24 Hidden Missions Fans Missed In Grand Theft Auto 5

One of the biggest companies when it comes to video games is Rockstar, who put a lot of work into their games, especially their biggest franchise, Grand Theft Auto. It has been a while since GTA V hit the shelves, but we think that people would still be surprised by the amount of stuff that was missed out and left behind, even by those that played it religiously once it finally came out!

The thing about creating a world as big as the one in GTA V is that it's inevitable that people are going to miss some things about it, as they won't always run into some of the scripted sequences placed in there by the video game developers. What we've done is pull together some of the more difficult to find missions, the ones that most people probably didn't play through originally as they're optional and a lot more hidden than the story focused ones!

So, are people ready to take a look at what they might have missed in GTA V? Maybe there's a long time fan out there that wants to make sure they've scratched everything off the list! No matter how much GTA you've played, we know that there's always more hiding out there, and different things to see that you might not have noticed the first time around. Whatever the reason people are here, let's get started! If we've missed anything major, or cool, let us know in the comments.

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24 Become A Cult Member

via: nexgengame.com

If players go to the Epsilon website while in control of Michael, they'll find a questionnaire they can fill in. Once they've done that, they'll be offered a chance to take on some rather odd side missions from the Epsilon group, that will start by showing up on the map as a question mark. These missions include stealing a car for them and donating your own money to the group, before finally being tasked with delivering a car filled with money to someone, although players can choose to steal it if they want to...

23 Steal People For "Food"

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Throughout the game, players will find people who are lost without a way of getting where they need to be, so they can be picked up and taken to their required destination. However, if these people are picked up by Trevor, the player can take them to a different place, where a group of sinister people with despicable nourishment are waiting for people to fill their bad desires. It's not long before they end up turning on the person who is supplying them with all of these people, though...

22 Collect Nuclear Waste

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While the underwater areas of GTA V were widely considered to be some of the most beautiful, many people felt there wasn't much to do down there, which is actually wrong!

Once people have bought one of the docking properties, they will be able to go under the water in a personal submarine.

The trackify app can then be used to seek out various bits of nuclear waste across the shores in GTA V, with each one offering a small monetary bonus for the character.

21 Solve A Crime

via: gamesradar.com

It seems pretty ridiculous, but the devious main characters of GTA V can actually go after a criminal in their world, no matter how hypocritical that may be!

All they have to do is work their way through the various scraps of a letter that can be found throughout the huge map.

Once all fifty of them have been found, the letter directs Franklin to the slayer of a woman named Leonora Johnson, who can then either be taken down or left to run away.

20 Unlock A Space Car!

via: wikia.net

Scraps of a letter aren't the only thing that people can collect while they're running around the map of GTA V, as they can also take on spaceship parts after meeting Omega in the desert as Franklin. The man claims to have been abducted by an alien spaceship and asks Franklin to keep an eye out for bits of the scattered spaceship around the city. Once he's collected them all, he can visit Omega's laboratory, where he can commandeer this wonderful vehicle!

19 Hunt Bigfoot

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It's no wonder that most people didn't end up experience this hidden mission, as it actually requires the player to reach 100% completion. Once they've done that, they will be able to start a mission named The Last One as Franklin, by meeting up with a hunter who claims to be on the trail of a Sasquatch.

Seeing as it takes so long to get finally get to this hidden mission, we're not going to spoil anything, but all we'll say is that it is well worth it!

18 Become A Life-Taker

via: primagames.com

These are the missions that people are most likely to have played on this list, but seeing as they're not required, we want to include them because some people will have skipped these missions.

Franklin is offered a chance to make some crazy money by throwing his finances into stock and then messing with the system a little bit...

By taking out choice targets picked out by Lester, the markets will fluctuate and players can end up making a lot of money with all three of the characters!

17 Collect Hidden Caches Of Money

via: games04.com

Yes, rather than offering up a main mission in which people can make quite a nice bit of cash, people can actually find suitcases throughout the entirety of the map.

The game will allow Franklin, Michael, and Trevor the chance to pick up some free money, and who would say no to that?!

They can be pretty difficult to find, but if people want to make the process easier, they can always look for the suitcase's locations online!

16 Go Hunting

via: wikia.com

While it's not made immediately obvious, players are offered up a side activity to take on as Trevor by his friend Cletus, who gives him a deer call and teaches him how to get the best shot when hunting.

Every time Trevor takes down an animal, he can send a snap of it from his phone to Cletus, who will rate and rank him.

Just a nice little side activity for anyone who wants to take a break from shooting people instead!

15 Stop Thelma & Louise!

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GTA V is a huge game, so it's no surprise that Rockstar was able to fill it with Easter Eggs, one of which is two women in an open top car that are recreating the final scene from Thelma & Louise.

The iconic duo is stuck with nowhere to go, so they drive off the cliff, escaping the police but ending their lives.

Players can stop them from doing this, either by taking them out themselves or pulling them out of the car!

14 Solve A Demise At Sea

via: wikia.com

The story of GTA V is all about three men who aren't particularly stable or comfortable in this world, and they will regularly take that out on everyone else around them.

This mission offers Michael a chance to interact with a woman at the docks once they've been bought by any of the characters. 

