit at Fenway Park. One feat, yet to bested.

Bethesda decided to preserve this detail by including it in Fallout 4. It’s an incredible detail to include considering how poor the seats in Fenway Park look graphically. Regardless, Ted Williams’ red seat sticks out like a sore thumb amidst the sea of faded brown seats. It’s a humble reminder to baseball players and gamers alike the importance of such an accomplishment.

6 Independently Run By Robots

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A pre-war relic, General Atomics Galleria is a fine demonstration of what a town’s commercial district would look like if it were run purely by robots. But as things go, a nuclear war occurred and the Galleria was never able to fully showcase its rather robotic abilities. Players have the ability to show the rest of The Commonwealth exactly what the future should have held for General Atomics Galleria.

While it is a marked location on the map, a grand re-opening is required to access the full capabilities of the Galleria. And that’s where the difficulty lies. As many interactions with the Mr. Handy robots can result in the automatons attacking the Sole Survivor, thus closing down all the shops, the interaction process becomes a sort of “choose your own adventure” book.

5 This Is Your Brain...

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In the late 90s, a now infamous PSA was released about about substance use and its resulting effect on your brain. Well, as previously mentioned, Bethesda isn’t in the habit of missing a detail and decided to pay tribute to this now classic fried egg advertisement.

A building location in the central area of The Commonwealth, HalluciGen, Inc. is Fallout 4’s PSA to you. Upon entering, players will encounter NPCs acting erratic and attacking each other. What’s fascinating about this so-called “hidden” location is not its location per se, but rather, the layout of the building. The collapsed floors throughout the building will lead to some confusion, leading to many players missing out on hidden rooms scattered throughout the building. You’ll get to the end eventually, but not without a little trial and a lot of error.

4 Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

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If you’ve ever wanted to live the lifestyle of Sir Richard Branson and claim an island all to yourself, then this entry is for you.

Located far east of The Castle lies an isolated island known as Spectacle Island. A point of interest on the map, many will be led to assume that Spectacle Island is simply that, an island. And while that’s true, Spectacle Island is actually more than just an island. It’s a special, hidden settlement only unlocked after completing a unique quest in the area. Once you’ve unlocked this hidden settlement, you’ll fully understand why it’s so special. Not only does Spectacle Island feature the largest building area, it is also perhaps the only settlement that caravans are unable to access due to risk of radiation poisoning. While Mirelurks may pose a problem, once they’re taken care of, this abandoned piece of land is all yours.

3 Stop And Inspect The Rocks

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The Commonwealth is a remarkable world to explore. Every road leads somewhere, with some to more surprising locales than other. As you travel through The Commonwealth, few things will catch your eye on a passing glance. But if you stop and smell the roses, or in this case, examine the hollowed-out rock, you’ll realize that there’s more than meets the eye.

A tribute to Fallout 3, Fallout 4 brings back the famed hollowed-out rock, or in this case, rocks. While the hollowed-out rock appears to be just another ordinary rock, upon closer inspection, players will discover the hollowed-out rocks contains loot, some meds, bottlecaps, and a note. The hollowed-out rocks can be found behind the Museum of Witchcraft, situated behind the graves.

2 X Marks The Spot

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Far Harbor may have ratcheted the creep factor of the game to a 100 with its display of underwater mannequins, but it’s also brought us a pirate treasure.

While Far Harbor has brought about loads of secrets to uncover throughout its map, perhaps the most prosperous The Hunt for Loot quest. A little secret area is hidden away within the map to be discovered by the Sole Survivor. Apparently, a family decided to stock up for the coming winter, or as is the case with such games, nuclear fallout. Unfortunately, they were never able to use their large stash of equipment, so it’s down to you to make best use of it all. The mini-quest or treasure hunt begins at the Cranberry Island Docks. As treasure hunts go, loot galore is yours, if you can follow the clues.

1 Enjoy The Wonders Of Carhenge

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There are many cultural references situated throughout The Commonwealth. There’s a reference to the Alien franchise, a nod to American Gothic, The Andy Griffith Show, and even Apocalypse Now. But, few cultural references hidden throughout Fallout 4 are as on the nose as Carhenge. And if the name wasn’t already a dead giveaway, Carhenge is exactly as it sounds. It’s England’s famous landmark, Stonehenge, but, with cars.

To discover this hidden gem, simply head south of Walden Pond. Its size makes it difficult to miss, even if it's a hidden place. Adventure forth and admire the vistas and views around you. But beware, a monstrous enemy lurks about. It’s best to venture to this must-see landmark equipped with your best gear.

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