She asks Michael to find all of the submarine pieces so they can find out what happened to her husband. We don't want to spoil the ending, but it gets weird...

13 Manage Owned Properties

via: gtabase.com

Players are expected to buy into the property ladder when they play GTA V, as it adds yet another revenue stream for Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

However, it won't be long before the managers start to ring up the owners and ask them for some help.

Whether it's working as a cabbie because someone has called off, picking up some more drink for an establishment, or turning up to kick someone out, the player will be tasked with boring things to do to keep their properties ticking over!

12 Run An Arms Supply Company

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Trevor is forced to buy the Mackenzie Air Field, not only adding to his property portfolio but coming with a plane and car that can then be used to make arms supply runs.

This means that Trevor has the option of making these runs either by land or by air.

Not only is this a chance for Rockstar to throw in yet more ways to experience their game, but it allows the player to pick up a little extra cash on the side they if should need it!

11 Fight Aliens

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People who play Rockstar games know that side missions have been given out by strangers and freaks in all of their games for a while now, random NPCs that players can travel to on the map and experience something outside the main narrative path that has already been laid out for them. One of these strangers offers Trevor and Michael the chance to smoke something that freaks them out, leading them to believe they're being attacked by aliens with nothing but a minigun to take them out!

10 Work As Border Patrol

via: lcpdfr.com

This is a chance for players to take part in a bit of border patrol work with Trevor, who helps out two men who believe that they're taking down some immigrants.

It quickly becomes clear that they're merely harassing people from different countries, but obviously, this doesn't stop Trevor from taking part.

Using a stun gun, Trevor is able to take down two men fleeing from the "border patrol."

9 Recruit Patrick McCreary

via: giantbomb.com

Anyone who has played GTA IV will remember this guy, as he quickly became friends with Niko, the main character from that installment, as the two of them made money through crimes together.

Well, some will be surprised to find out that this guy is in GTA V as well!

Players can come across him and a friend without a getaway driver. If the player chooses to help Patrick, he can then be recruited to help on heists later on in the game.

8 Run A Triathalon

via: mods.com

While it certainly doesn't have the same sort of RPG elements that the San Andreas installment to the series did, players can choose to take part in various forms of exercise and sport across the entirety of the map, including a triathlon. These can be found on the map quite easily, indicated by an icon that any of the characters can go to and start the triathlon off. It's a chance for players to work on their stats and have some fun!

7 Take On The Weapon Challenges

via: futurecdn.net

Not only does Grand Theft Auto allow players a chance to buy guns at Ammu-Nation, but they can take part in weapon's challenges at some of them, specifically the stores that have a shooting range in the back.

Each of the characters can take on challenges with each one of the weapons.

Every weapon has a bronze, silver, and gold challenge, so it offers a chance for players who love the shooting mechanics to really raise those stats and have some fun.

6 Recruit Taliana Martinez

via: imgur.com

Just like Patrick, players can recruit a woman named Taliana Martinez. She can be found in a flaming wreck off the highway, where players can stop and help her out.

She was the getaway driver for a robbery gone wrong, with partner betraying her by pulling a knife on her and causing the crash.

If the player saves her by getting her to her safe house in Sandy Shores, she becomes a recruitable driver for any future heists later on in the game.

5 Ride A Ferris Wheel

via: ign.com

Sometimes, people want a game that will take them by the hand and rush them through a lot of action and adventure. Other times, they want to unwind after a long day, letting themselves melt into a slow virtual experience that doesn't ask too much of them. GTA V offers both of these experiences, and we would suggest that when people get bored of the crimes and chaos, they get themselves over to the pier where they can ride the Ferris Wheel and enjoy a wonderful view of the city!

4 Take A Lot Of Peyote

via: steam.com

For those that don't know, Peyote is a psychedelic plant that grows naturally throughout various places in the world, so obviously, the developers of GTA V placed a bunch of peyote plants throughout the map that players can find and eat.

Doing this gives them extra animals to play around with in the director mode.

Once they've eaten all of the normal peyote plants, players will be tasked with finding a giant golden peyote plant, which gives the players the chance to use Bigfoot in director mode.

3 Become A Wildlife Photographer

via: ign.com

One of the strangers and freaks that Franklin meets throughout his journey is a woman named Beverly, and once he has finished that mission, he can take part in wildlife photography competitions.

Players are tasked with attempting to photograph the right animal in the right conditions.

Once Franklin has managed to get a photograph of every animal on the list, the player will be given the Kraken submersible to play around with.

2 Take Down The Therapist!

via: wordpress.com

While a lot of people didn't enjoy going to visit Michael's therapist in GTA V, they clearly weren't aware that Rockstar had included a hidden mission that only triggers by going to see him enough times throughout the game. He rings Michael to let him know that he is leaving town to star in his own TV show, and the player will be given the option to hunt him down to make sure that none of the secrets he had told him will be able to get out into the wider world!

1 Go Parachuting With Dom

via: mods.com

While running around as Franklin, players will be lead by Chop to a man who is struggling to get down from a tree. This is Dom, and he has been parachuting before getting stuck.

Once Franklin helps him down, Dom asks him to go out with him in the future, join in on his excursions through the sky.

Franklin seems pretty dubious at first, but if the player wants to, they can jump out of planes with this guy, performing parachuting challenges while they do so!

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